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Facebook ad text limit – How to Write Successful Ads

Have you thought that it’s very easy to promote your business through Facebook ads? In this article, we will talk about Facebook ad text limit. You will find out how to write successful Facebook ads and how they should look like.

What is Facebook Ad Text Limit?

In the past, Facebook had a 20% ad rule. The uploaded image could not contain more than 20% of the text. But this rule caused confusion among business and also there were many ads rejected. This also caused a loss of money.

As a result, Facebook removed this rule and implemented one based on the text’s density. Facebook categorizes your ads as follows when it comes to text: OK, low, medium and high. The social media will most probably reject ads containing medium text and definitely not accepting the ones with high text. Using too much text can significantly decrease the users’ experience on Facebook.

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How to Write Successful Facebook Ads?

You have the main information related to the Facebook ad text limit. Now it’s time for you to learn how to write the best Facebook ads. But before starting, let’s see some of the ways you can use to customize your ads on Facebook:

  1. Location
  2. Gender
  3. Interests
  4. Connections
  5. Behaviours

5 Strategies For Writing The Best Facebook Ads

Find your Facebook specific audience through the targeting options, then get in touch with it

If you have an online business, instead of writing like you were in front of a big audience, you should better focus on writing a specific message. Write as you are thinking to address to a single person. This is will be more effective. Think that this person is your targeted audience and all your attention needs to be given to those needs.

Write particular Facebook ads for particular people

Since you are now aware of the Facebook ad text limit, you also need to think about providing positive customer experience.

For example, if you have a clothing brand with products for both men and women, you can use differentiated gender ads. To keep it simple, men will look for the products sold for them.

Keep your ad short and bring value to it

You must be thinking that since you are already paying for an ad means that you can put as many information as you can on it. This can be true, but not when it comes to Facebook ads. You need to keep them as short as possible and capturing the main attributes of your products or services.

How will your products help people? What are the benefits of using them? These are the areas you should focus on if you don’t want your ad to be affected by Facebook ad text limit.

Moreover, you can see how to create the best performing ads by spying your competitor’s ads that are short and also valuable using various ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy.


Stay focused on one call-to-action goal

If you want to have the best Facebook ads, make sure that they have a clear purpose. Are you looking to sell a product, grow brand awareness or get lead? Regardless of the reasons, you always need to use a specific call-to-action strategy. If you add a text like “Shop now, the offer ends soon” or “You will save 30%” will definitely make your targeted audience think faster about making a decision.

Use simple, easy to understand words

Don’t be too poetic. The Facebook ad text limit will not allow you to use too many words anyway. Use words everyone will be able to understand, even a 3rd grader. When seeing your ad, your targeted audience should be able to have access to the following information:

  • What you have to offer
  • Which are the benefits
  • The next steps they need to perform

After uploading your ad on Facebook, the social media channel will provide you with the opportunity to test it.  You can do this through “Text Overlay” in order to see if the ad text is ok, low, medium or high.


What does it mean if you have too much image text?

To keep it simple, the text will be all over the place, not allowing your targeted audience to see what they are really interested in.

How much text should you use in your advertising images?

To say it right, Facebook prefers ads with low or none written content. They think that too much text will create a less positive customer experience for its users.

How can you reduce the amount of your text?

You can focus on putting your text in the specific text area of your advert and not in the advert image itself.  Be specific and try to use a smaller font size and a limited number of words. After you reduce the image text, you can check the content again using Facebook’s Text Overlay option.

Don’t forget to always use positive words in your text ads. It will help you provide a great customer experience and build trust. Be aware of what people are looking for and do your best to offer only high-quality products and services.

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Facebook ads are part of your business marketing strategy and you always need to assess them in order to see if there is something that needs to be changed or improved. Don’t consider Facebook ad limit as something negative.  Facebook wants to help its business users to grow their businesses using the application adequately. You will get maximum results only if you will take into consideration the provided guidelines.