Facebook Ad Policies 2024: Why Do My Ads Keep Getting Rejected?

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Facebook Ad Policies 2024: Why Do My Ads Keep Getting Rejected?

July has arrived, we are almost in the middle of the year, but still, you are not hands-free on running successful ad campaigns. Are your Facebook ads still getting rejected?


Don’t Worry! You are not alone in this.

It happens with all, whoever has spent countless hours designing the best creatives, writing their ad copy, and choosing their target audience.

But, ultimately, Facebook puts on its final answer on the ad copy. If you want to know about the reason behind your ad rejection, then you are at the correct place.

Before starting with the reasons for rejection, let’s know the Ad policies implemented by Facebook and How does it work? It will help you to avoid violating them.

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Facebook Ad Policies and How They Work


Let’s begin with a quick overview of the review process and these Facebook ad policies. These policies are the list of guidelines that clarify what’s allowed and what’s not in your ad copies.

It includes landing pages targeting texts, and most importantly, the content itself. Facebook bans advertising of sexually suggestive content like that of sharing nude images — including non-explicitly sexual ones.

About Facebook ads review process –


An ad copy usually gets reviewed within a span of 24 hours. Sometimes, it takes more than that.

If your ad gets approved, you will see it running and can also check the insights using the Facebook Ads Manager.

But if your ad doesn’t get approved, a notification pop-ups, along with the reason behind the approval.

Let’s say your ad got rejected by failing to meet the Facebook ad policies. Don’t panic. You will get a chance to edit it and submit it again for review.

Note – If a Facebook ad got approved, which does not comply with the FB policies, then there are higher chances of getting them disapproved after a short while.

What Are The Common Reasons Of Your Facebook Ad Rejection?


Let’s take a quick look at the Facebook Guidelines to understand the approval policies.

Violation of community standards

As per Facebook’s policies, it doesn’t approve the content which violates the community standards.

All these standards by the community feedback along with expert advice which helps in authenticity, safety, and privacy.

Here are some of the things which you should stop advertising on –

Harm against humans, property, animals

The ads show domestic violence. Along with the only exception is when the message involves self-defense or salvation. Encouraging people to take part in a dangerous viral challenge is likewise a no-no.


Avoid posting threats along with the statements which lead to violent behavior.

Hateful speeches

As per the community standards, Facebook stated, Hate speech is the kind of speech that promotes violence and hatred against their identity, gender, race, as well as other attributes.

Your Ad Contains Prohibited Content

Products That Promote Smoking And Alcohol Consumption

Facebook bans ads that sell cigars, cigarettes, rolling pipes, alcohol, etc. (which are all hazardous for health).

However, anti-smoking campaigns as well the ads which do not encourage buying tobacco are all fine.

Unsafe Supplements

While promoting supplements, there are certain supplements that Facebook seems to be unsafe.

Using negative self-perception to encourage dieting or weight loss

Do you run health-care ads on Facebook? How about the ads on weight loss?

Facebook doesn’t approve ads that are not realistic and compliant and one which causes a negative self-image in society.

Fallacious claims

When you’re marketing a product for wellness or weight loss, Facebook forbids you from making misleading or unfounded statements.

Landing Page Issues

Most of you might think Facebook doesn’t check the landing pages where the users might go and land. But the fact is Facebook does keep a check on it.
Here are some of the common landing page issues which lead to ad rejection.

Disorderly elements

Your landing page has the function of turning your audience into leads. But to do this, they need to have a professional experience.

That would be impossible if unnecessary embedded or pop-up advertisements are present on a landing page.

Non-functional landing page

  • Facebook describes landing pages which are non-functional as:
  • Pages displaying 404 errors or shows under construction.
  • The JPEG or PDF landing pages don’t work.
  • Landing to different offers rather than ones shown in the ad.
  • Landing pages which requires you to download some kind of software to open the page.

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Restricted Content In Your Ad

Under Facebook ad policies, certain content types are only allowed if they fulfill certain requirements. These include requesting written permission to comply with local laws, industry codes/guidelines and providing adequate disclosure.
Restricted content includes the following:


Alcohol advertising on Facebook is allowed so long as you comply with local law. Ads should also focus at an audience 18 years of age or older, with the exception of those countries:

India, Japan, Iceland, Thailand and Paraguay, Cameroon, Micronesia, Palau, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, the US, Canada, Korea and Nicaragua, Sweden.

Subscription Services

Sell a product or service receiving recurring subscription income? Examples include apps that monthly food subscription boxes, stream music, and marketing tools.

Facebook has a complete list of subscription service requirements. It includes adding up a link in the check box which includes terms and conditions or privacy policy.

OTC medication or Prescription

OTC medication based ads are allowed when you have a written prescription for those drugs. If you are promoting such organizations or ads then it’s advised to keep a check on the local laws.


Only if you have prior authorisation and also meet Facebook’s targeting requirements and guidelines can you advertise dating services online.
Ads that contain sexual content usually are not permitted.

Big Bucks Gambling

It requires prior written permission for online real money gambling or lotteries (including casino, poker, bingo, and so forth). Ads must also only target persons 18 years of age or older. In addition, they should not portray gambling as an opportunity to earn income.


If you plan to advertise products trading in cryptocurrency, prior written permission is required first. Ads requiring permission include cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency, investment advice on crypto-currency, cryptocurrency mining software, and hardware.

Social Issues And Politics

You should be able to run ads as long as you comply with applicable laws and Facebook’s authorization process.

Excessive text in your ad’s image

There are certain rules for image ads on Facebook that you should follow. One such is the amount of text in your image.

As a rule of thumb, pictures with text of less than 20 percent do well.

Facebook also has an image text check tool. It’s recommended to use it before posting.

However, not all ad images which show text will be rejected.

Facebook cites a few examples where text is  important.

Book covers and album covers, event posters, product images, and games are common exceptions.

Asking Unwanted Questions In Lead Ads

You may already know what leads are –

These are ads that allow you to collect your audience’s personal information without them needing to leave the Facebook site.

Lead advertising policy Facebook doesn’t encourage you to collect just any details you want. There are various types of information which require prior written permission, for example:

  • Insurance information
  • Account numbers
  • Religion
  • Trade Union membership status
  • credit card numbers, Bank details, income details
  • Passport numbers, Social security numbers, driver’s license numbers
  • Health information

Now, you probably might be thinking that there are a lot of things to consider, Right?

To be frank, yes you are right. But being aware of these ad policies and then creating ads can help you in saving a lot of time, energy, and money.

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