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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Blueprint Certification

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook Blueprint Certification is a comprehensive program designed to equip marketers and advertisers with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising on Facebook and its family of apps. In today’s digital age, where businesses strive to establish a strong online presence, mastering the intricacies of Facebook advertising is essential for success.

This certification program offers a range of courses and exams, covering topics such as advertising fundamentals, campaign management, measurement, and optimization. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or just starting your career in digital advertising, Facebook Blueprint Certification provides valuable insights and best practices to help you create effective and impactful ad campaigns.

By obtaining Facebook Blueprint Certification, you not only enhance your expertise but also gain industry recognition for your proficiency in leveraging Facebook’s advertising tools. This can open doors to new career opportunities and enhance your credibility as a digital marketer. In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into the key aspects of Facebook Blueprint Certification, its benefits, exam details, and tips to help you prepare and succeed in this valuable credential.

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What is Facebook Blueprint?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Facebook Blueprint certification, let us just understand about Facebook Blueprint. It is an e-learning platform, where you can learn about how to do advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger from basics to advanced level. The program offers a wide range of online courses and learning resources that cover various aspects of digital marketing, including ad creation, campaign management, targeting, analytics, and more.

The platform is free for everyone having a course read from five to fifty minutes. Facebook has prepared different course modules to cater to different categories and the needs of the advertising world. It helps you get expertise in certain dimensions of the skill set required, which is the objective you thought about learning.

For example, if you want to learn about how to buy Facebook and Instagram Ads, there is separate course-ware for it. You can learn everything about it by opting for that course, which will specialize in that segment only.

Facebook Blueprint Certification


Since you have opted for the course you want to earn expertise in. The next thing is to get started with e-learning through online material, which is available for free. With six months of experience in digital marketing and learning the entire course-ware through the e-learning platform, then comes the turn of the test. Certification is a series of tests to measure your prowess in certain areas of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger advertising.

Although it has ninety+ courses designed for users to learn from, I have mentioned 7 core courses in this article, which I thought are of utmost importance. These six exams cover an entire array of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger marketing. Let us look at those courses individually.

Facebook certified digital marketing associate

This test awards certificates to those who are at the entry-level of digital marketing and want to learn the fundamentals of it. Those who want to build foundational proficiency in digital marketing skills should take this test. Once you clear this exam, you will have proficiency over how to create ads and publish it along with prowess in managing different Facebook products. Another excellent aspect is that you will be able to handle various propositions of business. You can also tap into building steps required to make your business presence in the online world.

Facebook certified Marketing science professional

Test takers in this exam will be able to develop expertise in the science of monitoring and analyzing the marketing data. It unveils the concepts of how to assess the current data available, the key to create KPIs, and alternatively tests the hypothesis on social media platforms. In short, it makes you a professional who can analyze overall results and marketing science working in the background.

Facebook certified creative strategy professional

This professional exam tests your competency in how creative you are at designing ads, including mobile ads. It is helpful for those people who want to develop strategic skills and insights required for creative ads. The course goes in-depth on the creative strategy required, which will be effective in driving traffic, especially on mobile ads.

Facebook certified media buying professional

The name of certification itself clarifies the purpose it will serve. This test judges the candidate’s knowledge about buying and advertising policies over Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. It also checks upon the best practices one must possess to buy ads on any of Facebook associated companies.

Facebook certified media planning professional

The exam measures your capability in designing and developing effective marketing strategies that can be inline with business objectives and provide a holistic plan for it. This is one of the most widely taken certifications by digital marketers because it includes end-to-end marketing strategies for online business.
Taking this certification will give you a holistic understanding of social media marketing, and that will ensure that you don’t miss out on any topic which is worth including in your marketing plan.

Meta Spark Pro

The Meta Spark Pro course is designed for skilled Augmented Reality content creators looking to enhance their skills. In this course, you’ll discover how to create more captivating experiences using Meta Spark and get the chance to design effects for fictional businesses. Alongside the course material, there’s a study guide and practice test provided to help you prepare for the professional certification exam, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the assessment.

Certified Community Manager

The Facebook Community Manager Certification is given to individuals who show a solid understanding of community-building techniques. They should be capable of creating, expanding, and maintaining online communities by applying their knowledge of community-building tools and strategies.

What is Facebook blueprint certification cost and validity?


The cost of Facebook/Meta Blueprint Certification may vary between the range of $99 to $150 for one test in which you want to appear, and there are no additional charges besides this. This may also vary based on the different country. If, in any case, you fail to clear the exam, then you have to make a repayment to take the test again.

The certificate has a validation of one year only after which you have to either reappear for a test or, you can take a two-hour refresher course and give one simple test for the renewal of the certificate. The Facebook blueprint certification cost is at par with any other international certification like GMAT or GRE, but the value you derive out of it makes up for what you pay.

How to get Facebook blueprint certification?


Learning from webinars and e-learning is not enough to get the certification. There is only one way to get the Facebook blueprint certificate. That is by giving exams and clearing 700 points out of 1000. Only those who score above 700 points are able to receive the certificate. However, it has some prerequisites too to appear for the exam.

Prerequisite for appearing in certificate exam

The entire material is already available online for free in the form of e-learning course-ware. There are two choices to give exams: one is by invitation that are for special programs only, where you get a virtual testing setup with private access code. And the other way is by appearing for a test from home. If you appear for an exam online from the comfort of your home, then you will have to fulfill a few requisites.

Before taking the exams, you have to install a small software program that will block all the apps running in the background of your computer. Then you are connected to one test giver online through a webcam. You have to show them the entire room in which you are sitting to take the test. Through this process, they want to ensure that you cannot cheat. The test consists of multiple-choice questions, and the time limit to solve this is between 90 to 105 minutes.

Before taking course-ware learn spy tools for added advantage

It is always wise to gain practical experience in any field, along with its theory. Spy tools are a good example where you can get hands-on experience about the different marketing strategies you can use for your business.

Spy tools like PowerAdSpy are one such tool where you can learn the mechanics of in-depth analysis of social media ads. It also gives leverage towards understanding how the creative ad world works. The most important aspect of the PowerAdSpy tool is that it integrates with Facebook and Instagram ads, which makes your learning easy and more realistic.

PowerAdSpy has some features which will give you the practical knowledge of the advanced courses of the Facebook blueprint. For example, in Facebook certified marketing science professional exam, you have to develop expertise in monitoring and analyzing the marketing data and deduce the result out of it. In this case, the PowerAdSpy tool is very effective for learning because it will give you the real-time data of all the social media ads that are running on Facebook platforms.

What will you gain from this certification?


This is the major question that people have in mind while doing certification courses. Another question comes: how will it help me in my career ahead? Will it be worthy enough to spend time, energy, and money to do this certification? Where can this certificate be used? This entire series of questions is necessary to evaluate the course.

The certificate has the advantage of being recognized by the social media industry worldwide. With over 6 million advertisers around the globe connected to Facebook ads services, you can get a job easily or start your own professional work as an entrepreneur. With certification, you will have an edge over others who are working in the same field.

Final Take

In today’s digital marketing world, you have to learn all the necessary skills which will be helpful in the long run. With tools like PowerAdSpy and Facebook blueprint, you can stay ahead of others in your learning curve. Both the tools together let you understand the entire nitty-gritty of how to run a successful Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger ad campaign.

Remember that a certification course like this is different from traditional certifications you have had in the past. In earlier days, the certification courses were done only to impress your superiors or to add some extra weight-age to your resume.

However, this course will not only help you accomplish that, but the value you will gain through this stands on its own. The learnings you will gain from this course will help you become an accomplished social media marketer, which is a far more valuable skill set in today’s world than merely gaining certification for namesake.

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