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Facebook For Business: 8 Marketing Tools You Must Know About

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Facebook For Business: 8 Marketing Tools You Must Know About

There is no doubt that Facebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. But just because of its reputation, you can’t assume to have an easy start. There are so many business and marketing features that Facebook offers you may not even know where to begin.

To harness the power of Facebook for business, you must know how to utilize the marketing tools in the best way possible. The built-in tools that Facebook offers are quite robust. And it can help the advertisers to learn about important marketing insights while there are also some other fabulous tools like PowerAdSpy.

In this blog here, we have shown you some of the best Facebook marketing tools and also how to use them.

But first, check out what are the benefits of using multiple tools for Facebook marketing.

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Why Use Multiple Facebook Marketing Tools?

Facebook is a platform that gives you huge marketing opportunities. And due to its vastness, it is never enough to gather information about brand awareness, audience engagement, and other insights to improve your ad campaigns.

Different Facebook tools can help you to enhance the functionality of your business page. That way, you could increase reach with your target audience to ensure more sales opportunities for your business.

These are some of the most important in-built marketing tools to use Facebook for business. Moreover, there are also some third party tools (like PowerAdSpy) that can help you to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Ad Manager

If you have started using Facebook for business, the very first tool you must know about is Facebook ad manager. Using the ad manager, you can run your ad campaigns on all platforms of Facebook.

That means not only on Facebook, but you can publish your ads on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and on the Audience Network. As you start creating more ads on Facebook, you will learn about the different features of the ad manager that allows scheduling, placement, and tracking capabilities.


There you can create and analyze the ad campaigns so that it would be more effective to reach your target audience. According to your ad budget in bids, you can shift ad placement and target a specific group of audience to enhance brand engagement.

Facebook Ad Manager App

Are you the person who would like to spend more time on your mobile instead of using your computer? There is good news for you as you can also use Facebook ad manager app on your mobile device. It is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Most features of this tool are the same as the Facebook ad manager on the browser. You can use this tool to analyze and control all of your marketing campaigns. Because of mobility and ease of access, it makes it easier for the marketers to make changes in their ad budget even when they are travelling or doing some other work. You can simply use your mobile device to adjust your budget and bid accordingly to gain favorable ROI for your business.


Facebook Ad Library

Using the Facebook ad library, you can search for any popular ads running on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook messenger, and on the Audience Network. There you can analyze your ads and compare them to the creation of other marketers. That way, you could be able to make improvements in your own ad campaigns.

Here are some of the best features of the Facebook ad library:

  • It will help you to learn about the bidding strategy of Facebook ads based on different locations and demographics.
  • There are API and keyword research tools to optimize your ad campaigns.
  • You can utilize the filters to search for relevant topics, locations, and pages.
  • There you can also search for campaigns based on different events.

Facebook Audience Insights

It is another in-built tool of Facebook, which lets you explore the information about all Facebook users. It will help you to analyze the audiences’ demographics and interests. And accordingly, you can cater to your ad campaigns so that it would get more clicks and conversions.


Although it is a free tool, you can make use of it to find your target audience and place your ads according to their interest so that it will bring you more conversions.

Facebook Blueprint

This tool is the best for those who are new to Facebook ads. It can help them to learn everything about how to run ads on Facebook. There you will find a step by step tutorial showing how to publish media or how to draft content. Also, it guides you about the various features that you can use on the Facebook business page.

Even though this tool is free to all users, if you want to get a Facebook Blueprint certification, it would cost you $150 (cost based on your country) to take the exam.   By utilizing the amazing features of Facebook blueprint, one can learn more and also interact with other marketing professionals to improve their knowledge and skills.

Facebook Experiments

Now that you are ready to create ads on Facebook, here you also have the tool to test your ad campaigns. Using the Facebook experiments, you can opt for the various templates to find the most effective and meaningful options for your ad campaigns.


You can use this feature to do a split test on your ads or even conduct a brand survey test to measure the performance of ad campaigns accurately. Accordingly, you can optimize ad campaigns to improve your ad bidding strategy so that you can have better ROI in your business.

Facebook Pixel

It is a string of code which you can implement in your business website. Using the Facebook pixel would help you to check the traffic on your website coming from Facebook. That way, you can analyze the potential leads and try to improve conversions through your Facebook ad campaigns.



Aside from the Facebook build-in tools, you can utilize some of the most powerful ad intelligence tools to improve the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns. In such a case, PowerAdSpy is one of the best options you have.

Using this tool you can search for the social ads of your competitors. You can use it to analyze not only Facebook ads but can also check out the ads on Google, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Quora and Native ads as well.

It contains a huge database with a great collection of best performing ads. Also. it has a filter and other features, which let you categories your search result. There you can also compare the different ads performance based on audience engagement on ad campaigns.

The best thing about this Facebook marketing tool is that it can help you to analyze the flow of the sales funnel. Based on the different stages, it can help you to target specific audiences to bring awareness, consideration and conversions for your business.

Final Words:

Still wondering how to Facebook Business tools to grow your business? Initially, it would be easy to make the best use of all the features of these tools. However, as you will progress, you will definitely make improvements. Especially, you can utilize the amazing tools like PowerAdSpy to analyze the ad campaigns of your competitors. And improve your own marketing strategies to ensure more success for your ad campaigns.

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