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Facebook Ad Text Guidelines – Learn from the Best

Just like choosing the right image or the most appropriate call-to-action for your Facebook ad, writing a great Facebook ad copy is paramount to the success of any advertising campaign. In this article, we will try to explain some basic Facebook ad text guidelines that will help you write effective ads. We will refer to both the text on ad photos and ad copy.

Text on Facebook image ads

First of all, let’s look at the text that appears on photos in Facebook image ads. It should be mentioned that Facebook has a 20% text rule that refers to the amount of text that can be overlaid on images used in Facebook News Feed ads.

In this respect, the Facebook ad text guidelines are clear and state that the text on an ad photo cannot take up more than 20 percent of said photo. Any advertiser planning on running a News Feed sponsored post has to follow this rule.

Many have complained about this requirement because 20 percent is not much at all. You barely can include a sentence in so little space. But the truth is it’s not absolutely necessary to use text on images in order to build effective Facebook ads.  We would rather encourage you to follow these simple Facebook ad text guidelines when creating ads.

Make use of Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool

This is a very useful tool that allows you to test ad photos. You simply have to upload the image you want to use for your ad and highlight the boxes on the grid that will contain text. The tool will tell you the percentage of the photo that includes text and if it exceeds 20%. If you really need to include text in your ad photo use a telegraphic message or reduce the font size.

Use catchy and powerful images

The image is the first thing a person sees in your post. It should be compelling enough for them to want to read your text and click the call-to-action button. Always use high-resolution, clear and engaging images. They shouldn’t be too cluttered, but be colourful enough to contrast with Facebook’s white backdrop.

Write strong ad copy instead

As you can see in the example below, there is no need to include text within the image when the ad copy is well written and the photo used is descriptive enough. Considering the most read Facebook posts are those that include a status update supported by an image, this could be the recipe for success.


Facebook ad text guidelines – tips for writing great ad copy

When it comes to Facebook ad copy, advertisers have more freedom to write a complete message and convey everything they want users to learn about their product or service. However, it’s advisable to follow these Facebook ad text guidelines when writing your ad copy.

Write with your audience in mind

When writing the copy for an ad, the message should appeal to your target audience and show that your product or service caters to their needs and interests. So before writing your ad copy, ask yourself these questions: How old are people in the audience? Where are they based? What are their interests? What are their problems? Which are their needs? Below you can find two ad examples that appeal to the target audience’s needs.

Write with your audience in mind

Align the text with your ad visuals

The ad copy needs to relate to the images or video you choose for your ad so that users can quickly and easily make the connection between your message and your brand.  This is even more important if customers are already familiar with your brand and use to associate it to specific elements. For instance, can you imagine a McDonald’s ad without a burger or their iconic logo?

Keep it simple and relevant

Another essential point among Facebook ad text guidelines is to be clear and get your message across fast. People use to scroll through Facebook quickly. Make sure you stick to what is important and they see the most important message you want to convey. Long ad copies tend to be disregarded and a shorter one is more likely to catch people’s attention.

Tell a compelling story

Storytelling is the bridge that connects your message, products and services with the imagination of your potential customers. Without a compelling story, even the most powerful ideas risk getting ignored. Testimonials from other clients are also great and help create successful ad copies. They will prove the product/service advertised is trustworthy. In this regard, it could be a good idea to use the carousel ad format. It allows you to create a narrative by using up to ten photos, each with its own copy.

Promise customers something tangible

When seeing an ad to a new product, customers need to know how it will solve their needs (pain points). If they’re looking for a new vacuum cleaner, they want to know that your product can get the job done and make their lives better. So advertisers should put their value proposition up front and even offer some type of bonus when possible.

Test ad copies before running the ads

Advertisers who want to make sure their Facebook ad copy is well received across the entire target audience need to test different versions of it. For instance, they can publish an ad with a question and another whose copy includes a simple statement. Then see which gets the most likes, shares and comments.

Final thoughts

Along with great images or videos, the copy is among the essential features of a successful ad. It makes it possible for advertisers to communicate with their customers. It gives them the opportunity to make themselves known and briefly explain how they can help the client. These Facebook ad text guidelines give advertisers options on how to approach their ad copy. It’s important to mix them in order to obtain ads that get results.


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