6 Best Native Ads Networks To Expand Your Business

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6 Best Native Ads Networks To Expand Your Business

Native ad networks are platforms that share native ads. These ads look like the regular content on a website so that they fit in seamlessly. They blend in with the overall appearance and behavior of the site, making them less noticeable and not disruptive to the user’s experience.

Many of these networks give advertisers and publishers many options, making it hard to choose. If you’re a publisher, you want a platform that brings in traffic, fits well with your content, and has favorable pricing. Brands and agencies care more about reaching their audience, possessing better control over the content, and getting value for money.

Native ad networks are like digital matchmakers, smoothly putting ads in content for a natural experience, like friendly neighbors sharing compelling stuff, not pushy sales pitches.

In this blog, we will learn briefly about the best six native ad networks that can help you scale your business. But before that, it is essential to know if native ads are helpful or not.

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Are Native Ads Helpful?


Native ads are indeed the best way to generate leads for your business. Compared to traditional advertising, native advertising generates more leads for businesses. Native advertising on mobile also boosts the lead generation process effectively. As per Marketing Land, native ads exhibit 20-60% increased engagement rates and retain audiences three times better than display banner ads.

They have the potential to outperform other advertising methods in converting leads. To achieve a higher conversion rate, they present the value of the product or service in a relevant and engaging way. Native ads and native ads networks have become potent instruments for captivating audiences, encouraging engagement, and promoting conversions.

Native ads are a much better option than display ads. Below are some of the benefits of them in comparison to display ads.

Benefits of Native Ads Over Display Ads:

Native advertising is great because it doesn’t bother people. Lots of folks click on the ads. It is excellent for both the people showing the ads (publishers) and the ones making them (advertisers).

Seamless Display:

Unlike big display ads, native ads fit in smoothly with the content, making the whole experience favorable for users. They don’t disrupt things too much, and that’s why people like them.

Benefit For All:

Everyone wins with native ads. People watch content like them because they make things more enjoyable. Advertisers like them because they get more people interested. When more people engage, advertisers make more money, and publishers benefit too.

Fits Everywhere:

There are many platforms where you can display native ads, whether it is on ad platforms, gadgets, or social media.

Boost Sponsorship:

Native ads also help brands team up with content creators, letting them show off together. This way, native ads can reach the right audience without bothering anyone. Native ads networks make this whole process work smoothly.

There are many benefits of using native ads networks. Let us learn about them.

Benefits Of Using Native Ads Networks


Facebook and Google Ads can guide your target audience to relevant websites, but it might not be your best choice. It’s worth exploring alternatives.

One compelling reason to explore alternatives is the steep advertising expenses on Google AdSense and Facebook. According to Adwords, the average cost per click for display is $0.63, and the average price per click for search is $2.69.

Facebook’s average cost per click is $1.72. These costs are on the rise, given the near-monopoly status of these platforms in the advertising market.

In addition to high costs, Google and Facebook impose stringent restrictions on advertisers, making it challenging for some businesses to reach their target audiences through these channels.

Opting for alternative programmatic native advertising platforms can offer fewer restrictions and allow you to engage with your target customers at more budget-friendly rates.

Now we know that native ads are indeed beneficial for your business. But how can you create the best native ad campaigns for your business? For starters, you can get assistance from ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy.

It is one of the best-performing native ad spy tools that can help you analyze the strategies of the most successful native ads of your competitors. It has plenty of features and access to many social media platforms on which businesses run successful native ad campaigns.

So, without delay, let us learn about this tool in brief.

PowerAdSpy- The Best Native Ad Intelligence Tool


PowerAdSpy is an ad intelligence tool offering real-time insights into the effectiveness of your native ads. Additionally, it aids in discovering pertinent ads across all major platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

With this tool, you can effortlessly analyze different native ads examples of various platforms and use their strategies to your advantage.

Let us learn how it can be beneficial for you.

Benefits Of PowerAdSpy:
  • Discover captivating advertisements:

PowerAdSpy assists in uncovering the most compelling ads employed by prosperous Shopify store proprietors.

  • Examine advertisements:

This tool furnishes comprehensive engagement information about ads, enabling analysis for the creation of subsequent ad campaigns.

  • Monitor campaigns for native ad marketing:

It aids in locating pertinent ads, including those of your competitors.

  • Comprehend the impact of your native ads:

In real-time, this tool aids in comprehending the impact of your native ads.

Some Of the other advantages of using PowerAdSpy are:

  • Enhanced Search
  • Breakdown Ad Components
  • Comprehensive Filters
  • Robust Reports
  • Dashboard Personalization
  • Dynamic Device Compatibility

Thus, PowerAdSpy is an efficient and beneficial tool that can help your native advertising reach its highest potential and enable you to create successful native advertising campaigns.

Now that you know about the benefits of native ads and using native ads networks for your affiliate marketing, let us learn about the best six native ad networks you can use to enhance your business.

Top Six Native Ads Networks To Help You Boost Your Business

Now, let’s explore the leading native ad platforms you must not miss to assist you in expanding your business.


Taboola, a major player in content discovery since 2007, is a strong ad network with 14,000 advertisers, reaching 500 million active users on top websites. Using Taboola, you can connect with nearly 45% of the entire internet audience and 87% of mobile users in the US.

Trusted names like USA Today and Bloomberg have partnerships with Taboola. Similar to Outbrain but more cost-effective, it allows targeting multiple countries with affordable traffic.

Taboola, like other top ad networks, ensures advanced safety controls. If you aim for significant ad reach, Taboola is a fantastic choice with reputable publishers.


Outbrain, a native ads network since 2006, stands out for focusing on delivering effective results. Using familiar strategies like Target CPA and Target ROAS, it aims for performance goals.

Outbrain introduces EBS, allowing marketers to optimize traffic goals using data from Google Analytics. Although it can potentially reach 1.3 billion people across 55 countries, Outbrain has a strict process for approving ad content and new publishers.

Your ads might feature on premium sites like CNN and Time, making Outbrain a great choice for top-quality traffic with integrated data solutions in the native ads network space.

Yahoo Gemini:native-ads-networks-examples

Despite being overshadowed by its well-known parent platform, Yahoo Gemini is a robust native advertising network. It uses data from emails, content reading, and its search engine to enhance ads through smart algorithms.

The platform is reliable, tracks effectively, and even allows importing data from Google Ads, making it valuable for search advertisers.

With partnerships with external publishers like ABC News and ESPN, Yahoo Gemini is user-friendly, serving various marketing goals in the US, France, and the UK, making it suitable for advertisers.


Established in 2008, AdBlade, a native ads network, commands a vast reach of over 300 million users in the US. While accessible to advertisers across all sectors, it enforces stringent content quality rules to prevent spam, excluding long-tail websites.

This exclusivity contributes to higher costs, with clicks averaging around $0.50 and more in competitive sectors. Despite past controversies, AdBlade remains a potent native ads network, particularly suitable for brands valuing quality traffic and possessing high average order values or extensive inventories.


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RevContent emerges as a swiftly expanding native ad network, distinguished by its cookie-independent ad technology, crucial amid privacy crackdowns and the imminent demise of third-party cookies.

Publishers seeking to host RevContent’s widgets must have a minimum of 50,000 monthly visitors, drawing attention from prominent names like Forbes and Nasdaq.

Serving mostly “Tier 1 countries” such as the US, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK, RevContent’s lightweight ad technology improves advertising performance while also appealing to publishers.

It’s a calculated move to engage high-spending audiences and manage the difficulties brought on by cookies’ waning importance. It is one of the most preferred native ads networks advertising platforms.


Dianomi is an impactful but lesser-known native ads network. It displays 12.8 billion content ads monthly, engaging 515 million readers across 315 premium publishers, focusing on finance and targeting affluent readers earning $100K yearly.

Even though it can be expensive, Dianomi might be a wise choice if you’re in finance or aiming to reach well-off buyers in the native ads networks scene.

With these native ads networks, you can improve your advertising game and enhance your business.

Final Words:

In the end, we learned that native ads networks are powerful tools for accelerating your business’s expansion! You get to effortlessly integrate ads with website content across platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, and Yahoo Gemini—it’s more than just advertising; it’s a direct connection to your audience.

Selecting the ideal native ads network is essential for reaching your marketing objectives and engaging with your ideal customers. Leave behind aggressive selling tactics—native ads offer an elegant approach with seamless displays and wide-reaching appeal.

Boost your strategy with native ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy, guaranteeing unbeatable campaigns in the competitive landscape. Discover leading native ads networks, allow your ads to discover their perfect fit, and elevate your business today!