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How Top Brands Are Leveraging Mobile Ads To Attract High-Quality Customers? How Can You Do It?

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How Top Brands Are Leveraging Mobile Ads To Attract High-Quality Customers? How Can You Do It?

The world of marketing is bouncy, sprightly ever-changing – based on technology, strategies, trends which are never consistent. Therefore, a business needs to lie with the new technological trends in your related niche.

If we talk about communication, we are here in the age of smartphones. Even though many brands face tons of issues in reaching out to their desired audience through mobile phones. It’s because of the old saying that mobiles do not provide predefined space for the brands to reach out to their customers.

But the fact is, mobile ads build an emotional connect between the brand and customers within half-a-second. Thus, while advertising using mobile ads, it is advised to the marketers to build a one-second strategy for their innovative media buying activities. In short, consumers respond slowly to advertisements displayed on computer screens, as it takes around two to three seconds to bring the same emotional impact.

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Why Is Mobile Advertising Considered Best For Brands?


Mobile Ads are highly cost-effective –

As per various statistics, the average amount of money spent on mobile ads is much cheaper than web ads displayed on desktop computers. Similarly, print media is supposed to cost 10x times more based on the number of impressions. Hence, this is a reason to see a quick increase in mobile applications and audiences as compared to that of traditional ones.

Moreover, it’s a general fallacy that mobile ads display in low quality, but the fact is the CTR is huge on mobiles. Not only this, but there are also tons of other benefits of using mobile advertising, and these benefits are much-likely to increase as we move into 2021.

How Brands Can Capture The Attention Of Their Targeted Audience?


Marketers can easily earn customer attention through simple advertising or get through paid promotions. If advertisers pay for the display of ads, they have power over their advertisement, timing, and location. Pay media, is of course everywhere, for example, we can say, television commercials, online banners, etc. It also includes lots of new mediums, such as news feed advertising on Facebook, paid search (SEM), and more.

On the contrary, 82.89% of people trust mouth to mouth referrals, whereas 65% of people believe testimonials or reviews available or shared online. Hence, these are some forms of marketing and paid media. Although the locality, texts, and reviews about earned media not managed by marketers, they come into fame when people or news organizations share their opinions on a particular brand.

But if the real customers are sharing their experience with a particular brand, then it’s for sure that the brand has created a huge impact on the audience’s mind and grabbed their attention. There are certainly two dimensions of attention – duration and intensity. With paid vs. earned marketing, both duration along with intensity are achieving greater impact.

Therefore, to increase the value of earned marketing, here are two simple things which you can consider –

Share Good Content – Always try to share attractive content with eye-catching phrases and captions. It helps in providing considerable value as entertainment or information.

Efficiently branding at different places – Segregation. It helps in reaching a larger number of customers, who are much likely to share the content in their peer groups.

Along with these, there are also different ways to mark your brand presence through Mobile phone advertisement, followed by top trending brands. So let’s go and check them out –

Build An Emotional Connect With The Audience –


The audience loves watching videos which have some emotional bond, along with ups, and downs. As it’s common human psychology of adapting things. Like, if a child gets a box full of Chocolates all at one’s has feels happy just for that minute, comparably, the ones who get some chocolates every day feels happy everyday he gets the chocolates. In other words, the excitement of getting the entire candy bar wears off easily, making it feel like a short-lived pleasure.

Similarly, videos that offer persistent levels of satisfaction or excitement don’t attract audiences for a long time. It’s advised to the advertisers to create an emotional roller coaster to succeed through advertising. Starting this loop attracts audiences and makes them more likely to pay attention.

Immediately Create A Good Feeling Of Emotion, Like Joy


After years of experience, marketing executives would know about the significance of emotions in the marketing industry and given that consumers today have plenty of access to a number of brands — along with huge competition — positive emotions are more important than ever to the conversion and retention cycle. Surprise, joy, happiness are some of the emotions creating which marketers can gain huge attention and retain.

In today’s world of overloaded knowledge, it’s a vital thing to create interacting content to drive digital sharing to generate good engagement. As people only share information or messages of the brands with which they create positive connectivity. It means unexpected endings and dramatic views don’t seem to work anymore. Also, utilizing native advertising on mobile gives a feeling of oneness with the ads.

Minimize Excessive Promotions


People just don’t like to feel persuaded. Natural, instinctive response from the audience is to step back from too popular branding from the brands. Researchers noticed that audiences are increasingly stopped watching video advertisements at the moment when brand logos appear on the screen.

While planning campaigns for mobile ads, keep your brand on the corner and then share the discounts and offers that you are planning to provide to the clients. It is going to be relatively straightforward in some channels: a push notification including the logo of your company so the user knows who sent the message and maybe re-mention the brand name in the text.

Associate with Viewers Who Will Share The Messages


The audience only shares mobile ads or brand-related text if it matches their personal taste. As any person wishes to gain social capital in the process of sharing content.

The symbiosis of viral ads occurs when users and marketers consider content mutually beneficial.

Surprise Clients, But Don’t Astonish Them


While confounding audiences are excellent at attracting and engaging with people. 91% of viral advertisements are satire. There are two different forms of humor: flat and surprising. While “normal” humor stimulates viewing and sharing, “shocking” humor encourages viewing only.

So these are some of the simple ways to mark your brand presence through Mobile ads. Now, let’s get a little deeper and check out how to convert customers into purchase behavior.

Good exposure to the substance of advertising implies convincing. Therefore, as the marketers think through the minds of a viewer, then they could create mobile ads in the view to attract them.

The mobile ad creators can also create ads considering the ads running in their niche using different ad intelligence tools available in the market. Amongst all the ad intelligence tools, one which is loved by all the top leading brands and renowned marketers is PowerAdSpy. It is an all in one platform for building winning ads quickly by replicating the trending mobile ads in your niche.

PowerAdSpy also helps in finding out the hidden niches, brings up opportunities, removing all the hassle of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research, and more.

Some of the special features of this tool –

PowerAdSpy allows you to:

You can get ads Filter as per your niche.

Debunk the strategies of your Competitor such as landing pages, running ads, etc.

Provides the best-run Facebook ads within seconds.

Bookmark the best ads and ensure they are safe for future work.

It comes with strong search options.

PowerAdSpy allows you to search for all the popular ads dependent on keywords, ads, and domains.


PowerAdSpy is also available with extraordinary filtering options.

Popular mobile ads can be filtered using AD positions (side column, newsfeed, etc.)

You can filter popular ads by types of AD (videos or images)

One may filter user-specific popular ads (Target Audience)

Common advertising can be filtered based on Age (Target Age Group)
You can filter famous advertising based on a marriage, divorced, single relationship.

One can filter the popular location-based ads. It’s actually the best tool to look for mobile ads.

You get detailed analytics of AD reach, social engagement, and the latest trends from a single dashboard.

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I hope this article was helpful to you. Is there something that you would like to add? Did I miss anything? Do you have a doubt? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!