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13 eCommerce Ads Examples To Create Better Ad Campaigns

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13 eCommerce Ads Examples To Create Better Ad Campaigns

As the list of choices is getting longer, the attention span of customers is getting shorter. And to stand out in the crowd of the eCommerce field is nothing less than an art. Thankfully, there is a key to handling the enigma, and it revolves around selecting compelling and engaging ads that attract your target audience and drive them toward making a purchase.   

Whether you have small or large eCommerce businesses, seeking inspiration from successful ad campaigns can spark creativity in your brand awareness. In this article! We will look at the best eCommerce ads example that reaped maximum benefits! 

We have combined a list of the best ads to help you increase your eCommerce sales quickly. Read ahead to know more. 

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What Is E-commerce Advertising?


E-commerce advertisement is a marketing process to promote products or services online. Businesses create e-commerce ads for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and many more. It involves various advertising methods to reach and engage potential customers and encourages them to make a purchase.   

Best eCommerce Ads Example:

If you are a digital marketer, you will understand the struggle of learning how to reach more audiences, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. Here are a few ads examples to help you get inspiration from them:

Let’s start with Google and its different ad forms;

Google Shopping Ads



These ads display on the top of the SERP (search engine result page) when a user searches for the intended product/service. Such ads appear in a great visual format. On the top appears the photo of the product. Below it, you can see the product’s name, description, and eCommerce seller. 

Such Google ads for eCommerce get more clicks and better conversions. It is so because the users searching for the product are highly targeted, plus they don’t have to go to the website to learn more about the features.

Google Display Ads 

Google display ads typically appear in the GDN (Google Display Network) instead of the SERPs. This eCommerce ads example can help you in the visual appeal of such ads helps companies with spreading brand awareness. A viewer can understand the services provided by the brand without clicking on a Google Display ad. Such ads have a highly targeted audience reach, even if they don’t search for them. 

Google Text Ads 


Marketers use Google text ads to promote their web pages, landing pages, and other sites by targeting organic keywords. The only difference between a Google text ad and a blog result in the SERP is the Ad icon appears after the SEO title. 

Text ads continually transition between mobile devices and desktops and appear on GDN and SERP. Keep your copies short and alluring when publishing Google Text Ads. 

Gmail Ads

Gmail ads are one of the most interactive ways of getting a response from your potential leads. This eCommerce ads example appears on the Promotions and Social tabs of the inbox and contains personalized content for the receiver. Gmail ads usually cater to a mobile-friendly audience, and thus, the ads must be mobile-optimized first.

These ads appear in their abbreviated form. On expanding, they either open up as a newsletter (which the user can forward to their peers) or into a landing page.

Now, let’s talk about Facebook eCommerce ads example to promote products;

Facebook Photo Ads 


They are one of the widely used eCommerce advertising examples on Facebook. Photo ads should be crisp, with high-quality images, short & sweet content, and a compelling CTA. Or else they may not stand out among the rest of the content. 

Facebook Photo Ads appear on the newsfeed and the side banner. Try to be as relatable with your content as possible.

Facebook Carousel Ads 

facebook carousel ads

Facebook marketers witnessed a drip in overall ad expenses and CPC after using carousel ads instead of single-click ads. This format promotes the brand and works perfectly well for surveys, webinars, blogs, eBooks, etc. 

Facebook Video Ads 

ECommerce Video ads work better than their static counterparts since they display actual user metrics, testimonials, how-tos, and product demos. Although this eCommerce ads example is great for getting more clicks and conversions, they are not preferable for spreading brand awareness among the general masses. Facebook is a platform for relatability and entertainment. Keeping things concise and crisp would help a lot.

Facebook Collection Ads 



Facebook collection ads display four or more products that match viewers’ previous shopping choices. The CTAs directly lead to product pages and get approximately 32% more conversions than display ads. 

Collection ads are a commendable way of showcasing a brand’s products without overwhelming the viewers. You can add an image or video to the larger space at the bottom and related products to the smaller one. 

Facebook Instant Experience Ads

This FB eCommerce ads example works best in collaboration with all the Facebook ads mentioned earlier. It provides an interactive user experience to the customers on full-screen. The strategy works well because customers get to experience high-quality, personalized content. They work well in mobile ads and allow users to explore tagged products, play a demo game, swipe through a carousel, and many more. 

Instagram Explore Ads



The Explore page on Instagram helps users browse and view relevant content from the accounts they don’t follow. Meaning brands can directly reach their target customers from the explore section. Advertise here and get better exposure and higher CTR (click-through reach). 

Explore page is an excellent place for driving traffic- it is also perfect for creating brand awareness. But make sure your ads look visually as appealing as possible to grab maximum audience attention.  

Instagram IGTV Ads 

IGTV is the best eCommerce ad example of video advertising. The ads must go above 60 seconds and should be a maximum of 15 minutes in length (and 60 minutes long when uploaded from the web). They work well for advertisers who may convey a message better with videos. IGTV ads work best when promoting long-form content, like webinars, podcasts, demo videos, and many more.

Instagram Shopping Ads

This ad format allows businesses to tag the prices of the products they display on their posts. The tags and bold CTAs like Shop Now make it feasible for viewers to make immediate transactions on a business account. Users can click directly on an ad to navigate the product page and learn more about it. 

Instagram Story Ads



Story ads are one of the eCommerce ads example similar to those on Facebook. And as per recent reports, they get more clicks as compared to other ad formats. Be mindful of targeting the set of audiences, you can get higher clicks and website traffic via them. These ads appear only in front of the users who frequently view their IG stories. Meaning the audience base is a manageable size. So make sure your content stands out to avoid people clicking away.

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Want to Know Which Ads Perform the Best?


Find the best-performing eCommerce ads type in your niche and understand what sells in the market. Use a powerful advertising search tool to find the ads that work the best among the audience you want to target. 

PowerAdSpy is one of the best tools to identify eCommerce ads from 100+ countries. It allows you to collect different e-commerce ad examples from Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Native, GDN, and YouTube.  

This tool allows keyword-based ad searches, and short ads based on shares, likes, and comments. You can also analyze ad metrics such as engagement rates, ad spending, and demographics.

Wrapping It Up!! 

The success of eCommerce sites results from the vulnerability it provides to the marketers to assess and alter their strategies according to their target audience.

We hope the eCommerce ads example lists will help you get creative inspiration for your next campaign. Do you have a query? Drop your thoughts in the comments. I would love to give them a read!