Top 8 Facebook Best Practices To Drive Audience Engagement

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Top 8 Facebook Best Practices To Drive Audience Engagement

Known as the largest social media network, Facebook has always been a great platform to engage with friends and family. And due to the massive reach with the audience, it seems to be the platform with immense marketing possibilities through the utilization of Facebook best practices.

In fact, Facebook has gone through a tremendous evolution, which really helped the business brands to increase their interaction with the audience. However, with some recent changes in the Facebook algorithm, the organic reach of your content might have dropped significantly.

Facebook has purposely taken these steps, as they are prioritizing the posts that are more relevant to users. As a marketer, your goal is not just to beat the algorithm but also, try to build a relationship with the audience that would increase your odds of making it into the exclusive feeds on Facebook.

Facebook Best Practices

If you want to utilize Facebook for marketing, it becomes quite important to not just focus on publishing your content, but also focus on strategies to boost audience engagement. And to achieve that, you need to optimize your content strategy according to the interest of your audience.

Here we are going to show you the best practices for Facebook posting that could help you increase audience interaction so that you can reach your marketing goals.

Know Your Audience


It would be nearly impossible for a creator to deliver engaging content for the audience whom they don’t even know. In such a case, doing a little bit of research can help you to get a slight idea about your target audience. That way, you can learn about the demographics of the audience who might be interested in your business, and you can target them to bring more audience to your posts. Luckily on Facebook, you have the audience insights tools inside the Ad manager. While you can also make use of the powerful ad intelligence tool like PowerAdSpy to analyze the interest of your target audience. PowerAdSpy lets you examine the best performing ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc.

Frequency & Creativity

Consistency is the key that can bring you success, so you shouldn’t be afraid to publish your content frequently. As long as you are creating authentic content for the audience, you are going to engage them for longer. Other than consistency, you also need to be creative so that the audience would find your post interesting. And there might also be a chance that all of your audience may not have the same preference. Some people would like to check the video while others may like short story contents. It depends on you how you can use your creativity to deliver engaging content to your audience more frequently. And it might also help you to enhance conversions in your business.

Keep Things Real

Nowadays, people would like to know the real side of creators and influencers. And social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram give an excellent medium for that. Being a creator, you should interact with your audience and show the real side of you and your brand to build a bond of trust and connectivity with your audience. You can also be the part of the conversation of your audience by replying to their comments.  It will help you to learn more about their likes and dislikes, and accordingly, you can plan your content strategies.

In fact, you can also publish exclusive content to show behind the scenes photos and videos. And by keeping the thing real and authentic to your audience, you might be able to drive more engagement to your platform.

Make Use Of Video Content


We have seen that videos are more impactful than images. And over the past few years, video content has got quite a popularity on Facebook. It has been publicly stated by Facebook CEO  Mark Zuckerberg that video will be the most consumed content in the future. And over the few years, the engagement of the audience on video content has increased more and more compared to images. Many of the brands and influencers are taking advantage of a flourishing content stream. And they are expecting great results for the growth in their business. In fact, in research, we found that video content could bring 135% more chances of getting converted. If you are looking for a quick boost in sales of your business, then you should focus on video creation for your Facebook marketing.

Take Advantage Of Facebook Live


Another good thing about video content is that you can go live. Facebook live gives you a fantastic way to interact with the audience through video streaming. Usually, the audience would like to share their views with the influencers, and live streams are the best way to do that. In fact, on average live videos can have 6 times better audience engagement than regular video content.

Now that you have understood how to use Facebook live, here are some ideas that may help you:

  • Give an online tutorial where you can involve yourself to guide the audience.
  • Host Q&A sessions to sort out the queries of your audience.
  • Invite experts in your stream and interview them.
  • Announcement of a new offer or a product launch.
  • Talk about behind the scene stories.

Pro Tip: If you are going to do a live stream on Facebook, make sure to notify your audience in advance. It would create a sense of anticipation for the audience, which would help you to bring more engagement.

Subtitles For Videos

Language can be the biggest barrier when you are trying to connect with people from different countries. To overcome this challenge, you can rely on subtitles. And many of the times, people use to check videos without sound while reading subtitles. In research with a few brands, it was reported that 85% of videos are seen by viewers in mute. Even if someone is not checking the audio part, they can read subtitles to understand the content of videos.

Experiment With Different Ideas!

Trends are always changing on social media platforms. It depends on your creativity how you can resonate with your audience. If you try to deliver something new and amazing to your audience, you have a chance to pick more attention.

Here we have shown some tricks that might help you with that.

Contest & Giveaways: Online giveaways have become quite popular on social media. And many of the influencers are using this strategy to engage and interact with their audience. This will not only help you to boost your engagement, but it can also help you to increase conversions in your business.

Share User-Generated Content: Have you gone out of ideas to bring new content for your viewers? Then why not give themselves a chance to create some amazing content. While you can share and promote user-generated content and give them credit for their great efforts.

Blog Posts: Share your blogs and articles on Facebook, and it would help you to drive more audience on your website. By sharing your blogs on Facebook, you can get better exposure for your hard work.

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Use Facebook Mentions & Tags


For example, if you are sharing user-generated content, by mentioning their username, you can give them credit for their work. You can also tag people who are being part of the interaction in your content. This way, you could be able to connect with more people and it would help you to build the trust bond for your brand. While you should also make use of hashtags and location tags, as it would help you to increase the visibility of your posts.

Wrapping Words:

So, these are the Facebook best practices that could help you to gain better audience engagement this year. If you have the right information by your side, it would be easier for you to work in the right direction to accomplish success. With the PowerAdSpy Ad intelligence tool, you can track the Facebook campaigns of your competitors. That way, you can make improvements in your own marketing strategies with more business opportunities.

Hope this article would help you and by following the above given Facebook best practices, you can achieve the marketing goals for your business.

And please also share this article with others. For any queries, you can write in the comments section given below.