Facebook Ad Guidelines and Policies: Everything You Need To Know

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Facebook Ad Guidelines and Policies: Everything You Need To Know

Facebook has grown itself to be one of the best platforms for advertising. And why not? It has been the most dominant social media platform for a long time. However, recently, a lot of small and medium enterprises are getting intimidated by increased scrutiny and monitoring of Facebook. Indeed, Facebook ad guidelines have become stricter than before. To get your ads approved on Facebook, you need to follow all those guidelines.

There might be some instances where your ads won’t get approval. In such a case, if you haven’t abused any Facebook’s advertising policy, you can ask for a review of your ad.

In this article, you will learn about Facebook ad policies and guidelines. By understanding all those, you can avoid disapproval of your Facebook ads. And try to utilize it to gain more revenue for your business. If you are ready, here we go.

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Facebook ad guidelines and policies:

Prohibited Ads On Facebook

Most of the Facebook ad guidelines are straightforward. That means it would prohibit any content which is abusive to the public. If you are selling a product or service which can be harmful or abusing others in any way, then you can’t advertise that stuff on Facebook. Meanwhile, there are also certain exceptions to some prohibitions. For example, it’s known that any related to drug medicines, cryptocurrency and casino ads are only allowed on Facebook when they receive confirmation of eligibility from Facebook. To get approval, you need to show that your product/service isn’t contradicting any local laws or abusive to anyone.

Facebook ad guidelines & policies

Also, Facebook doesn’t allow ads related to arm weapons, unsafe supplements, adult products, and services, pharmaceutical drugs, dating ads, ads of intoxication like Alcohol, Tobacco, etc.

Except that you are allowed to post other kinds of ads on Facebook. While you also need to follow community standards and not being insulting to anyone. To check out the eligible ads on Facebook/Instagram, you can use the best ad intelligence tool, ie PowerAdSpy.

Facebook Ad Review Process:

After posting an ad on Facebook, it would get reviewed according to Facebook ad policies. In most cases, ads can go live within 24 hours. However, in some cases, it might take a bit more time. In the review process, Facebook’s algorithm considers various things like ad images, text, target audience, and ad positioning. It also checks the content available on the landing pages. Meanwhile, it would check whether the content on the landing page matches with ad content or not. In case, if there is any misinformation or anything which doesn’t comply with Facebook ad policies, then that advert won’t appear on Facebook ads.


Now that you have posted an ad. Facebook will check whether it follows all guidelines. After your post got reviewed, you will get a notification of approval. And your post will be live on Facebook. From the Ad manager, you can observe the running status of your ad campaign.

Allowed Ad Formats:

Facebook has so many options with ad formats. You can use videos, images, or text for creating ads while you can also try the combination of all elements together.

In recent, we have also seen that marketers wanted to target mobile users. That’s the reason why Facebook has also come with ad formats that are alluring to mobile users. With stories and canvas ad formats, it has become easier for marketers to target mobile users.

Other than images and videos, here we have shown some of the most popular formats with zero Facebook advertising cost to promote your business.


After the great success of stories on Instagram, it also got introduced on Facebook. It surely went with a boom on Facebook and Instagram. Especially when most of the people on Facebook and Instagram love to watch stories.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook also gives you the option to target your potential customers with messenger ads. Here you can also use similar creations for your ad posts. People could be able to see your ads in their chat tab. When someone taps on that, it will show the ad details with a call to action button. From there, you can gain more clicks to get conversions for your business.

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It is an ad format in which you can showcase multiple products in a single ad. With this, you can highlight the different features and qualities of products using images and videos. There you can also add a call to action button, which will redirect the users to the sales page of that particular product.

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It is just like the video ads where you can include clips and audio (with copyright) to create a slideshow ad. The best thing about this format is that you can easily create and edit its spending lower than video ads. Slideshow ads use lesser data compared to video ads. That means, even a person with a slow Internet connection can watch slideshow ads.


It’s a purposely designed ad format to make it easier for people to look for the product they want to purchase. This type of ad includes a collection of different products. And when someone on it,  they will land on an Instant Experience-(A full-screen exposure for products to drive more engagement).


This format provides Instant Experience ad exposure to viewers. That means people could be able to watch ads on the full screen of their mobile device. With canvas ad format, marketers can be more creative in designing attractive ads for their brands.


Playable ads are getting popular on social media. Now with playable ads, you can take the experience of using the app before purchasing it for real. If you really like that, then you can download and use it on your mobile device.

With so many different options with different kinds of ads available on Facebook, it would be difficult for you to opt for the trendiest ad format for your niche. To overcome this, you can opt for the most powerful Facebook ad analytics tool – (i.e. PowerAdSpy).

Poweradspy has power-pack features, which let you find ads based on their position and give clear visibility of the audience engagement so that you can find the best-performing ads on Facebook. Other than that, you can also use this analytic tool to find the most engaging ads on Instagram, Google, and YouTube.


To start your ad campaign on Facebook, you need to consider the above-shown guidelines. Of course, it’s going to be very competitive, and you need to target the right audience (according to guidelines only). I hope this information will be useful to you. Just follow the above Facebook ad guidelines to start your campaign. If you have anything to ask, please feel free to share them in the comments.