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Why Competitor’s Research Is Important Before Running Facebook Ads?

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Why Competitor’s Research Is Important Before Running Facebook Ads?

If you are just getting started with online marketing, you probably know how important it is to advertise on well-established platforms like Facebook!

Remember, Facebook earlier started off as a social media network specifically for close friends and family. But now it turned out to be a platform that has changed how we perceive media, advertising, technology, and whatnot!

From a business perspective, you should have a clear goal in your online marketing process. And as a business person, you might know marketing is all about targeting the right set of audiences. That is the reason your target audience plays a vital role in the Facebook advertising campaign.

Before investing in your Facebook ads you might want to know if your ads are worth it or not.

Well! We all know advertising on Facebook demands funds. And what if you don’t get the desired result after investing your hard-earned money?

No worries, competitor research before running ads can backstop it. If u perform it well!

Wanna know – how?

Fortunately, In this blog, we have covered ways to find out why and how should you spy Facebook ads of competitors before running your own Facebook ads. And there are plenty of ways to deal with Facebook’s competition.

So, why wait, let’s go!

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Why Is Competitor Research Important?


Competitor research is a crucial facet of business strategy because it allows companies to learn about their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

You can identify opportunities for improvement and areas where they gain a competitive advantage by conducting a competitive analysis of their product or service, pricing, and marketing strategies. 

Most people have a misconception that competitive research merely means spy Facebook ads of your competitors. Though, it’s much more than that! It is a remarkable tactic by which you get an opportunity to find the Facebook audience insights of your competitors. 

If you can effectively look into Facebook ads used by your rivals, you can modify your approach to better offer your potential customers.

Always try to find competitors Facebook ads and stay current with what your competitors are doing. With this you can more effectively position yourself to succeed in the same fields.

How To See Competitors Facebook Ads?


Well! Spy Facebook ads of competitors, essentially revolve around identifying your key rivals in the niche and to do an in-depth research on all strategies they are leveraging to get leads. 

It also includes conducting a thorough Facebook page analysis and identifying bottlenecks in your competitors’ plans, so you address them to woo the similar customers to your offering.

Moreover, competitor analysis doesn’t deal with research alone but also assists you in predicting the next set of steps to outdo the current ad campaigns run by your competitors. You can plan way ahead in advance and discover some fresh ideas to garner more leads.

Spy Facebook Ads With PowerAdspy

Spy Facebook Ads With PowerAdspy

Earlier, Facebook used to have an Adboard that could list dozens of ads based on your particular profile. Perhaps because it made it too easy for marketers to spy Facebook ads of the competition, they took it down.

But there’s another way. If you’re looking for tons of Facebook ad examples, PowerAdSpy has over 110 million ads with 100+ daily added ads, making it one of the largest Facebook ad inventories in the world. 

You can find examples of Facebook ad creative analytics from your competitors. That’s pretty amazing, right? 

But the ultimate ad collection isn’t the only benefit you’ll get from PowerAdSpy. You may also consider it a marketing school, teaching you all the necessary skills to become a Facebook advertising expert. 

By subscribing to the platform, you’ll get full access to in-depth research on ad engagement, domain, URLs, and audience analytics.                  

Let’s say you’re a company making custom glasses and want to advertise a big sale. You want to show off your product and also know how effective it is to feature people in your ad. So you want to see if the competition is doing the same thing.

In this case, you can spy Facebook ads of big names like Warby Parker and take some valuable targeting clues from their running campaigns. You may check out how they are encouraging the audience to buy glasses with images of people being stylish and trendy while wearing their custom glasses.

Wanna know the Steps !! Just follow the route.

Step 1: Login/Sign-up to PowerAdSpy


First, log in to PowerAdSpy,  you will come across all the platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest, and native ads you can search from. 

Step 2: Click on the Facebook icon


To spy Facebook ads of your competitor, you can choose a Facebook icon from the top-left corner. After clicking the icon you will see all kinds the Facebook ads on the dashboard.

Step 3: Input Keywords on the Search bar


Enter the keyword on the search bar to find more specific ads you are looking for. It can be any word on your niche, company, name of the advertiser, or domain of your competitor.

Step 4: Filter your Search


Filter through the advanced filter options Given below Search. You can search by specific brand name, text, object used, or featured celebrity on the ads. Additionally, With its feature, you can filter advertisements by type (video/image), country, target age, language, position, and call to action.

Step 5: Hit the Search Button


Click on the search button and wait for the results to load. Tons of Facebook ads related to that particular keyword will pop up. You can also change the language of the dashboard from the top right column beside the notification bell.

Step 6: Check Popularity and impression


You can filter ads based on their impression volume and popularity, enabling you to identify high-impact ads that are resonating with your target audience.

Step 7: Check Ads Analytics


Once you have your desired ads on the dashboard, you can pick any and go to “show analytics” on the bottom left of the ad image to check the analytics of that particular ad.

Step 8: Get the Result


PowerAdSpy will show you all the ad specifications ranging from the landing page and the ads to the audience demographic, location, and many more.


Bonus: Click on the Update button if needed


A new feature  which enables you to easily make requests for updates to their existing Facebook ads directly from the ad manager interface, streamlining the ad management process and improving campaign agility

Once you know what everyone else is doing, you can innovate ads and see opportunities for something new and different to build ads that appeal to your audience’s desire for something unique.

Competitor analysis also enables you to learn from another brand’s mistakes and avoid those in your social media marketing plan. As Facebook has a vast population of social media advertisers, analyzing every KPI manually is not an effective method. 

That’s why you need an ads intelligence tool to generate accurate and actionable results. Now that we have a basic understanding of what and why competitor research is important, let’s dive into its benefits.    

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Benefits Of Facebook Ads Competitive Research


Here are the top five benefits of competitive analytics on Facebook for you to know why it is vital after spy Facebook ads :

Helps in understanding your market. 

Competitive research can help you unlock the missed trends on Facebook. This spy Facebook ads assist you identify and predict trends creating an enormous asset for any business. And hence, it improves the value proposition for customers. Altogether it turns out to be a vital component of competitive research that you should constantly be doing.

Helps in Identifying market gaps. 

When you do competitive research, you’re analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. 

By looking at data, you might find a segment of under-served population.  This will help you push your business in a unique position to reach those customers.

Helps identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

When you know where you’re ahead of them, you can focus your marketing message to press home that advantage. When you know where you’re behind, you can better understand the need to improve your products, services or after-sales to exceed your competitors.

Help in planning for the future. 

When you spy Facebook ads of your Competitor, the most important byproduct is that it will help you create a strategic plan for your business. This includes things like improving your product or service, using more strategic pricing strategies, and improving the promotion of your products.

Final Words…


Spy Facebook ads of competitors and keeping updated on analysis allows you to keep a vigilant eye on your top competitors. The benefits of these are endless. You can learn from their marketing styles and innovate with your twists. 

We hope all these scoops we provide you, including nifty Facebook ads spy tools like PowerAdSpy, get inspired by your competitors. Strive for more competent leads by adopting more creative ways.

So get going and accelerate your marketing efforts. Wanna try how you stack up against your competitors on social media? 

Hurry!! Book a Demo with PowerAdSpy and get a ticket to data insights that can help you to save time, increase engagement and win more clients.