7 Proven Social Media Engagement Strategy To Boost Your Business

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7 Proven Social Media Engagement Strategy To Boost Your Business

Have you been trying to figure out how to gain more audience engagement on social media? While you are not the only one. In the world of social media marketing, everyone wants to get attention. And especially if you are an owner of a brand, then you must be seeking social media engagement to get better exposure for your business.

Nowadays, many of the brands are perceiving the possibility of winning the game of tweeting, gramming, feeding Facebook, and updating Linkedin profile about their new brand products or services. But in the end, all they get a little bit of engagement through all their efforts.

If you are also facing similar issues with your social media strategy for b2b, here we are going to discuss some tips that might help you to boost your business growth.

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Talk About The Topic (Not Just About Your Brand)

The best way to improve engagement is to interact with the audience. It would help you to know what people are expecting from you. Of course, you can publish your stuff on the social feed, and it would help you to make your audience know more about you. However, if you are not having enough followers count on your social media profile, which many new users usually may not have, then joining groups, and interacting with people might help you to gain better exposure.


Though joining a group that doesn’t concern your business is just a waste of time. On the other way, involving yourself in groups relevant to your business can help you to reach out to your target audience. So that you would be able to create more sales opportunities.

However, if you are only joining to promote your brand stuff, it may bring a bad impression. Groups and forums are not a place where you can just promote your brand product. In a group, you need to discuss the latest trends in the industry and show how your brand can make value to the money of your customers.

User-Generated Content

Now, if your audience is showing interest in your content, you should give them a chance to share their views.  That way, you may also learn what your customers are expecting from your brand. According to research, most of the consumers find user-generated content more authentic compared to regular posts. That’s the reason why most of the brands utilize user-generated content to promote their products on social media.


When you share user-generated creation, you have diverse (yet relevant) content from different contributors. So that you won’t have to be worried about people finding your content boring. As you have more options to share stuff on which your audiences are interested. And eventually, it would also help you to increase engagement, and followers count on your social media.

Respond To Your Customers

When you are sharing your customer’s posts, make sure to also respond to their comments. Give a direct response to their created content. And perhaps you can also make use of a few hashtags that address your brand so that it would make your customer feel like they have been valued by the business. Also, it would help you to learn about other people who comment on your posts and might be interested in your brand products and services.

Nowadays, the brands are also trying their best to take a step further to get a personalized response by directly using the name of its customers. Here is an example of a Twitter reply by the brand Nike.


Replying to the comments of your customers using their names shows that it was replied by a human. And that creates the trust factor about the brand. So that they can increase their brand engagement to build customer relationships and loyalty about their brand.

Use Relevant Hashtags On Your Post

Hashtags help you to get your post better reach and exposure on social media. Using hashtags, you can make your posts stand out to the audiences. Nowadays, you can see that many of the brands also make use of the relevant hashtags on their social media post to increase audience engagement.


The Red Bull came with a great idea using #PutACanOnIt hashtag, and it became a pretty popular trend on social media. People around the world started posting photos with #PutACanOnIt hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Because each post contains the hashtag, it was easy to find on social media. There are many brands utilizing relevant hashtags on social media platforms to increase audience engagement. Hashtags like #ShareACoke (By Coca-Cola) or #LetsDoLunch (By Dominos) became quite popular on social media, which helps these brands to connect with their every customer. And they have really accomplished quite a success through their campaigns. If you also want to enhance your engagement with your potential customers, then make sure to use relevant hashtags on your social media posts.

Create Polls & Surveys

Another good way to generate engagement on social media is through polls and surveys. You can often see on social media that some brand is conducting a poll or survey to ask about their customer experience. The data collected from polls helps you to know what are the people’s expectations. So that they can improve to gain more sales for their business. Here is an example of a survey poll on Twitter by Dominos. Obviously, from this tweet, they are trying to learn about the people’s interests using an interactive survey poll.


By creating such polls, you can also collect some useful information that would help you in your future marketing campaigns. While it can also help you to boost engagement with your audience which is a win-win case for you!

Run Content & Giveaways

Offering gifts and free giveaways is the best way to drive engagement on your social handles. People are always curious about rewards and acknowledgment. If you are throwing a giveaway contest on your social media post, then it would surely help you to attract more audience compared to any other regular posts. While you can give them a discount code or a free membership. Or else you can let your audience complete a few tasks to win the reward.

Make sure to arrange a fair contest so that people will find it exciting to participate. So the possibility of getting a winning price will help you to bring more user engagement to your social handles.

Analyze Tools To Monitor Engagement


Have you been using any tool to monitor audience engagement on your social media posts? Analyzing the engagement can help to obtain rich insights into data, which you can use to make improvements in your social media engagement strategy. There are tools like PowerAdSpy using which you can search for popular ad content, and analyze social media engagement on Instagram metrics, YouTube, Pinterest, or Facebook. It will help you to pick up the engagement insights of your competitive marketers and A/B test them. So that you can enhance your own marketing tactics to boost customer engagement on social media.

Wrapping Words:

If you are seeking audience engagement on social media, you need to be patient. It’s not an instant process, however, if you plan your social media engagement strategy focusing on the above-shown tips, it would really help you to gain more followers on social media, which you can target to bring more conversions for your business.

Hope you find this article interesting and you should also share it with others.

Still have any doubts about your social media engagement strategy, please mention them in the comments section given below.

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