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Why & How To Check Facebook Ads Of Competitors

Are you looking to grow your business through online marketing like Facebbok ook ads? Are you confused about where to start from and which way to go? Before running to any conclusion or blindly trying any random marketing strategy, have you thought about before starting an ads campaign, you can check Facebook ads of competitors?

Facebook was established as a small social media network to keep in touch with family, friends, and close relatives. However, in the meantime, it has become a large social media platform for building communities, groups, business pages, etc, and changed how we perceive social media.

Many businesses have been running ads on Facebook, as it has a humongous reach worldwide, including a wide variety of audiences from teenagers to adults, males and females, individuals of various professions, and multiple countries, including non-English speaking countries.

This wide range of reach has become a boon for many business pages, but this also resulted in huge competition for placing ads on the platform. Many businesses are cropping up to occupy the advertising space, and for your ads to be visible to a legitimate audience, it is crucial to check Facebook ads of competitors before you invest in advertising.

In this article, let’s dive into the reasons to perform competitor ads analysis and how it will benefit your marketing strategies.

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Reasons To Check Competitors Facebook Ads

You can learn a lot by analyzing your competitor’s ad strategies, and there are many methods and ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy available for advertisers in the market. Let us first get to know about the reasons why Facebook marketers should see competitors Facebook ads.

Reason #1 Save Time And Money

Running ads on social media platforms is time-consuming and involves a lot of capital investments. You don’t want to waste your investment on creating ads that are not giving you optimum return and fail to divert traffic and engagement. It is especially true for new entrepreneurs or small-scale business owners, as they are on a strict budget and cannot afford to waste their capital on ineffective ad campaigns.

They can check Facebook ads of competitors and get to know the current trends and strategies used by well-established and reputed brands. Then, create an appropriate strategy that suits their requirement and boost customer reach.

Reason #2 Create More Impactful Ads

When you have to work with a limited budget and still compete with well-established businesses, creating impactful ads is more necessary by using proper keywords and content related to the niche of your business.

Because with common content and keywords, your ads will not be able to stand out and grab the audience’s attention. Boosting ads with money will be the only option available in such scenarios that will cause a dent in your budgets, especially if you’re competing against big and established brands.

Spy on Facebook ads of competitors to get new keywords and content ideas circulating in the advertising space, analyze the engagement it is bringing, and formulate accordingly.

Reason #3 Identify The Target Audience


Creating a well-planned advertisement strategy involves identifying the target demography as the most important one because, without the correct audience, your relevant ads would be rendered useless. Therefore, it is essential to check Facebook ads of competitors and learn which demographic they are targeting, then next step would be to analyze whether the targeted demographic is useful for your advertisements or not. By this analysis, you can add new groups to your targeted audience.

Using Facebook ad spy tool like PowerAdSpy, you can analyze your competitor’s ad to learn about their target audience. And accordingly, customize your ad targeting to gain conversions for your business.

Reason #4 Find New Competitors

Many times, when you analyze your competitors’ strategy, you can stumble upon new competitors. These new competitors can be your direct rivals because they target the same audience, sell the same products, and serve within the same locality.

Or they can be your indirect rival by serving the same industry but catering to different categories of people or products, or they are operating in different regions or countries where your market presence is negligible or not there. These types of businesses can be your rivals in the future if they target the same product category or locality in which you serve or if you move to their region or category of products and services.

So keep this in mind when you check Facebook ads of competitors next time. Make sure you keep a lookout for your indirect competitors as well and learn from them as well to gain more ideas and opportunities in the future.

Reason #5 Reduce A/B Testing Time

In A/B Testing, companies run two or more different types of ads for the same product among distinct audience control groups. Following this, marketers could conduct an analysis to identify which ad type is capturing more attention from viewers.

When you know how to check competitors’ Facebook ads and analyze them properly for the content and context of the ads. It can help you to find out what kind of ads are performing best in your industry and accordingly optimize your campaign.

Reason #6 Identify Call To Actions

When you check Facebook ads of competitors, you can also learn about the new Facebook CTA. By analyzing Call-to-action buttons, you get to know about the ads that are getting more clicks. You can replicate their CTAs in your advertising to catch the attention of your target audiences. Instead of repeating the same CTA’s in all your campaigns, you can take inspiration from competitors’ Facebook ads to try CTA that could bring more clicks.

Reason #7 Identify And Improve Landing Pages

Your competitor’s business pages on social media lack landing pages. By examining your competitors’ ads through meta ads libraries or ad tools, you can access comprehensive information about their landing pages and their design, including content creation and optimization strategies, aiming at persuading and converting visitors into customers.

Reason #8 Know About Collaborations

In this modern age, social media has become a go-to point for everyone for quick entertainment. That has caused a lot of influencers and creators to gain fame and followers, and many advertisers use the fame and reach of these influencers to market their products by collaborating and creating sponsored content.

Timely check Facebook ads of competitors and get to know if there is any such collaboration, and make sure your advertising strategy is up to date with the recent market trends.

How To Find Facebook Competitors Ads?


There are various ways to find Facebook ads of your competitors mentioned below:

#1 Manually Visiting Ads Of Your Competitors

This process is possible when you already know about your competitors. You search for your competitors’ Facebook page and then click on the ads section in their Facebook profile page under the page transparency section. Then, navigate to the Ads From This Page Section and view the currently running ads. For more detailed browsing, you can visit the Ad Library section at the bottom section on the same page.

#2 Search In Meta Ads Library

Another option is to visit the Ads Library directly by searching in Google or by direct link: www.facebook.com/ads/library. From here, you can check Facebook ads of competitors by typing their names or searching via keywords.

#3 Using Intelligent Ad Spy Tool Like PowerAdsSpy

Using PowerAdSpy, an all-in-one ad intelligence tool, is always better than visiting the Facebook pages of competitors manually, as you can always perform searches based on keywords, landing pages, niches, product categories, demography, location, and many more.

Why Use PowerAdSpy Over Facebook Ads Library?


Why use Poweradspy instead of Facebook ads library? Because the Facebook ads library is just a transparency tool. And it will tell you only about the ads of the competitors that are running actively and their inactive ads. But here, you don’t have the option to view engagement metrics for these ads.


Currently, the Facebook ads library only shows the engagement metrics for the EU Region, whether it be active or inactive.

However, for other regions, metrics of the inactive ads are not available at all. For active ads, you have to visit the Facebook pages manually and view the likes and comments, but you won’t be able to get the details like the number of people it reached or the age group it is targeting.


Under the EU Transparency tab, you can get detailed information about the age, gender, and location of the audience.



On the other hand, with PowerAdSpy, you can easily find your competitors’ ads based on your niche and learn whether they are active or inactive. With the databases of 500M+ ads, it would be easier for you to look for the most relevant and high-performing ad campaigns.

You will get all the key information about the metrics of any ads and filter your results based on targeted age groups, locations, lander pages, and many more.

Secondly, the Facebook ads library will not show you the level of engagement an ad is receiving from the audience, i.e., how many people viewed the ads. You can view the detailed data of ads based on impressions, reach, popularity, and much more.

PowerAdSpy also comes with additional salient features like:

  • Available for multiple social media platforms
  • Supports multiple OS
  • Available in over 100+ countries
  • Multiple filters for enhanced convenience
  • Copy and save the layout of your favorite ads
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Wrapping It Up

In the fiercely competitive realm of Facebook advertising, achieving success early on is the most advantageous outcome for any advertiser. This is attainable if you check Facebook ads of competitors and leverage the insights gained to enhance your ad strategy. Additionally, cost savings emerge as a key advantage from this analysis, particularly vital for small businesses and startups.

However, manually checking ads and analyzing through the Facebook ads library is very time-consuming, and the results it provides are not worth the hard work it requires. PowerAdSpy is an AI-enhanced Ad intelligence tool that can make your ad analyzing process much more efficient and fruitful. Now, you are all set to level up your Facebook advertising game, strategize to get the most out of your ads with proper tools and dominate the marketing space.check-facebook-ads-of-competitors-poweradspy-banner