Facebook Advertising Guidelines – Tips to Create Successful Ads

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Facebook Advertising Guidelines – Tips to Create Successful Ads

When launching a Facebook advertising campaign, any business or company hopes to reach its goals and be successful in its endeavor. However, sometimes ad campaigns fail to bring the desired results due to different errors marketers make. We put together some Facebook advertising guidelines to follow if you want to create successful ads.

Any business that is new to Facebook advertising has probably studied lots of stories on how people are running effective and profitable Facebook Ads. But even so, there are startups that still don’t know where to start and how to build successful ad campaigns. Fret not, with these Facebook advertising guidelines, you will be able to build high-performing advertising campaigns that will bring the conversion rate up.

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Use Smart Creative


When creating Facebook ads, it’s important to always use high-quality images or videos, with the correct specs. There are some details advertisers need to pay attention to when choosing an image/video. They are the angle and lighting, colors, saturation, and so on. The recommended size is also very important. Your image might not look the same if you have to resize it to fit Facebook’s requirements.

Moreover, if you are making a new ad and retargeting the same audience as before, it’s a good idea to refresh your creativity. People tend to get tired of seeing the same image or video again and again. This will result in less engagement on their part.

Know whom you are targeting

Facebook advertising is about content as much as it is about distribution. This means it’s paramount to get your ads in front of as many people as possible. Not just any Facebook users, but the right ones. Those who are interested in what you’re offering. They are most likely to purchase your products or services.

Companies advertising on Facebook need to reach people who are curious about their business and open to discovering their message and offers.

Present a compelling story or message

Studies have shown that customers who feel more connected to a business or brand are more loyal and more likely to recommend them to friends. To build this connection, it is important to catch their attention with an interesting and convincing story. Long text updates can be boring, so try to tell instead a great story with pictures and rich media. You could share your history and include fan-generated content. Tell a visual story or promote a charity to make sure people connect with your brand.

Use Facebook ad spy tools

Facebook ad spy tools are used every day by marketers for different reasons:

  • to measure their social media reach;
  • connect with their customers;
  • find out what their competitors are doing;
  • learn about the latest trends.

One such tool is PowerAdSpy, which helps businesses learn what advertising strategies their competition is using see what works for their niche, and adjust accordingly. PowerAdSpy is one of the best Facebook Ad-Intelligence tools. It offers a huge database of more than 6 million real-world ads.  It is easy to use, intuitive, and includes lots of useful features that help users create comprehensive social media advertising campaigns with powerful sources.

Some of these features include the ability to follow any number of competitors, view ads live on Facebook, and filter ads based on interests. You can also see social interactions for a specific ad (likes, shares, comments), bookmark the best ads and more.

Monitor the performance of your ads

This set of Facebook ad guidelines wouldn’t be complete without this piece of advice – never rest on your laurels. Even if you’ve had a couple of successful social campaigns in the past, that doesn’t guarantee your audience remains engaged. It’s advisable to monitor the performance of your ads from the moment your campaign goes live.

It is important to check how your ad is doing from the beginning, and not just when the campaign is completed. This allows you to adjust in real time and enhance the performance of your ads based on what isn’t going as expected. For instance, if your ad doesn’t get as many clicks as you wish, you could optimize your call-to-action. If your reach is low, you could adjust the parameters for your target audience.

Have a long-term strategy in mind

The thing with Facebook is that everything changes constantly and nothing can guarantee businesses that their audiences will remain engaged in the long run. That is why is important to think long-term and be prepared for the next stage of your advertising endeavor. These Facebook ad guidelines and policies will work only if you mix them with your research and adapt your strategy according to the current trends.

For instance, any company that launches an ad campaign should think of an effective ad funnel that will eventually bring them, customers. Even if the initial ad they run is aimed at raising awareness or engagement, they shouldn’t stop there. After they manage to get as many people as possible to view, like, and share their presentation ad, they should shift their focus on ads with different objectives, like website clicks and then conversion.

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Facebook ad campaigns have proven extremely valuable to thousands of companies from all over the world. This is why it is crucial to dedicate some time to learning from other’s successes and mistakes before creating and launching your own Facebook ads. We hope these quick Facebook advertising guidelines will help businesses make the most of their advertising efforts.