Top 5 Instagram Updates To Take Advantage In 2024

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Top 5 Instagram Updates To Take Advantage In 2024

Almost half of the year is already gone, and Instagram never stops to surprise us with newer updates. This year also there have been some new Instagram updates that are particularly exciting. Especially because some of these features are long-awaited by many Instagram users.

The biggest focus of Instagram is to grow e-commerce features that would help both brands and consumers to connect with each other. However, now more than ever it would be quite a challenge to keep with Instagram, as many of you may not know about some of the recent updates on Instagram.

But don’t worry. All of these features are meant to improve the user’s experience, and also to provide a platform where you can sell and promote your stuff on Instagram.

So here we are going to dive to take a close look at these recent Instagram and social media ads and marketing updates.

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Instagram Reels


The short video concept is getting pretty popular on social media. Especially after the Tiktok trend, Instagram has come up with 15 seconds of video clips, where you can create fun and engaging video content. It’s been a time, Instagram has been preparing to rival TikTok in the market. The good thing about Instagram reels is that it has a huge library containing different kinds of sounds and music that you can freely use.

But if you see, it’s a bit different from the original TikTok video format. Using Instagram reel, you can only create 15 seconds short story videos. However, now, you can find that there are some of the finest TikTok like apps in the market like Chingari using which you can use to create amazing short videos up to 1 minute.

Instagram Shops


It’s been some time that Instagram has been testing its new shopping tab. But recently, we found that the Instagram shop moved to the Explore tab section. If you open the Explore by tapping the search button, you will find the Instagram shop option at the top of your screen. Tap on the Shop button, and on the next page, you will find the post from different brands that you might be following or not following on Instagram.

If you want to use the Instagram shopping feature to sell your brand products, then you need to fulfill the Instagram commerce eligibility requirements. Now, if you are ready to set up a shop on Instagram, here are the steps you can follow.

  • Go to your profile page and click on the 3-line menu option.
  • Tap on the Settings button.
  • Then click on Business.
  • You will find a Shopping option, select that. This option is only available to users that have already been approved by Instagram shopping.
  • Tap Continue and create a product catalog to connect with your professional Instagram account.

In case you won’t find the Shopping option in your business settings, then there might be a chance that your business account isn’t approved for Instagram shopping. It might take them a few more days to check the eligibility criteria for your Instagram account.

Instagram Pinned Comments


Addressing the issue of spam comments and bullying on Instagram, they have included a feature which allows users to pin comments on certain posts. Using this feature, brands and social media moderators can highlight important information while interacting with Instagram users. You can use this feature to point out the comments, which bring value to your business. Thus it can also help you to eliminate spam comments in your posts.

Before using this feature, make sure to update your Instagram app. As it is only available with the latest update. To pin a comment on your post, tap on the Instagram post that you want to manage and check the comments.

Once you have found the comments you want to pin to the top, swipe to the left and tap on the button showing the Pin icon.

Facebook Pay Is Available


It is a highly secured payment feature with strong anti fraud monitoring where you can add your unique PINs and digital identification settings like Touch or Face unlock to use Facebook pay with utmost security.

It was announced last year that Facebook is going to come up with an online payment service. However, recently this feature has been launched in the US. This feature is designed to be an instant pay option, just like Amazon pay or Paypal. The Instagram users in the US can use this feature with the seamless payment option to purchase any products directly from the Instagram shop.

New Commerce Eligibility Requirements


Recently Instagram announced some changes in the commerce eligibility requirements. And it will help more creators and business owners to access Instagram shopping features. If you are a creator on Instagram (Instagram influencer), it gives you a better opportunity to connect with brands and business owners. These eligibility requirements help them to improve transparency.

Because of that, business account owners can only tag products that they sell on their e-commerce websites. And it also prevents other users from selling products, which they do not own or have access to.

In case a business is not eligible for using the Instagram shopping feature, they will get a specific reason. So that they can resolve that and re-apply for Instagram shopping. Thanks to this, now small businesses can also take advantage of Instagram shopping to increase their sales conversions.

So these are some of the new Instagram marketing updates. If you are a marketer or a creator and want to promote your business through Instagram, then these features might help you out.

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In the recent few months, it felt like around the world everything got shut down. But Instagram always surprises us with newer updates and features. Although some of these features are not available around the world. But step by step we can really see the growth of Instagram as a new e-commercial platform for business.

Many of the marketers are quite excited with these new Instagram updates. And users are also liking these features to connect with their favorite brand products on Instagram.

As we can see, Instagram is really focusing harder on improving creators and brands relationships. And in the future, we might see some more features, which allow creators and brands to grow their business opportunities.

It’s hard not to be curious about what will be the next upcoming marketing updates on Instagram. There are still many features in-testing which  we might see in future. So we really hope for the best!

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