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9 Tips To Write The Best Facebook Ads Ever

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9 Tips To Write The Best Facebook Ads Ever

We spend most of our time on Facebook, scrolling through feeds, checking the Facebook ads, and the latest news, and staring at the pictures of cute Pugs. I’m not the only one — an average of 1.09 billion daily active users are on this social media platform.

Although Facebook’s stretch is fading away, it’s clear that individuals still love the site like never before. According to some recent statistics, more than 70% of social media users in the United States sign into Facebook per day, as compared to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

All these users, spell out great potential especially for advertising agents, as Facebook has risen as a standout amongst the best advertising platforms for both B2C and B2B organizations. As in the past couple of years, natural reach on Facebook has declined, but wise advertisers are promoting on Facebook to get desired results.

There are tons of things that need to be up to make Facebook ads effective. Need proper targeting strategies, good images or videos, convincing content, etc.  Today, we will focus on why content matters the most in Facebook advertisements and also on some of the best-proven strategies on how you can compose extraordinary ads on Facebook that convert users into fans.

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Why Does Facebook Advertising Work So Well?


A large group of people is associated with Facebook, yet sending out an advertisement by default won’t result in a large number of conversions.

The vital point to create Facebook advertising is targeting. This social media platform is one of the best for ad targeting compared to any other site.

Therefore, this particular targeting feature helps in getting super specific results about the type of audience the ad reaches. If you sell women’s accessories, then reach out to people (especially girls), who are interested in buying these products. If selling automation software, directly focus on those who’ve visited the home page of your site.

Here are some simple ways considering which you can focus on Facebook users:

Audiences – helps in targeting existing clients or leads.

Gender – choose to depend on gender.

Area – pick by focusing on the place.

Interests – select based on interest area.

Associations – opt to focus on past conduct, for example, somebody visiting your site.

Behaviors – focus on individuals who effectively like your page, and are also associated with you.

There are certainly 2 types of Ads on Facebook, which include:


Right-hand column ads

Yes, you guessed it right! This ad appears in the right-hand column on the Facebook page. These advertisements can’t be scrolled in the Facebook newsfeed as they are smaller compared to others. Marketers often prefer using these right-hand column ads for retargeting purposes.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Ads directly appear in the Facebook Newsfeed. Facebook users can see these types of ads in their feeds while scrolling, similar to posts of their friends.

Does Copywriting Really Matter for Facebook Ads?

Truly! Imagining about Facebook advertisements, people may think about a great picture. Though pictures are vital in Facebook advertisements, copywriting is equally important.

If you are expending a large amount of cash on these ads, then try to ensure that it carries its responsibility in the right way.    

Great ad copywriting can convince the group of followers to navigate to the money site. It indicates and leads users by showing them the path to go. As, outstanding advertising copy can induce, energize, and engage tons of people. It helps in making associations, removing abundant data, and settling on the decision to continue forward. It’s a primary part of any good advertisement.

Here are the points, meaning how to do it: Try using these principles to create the best ads.

Strategies for Composing Your Top Facebook Ads

Make use of Facebook Targeting to Limit Your Audience


On the subject of selling things online, it’s fascinating to create ads like you are in front of an audience at a gathering. But, if planning to make them look influential, compose as if writing for one individual—and one individual alone.

This particular person (targeted audience), is the one who has to be charmed and induced. Similar to an in-person salesman, concentrate all your consideration on this individual and their requirements. Compose a copy that addresses every potential client and who probably has distinct personas. However, on Facebook, there is an option to focus on the group of followers or else can also spy on your competitor’s ads by using tools like Poweradspy.

Poweradspy is one of the best ad spy tools, as it helps in spying on all the campaigns of your competitors and tracking all their creatives, ads, angles, etc. from one single dashboard. To know more about PowerAdSpy – Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool, check this video.

For instance, if you want to focus your ads on ladies who are more than 30 live in the United States, and are keen on fitness and well-being. At that point, PowerAdSpy can help you spy on your competitor’s ads and focus on that particular group of audience.

Remain Focused with One Call-to-Action

The best Facebook advertisements have a  specific objective. Do you want to raise your brand cognizance, generate leads, and sell products?

Regardless, the ad ought to have an explicit call to the action plan. Without this, users will see an advertisement and have no idea what to do and where to click.

Compose Separate Ads for Different People

This technique obliges with the concept of targeting viewers. Customers will come for different reasons, so will you use the same advertisement for all?

Facebook’s quality is its capacity to target desired people, so don’t consider the commercial like a board.

For example, if you own a clothing store and sell women’s as well as men’s apparel, including accessories, undies, bath products, etc. Numerous people will be keen on some of what you bring to the table. However, many will be most intrigued by one zone. Even though, ladies will be a lot more excited about what you offer for ladies.

Check Whether Your Ad Copy Goes with Your Visual

Many small and large-scale organizations,  particularly in the B2B space—don’t have a huge number of visuals available. While running an ad, there’s a scuffle to ensure that a picture gets affixed.

It may result in the picture which doesn’t go with the copy, which introduces a shaking backdrop for the FB user. If the ad copy and the image do not match, then people will wonder, what this advertisement is all about! Users will probably not going to click, and your advertisement will get squandered.

Like, Paypal sewed together different icons which help to convey the messages and make their ads a little more engaging. The ad copy of Paypal has a masterful use of minimal designs and color combinations when they get visualized. In this way PayPal reminds its audience, what they will get by using their application, bringing about the best Facebook ads.

If facing an issue in designing images for ads then use tools like Canva, Easil, Stencil, etc. to customize them on your own.

Keep it Short and Lead with Value


If you are paying high for an advertisement, it can be quite tempting to stuff in at most possible. But, the main thing is to explain the product acutely. Similarly, Facebook Advertisements should be brief, simple, and head with quality.

What are things the targeted audience will get after using your product? How is your product going to help them? These are some of the keynotes which you need to focus on in the ad copy.

Utilize Language that is simple to Understand

Copywriting isn’t high-level documentation. Possibly, you might be a writer in school, yet bloomy language will obscure the message. It’s time to shorten the redundancy.

Your main motto should be to write an advertisement that can be easily understood by a 3rd-grade student. When somebody comes across your ad, they should promptly know:

  • What you’re putting forth?
  • How does it benefit them?
  • What to do next?
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Test your Ad Copy

The best way to improve your ad copies is by running tests. Facebook makes it very simple to spend a small amount of money to try out things. At last, the best way to check if your copywriting works is through experiencing it.

You can try running different ads – each having a similar picture, but with a different view – to check out which clangs the best with your crowd. Which adaptation gets the maximum number of conversions, likes, and shares?

Like, Post Planner published a similar ad but changed the duplicate one. In the first advertisement, they posted in a question format, but in the second one, they added a statement. Though it’s a subtle copy, it can bring significant changes in the results.


We hope you found tips for writing Facebook ads helpful. Although, Facebook Although Facebook is continuously changing.  But these tricks mentioned here are a solid start to success. Hence, try considering the above-stated points and write a compelling one, which not only makes your ad better than others but also helps you gain good sales don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section below.