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Facebook advertising guidelines For Dummies

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Facebook advertising guidelines For Dummies

A study conducted in September 2018 revealed that there are more than 2.2 Facebook users.  This huge worldwide audience proves that Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools nowadays. This is why you need to learn how to grow your business through Facebook advertising. With the next Facebook advertising guidelines for dummies, you will learn everything about this subject.

Reaching your targeted audience is piece of cake. Facebook offers you the right features in order to search for characteristics such as location, behaviours, demographics, and interests. You can easily reach people who might like your product or services.

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Facebook advertising guidelines

Let’s talk first about two of the most popular types of Facebook ads. These are the photo ads and video ads.

Photos can represent your start in using Facebook ads. It’s very simple to create one and it can be a simple photo, without being boring.

Video ads can be inspirational or they can picture your product or team in action.  A video ad can be inspirational without being specific about the product or the service itself.


How to advertise on Facebook in 5 easy steps

Set up your business page and ad account

This is the golden rule of the Facebook advertising guidelines for dummies. This is your chance to meet your customers, build trust and stay engaged. Be aware of your customers’ interests and passions. This will give you the chance to create and use the most relevant ads for your targeted audience.

Choose your targeted audience

When using Facebook advertising, don’t think too much about reaching as many people as possible. Instead, focus on reaching the right people.

In order to attract your targeted audience, you need to know:

  • Which platforms are used by your audience
  • Their communication channels, including their languages
  • The type of content they are interested in

Moreover, you can use various ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy to keep track on your competitors and develop your strategies based on your target audience. It will help you find the best ad strategies for your Facebook ad campaign.


Your story needs to be great

Human communication cannot exist without stories. Storytelling plays an essential role whether you are telling it through written words or via social media. It has a significant impact on building and maintaining connections with other people.

Keep track of your performance and make real-time adjustments

Social media channels are allowing their users to keep track of your campaign from the moment it goes live. If you have a clear view of your ads in real time, you will be able to see if they attract people and to do the necessary adjustments.

Monitor the proper metrics of your business

If you want to start a Facebook ads campaign, think about the ways you will use to measure your ads’ performance.  Think about a clear measurement strategy and always make the necessary adjustment to your ads in order to maximize your business’ success.

Tips & Tricks

On the second part of these Facebook advertising guidelines for dummies material, we will talk about how your Facebook ads should look in order to attract and maintain your targeted audience.

Visual content to be remembered

People want to see eye-catching and enjoyable content. It’s more likely for them to access a photo instead of something written. They will rather share an appealing content instead of a boring one. The first impression really matters in the social media.

Make sure your ad is relevant

It’s not a secret that you are spending money for people to access your products or services through your ads. You are wasting money if your ads are not reaching your targeted audience.  None of the advertising strategies will bring you success if they are not relevant. This can cause serious damage to your business.

Include an attractive value statement

Your readers need to know why they should click on your ad and what they will find out about your product or service. Why is your product or service unique? Why should someone access your website through the ad?

Make sure that your statement is reliable and don’t overestimate your business.

Your ad needs to invite people to action (call-to-action)

Last but not least of the Facebook advertising guidelines for Dummies, calling-to-action can make your customers buy your product or ask for your services. Even if you have a relevant and beautiful ad, if you put, for example, a CTA (call-for-action) like “Order now and you will save 30%” or “Promotion ends soon” your chances to grow your business will increase significantly.

You also need to know that there are 3 main Facebook ad formats:

  1. The right column ad-this is the traditional format and you can find it on the right side of Facebook’s user newsfeed.
  2. The Desktop newsfeed ad-this is a more native way of advertising and you can find it right on a user’s newsfeed when one signs in on Facebook on his desktop.
  3. The mobile newsfeed ad-this can be found on a Facebook user mobile newsfeed.
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This article has brought in your attention some of the Facebook advertising guidelines for dummies. If you follow at least some of them, you will see that you will have real chances of growing your business.  You can mainly focus on finding and increasing your targeted audience, as well as building trust, engage and empower. Keep in mind that you can ask questions in order to see which areas of your business need improvement. You also need to make sure that you only share high-quality content and you don’t use ads to over promote your business. This can be done gradually and sometimes subtle.