Facebook Advertising: 05 Mistakes To Avoid By Any Means

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Facebook Advertising: 05 Mistakes To Avoid By Any Means

It’s an open secret that Facebook stands out to be one of the leading advertising platforms for both large and small scale businesses. It helps marketers to know about their competitor ads and associate with their targeted audience easily.

More than 92% of social marketing specialists are using paid Facebook ads, and nearly 80% of social media enthusiasts trust them. Thus, there’s no doubt that these ads are working best for all types of businesses.

But, one may wonder if all the people are using the platform appropriately? The answer to this question is, no or very few people are using it in the right way.

Similar to all the intents of digital marketing, optimal practices of Facebook advertising is regularly changing. None of the marketing people are immune to making errors. Therefore, to get over the noise, marketers need to make sure their Facebook ads strategy is fully optimized.

If being a marketer, you make any of the five prevalent errors in Facebook advertising, those mentioned below. Then there are higher chances of you suffering to gain desired outcomes.

1. Not Hitting The Right Targets

Not Hitting The Right Targets

The initial move in any campaign is to set up your goals. What is the main objective of your Facebook ad campaign? Do you wish to drive an additional number of clicks to your website? Or gain more page likes? Or get app installations?

As soon as you set the objectives, pick the type of Facebook ad that suits you best to achieve it. It will help you in hitting up the right targets and associating with you.

2. Unsuccessful In Using First-Party Data for Targeted Audience


First-party information is said to be one of the most valuable resources for any brand. It usually contains in-depth knowledge for pre-existing customers, used for better engagements. It also helps you in providing a competitive advantage that is useful in maintaining exclusive accessibility.

Recently Facebook announced, its removing third-party targeting data from its database. So now, it has become much more crucial for marketers to put in their efforts for the first-party data for ad targeting.

The fundamental source of first-party data comes from online conversations along with the customers. Using the conversion intelligence tools, you can capture it on a scale, and turn conversations into actionable information. Be confined and incorporate the information into Facebook ads manager, and target the audience using the previous experiences with your brands or products. Thus, this process will help you to ensure that the ads are meeting interested and qualified customers who are much more likely to help in gaining high sales.

3. Not Checking Your Competitor Ads

Not Checking Your Competitor Ads

If you are new to Facebook advertising, it’s appreciable to have a large number of competitor Facebook ads in your ad. But make sure your ads stand out amongst the rest, it is necessary to check out the ads related to your niche. Thus, if you wish to be successful, then take a look around and see which ads are trending in the marketplace, which is most favored by people.

Many of you might find it difficult and time taking to search and look for ads. There are several masterpiece tools available, like AdSpy, Adexpresso, Spyflu, PowerAdSpy, etc. But amongst all, one tool which is nowadays preferred by most of the advertisers is – PowerAdspy – Facebook Ad Intelligence tool.

About PowerAdspy


PowerAdSpy is recognized to be the finest and highly effective ad intelligence tool that allows you to watch your rivals and other famous brands’ best-performing ads. It includes a huge archive that possesses millions of ads from various countries worldwide. You can easily find the most common ads on Facebook using their powerful search algorithm and track your competitor’s ads campaign and strategies.

Some of the remarkable features of PowerAdspy include:

Perform in-depth analysis: Helps you to find out the target market segments quickly for each ad that catches your attention. Display the ad reach, complete information on social engagement, and daily trends on a similar page.

Advanced filtering and searching option: PowerAdspy provides you with various options to help you identify competitor ads. Easily filter and search ads based on the gender, age, relationship, keyword, or another filter by what’s going on the landing page itself.

4. Choosing Boring And Uninteresting Images

Choosing Boring And Uninteresting Images

According to a recent survey conducted by large digital marketing experts, the average person sees 4,000 to 10,000 ads approximately on a daily basis. For the purpose of obtaining the attention of the users in this replete situation, it is very crucial in providing attractive and appealing images.

How to choose a perfect picture?

The pictures of larger conversions are quite bold, look different as well as vibrant. As the free stock pictures or somber colors in the populous news feed of the average user will go unnoticed. In order to avoid exhaustion, make sure to check your photo choice regularly.

5. Creating An Ineffective Ad Model

Creating An Ineffective Ad Model

If in case you are planning to embed text on your photo, you should be aware that Facebook likes to overlay ad images with tiny, unobtrusive text overlays as they are less cluttered. Be sure to run it through Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool when uploading a Facebook ad photo with text on it. It will grade the image into one of four categories: “good,” “low,” “moderate,” or “high.” Scale rated “normal” or “poor” images tend to perform better than “medium” or “high” images. Yes, if your text covers a “large” amount of your image, there are higher chances that Facebook will penalize by serving your ad to fewer members of the audience.


When all things go correctly, there are higher chances for Facebook ads to produce amazingly positive results. We covered 05 common errors on Facebook that could kill your advertising. Therefore do not set yourself for failure by making any of these mistakes. Also, before wasting needless time and money, ensure to check yourself and be certain that everything is free from mistakes, and you are moving on the right path!

If you find any other sins lurking, then don’t hesitate to share them with me in the comments sections below!