Before You Build Your Next Facebook Ad Campaign, Check Out These Common Mistakes

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Before You Build Your Next Facebook Ad Campaign, Check Out These Common Mistakes

Facebook is the social media giant, and it has been an excellent platform to place advertisements for about a decade now. Facebook has made several changes in its algorithm and user interface to make it the best site, which the marketers should consider before sharing their promotional content.

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Since then, Facebook has brought numerous practices and features to the limelight, which were way too helpful for business owners to market their products on Facebook comfortably. And nevertheless, Facebook constantly keeps adding new updates every other day.

But these upcoming features also do have a downside, and that might cost you a high price. As the traits are getting updated every time, it has become easier to make simple mistakes. And this would make your ad campaigns hinder rather than reaching the goals faster.

Avoid These Facebook Advertising Mistakes In Future


Here, we will be looking at a few common advertising mistakes marketers make while releasing the latest Facebook ad campaigns. For each Facebook ad blunder, we will be providing ways to avoid it.

Also, you might be thinking that mistakes are a part of our lives that indeed helps us to learn and grow more. That’s so true, but no one has ever said that the mistakes from which you learn need to be yours. So, let us roll right into it and check the most common mistakes business owners make while releasing Facebook advertisements.

1. Letting Your Facebook Ad Creatives Getting Spoiled


Everyone here likes scrolling Facebook as it is a platform for multiple entertainment sources. But while going through it, have you ever come across similar advertisements repetitively? We must have, and it is not engaging at all. Unquestionably, it is pretty infuriating. We believe you also feel the same way. Then, why let your target audience have the same experience while scrolling their newsfeeds?

The weak Facebook ads ruin the performance of the advertisements with your latest assets and influence your brand image in front of your potential customers.

Though getting into ad creatives every time you share content can be daunting and time taking. But you can look around for specific tools and inspirations. It will help you cut down on the time consumed in designing creative ad campaigns.

Look Up To Other Ad Creatives

When you are at a competitive platform making your brand stand out from others, try looking for inspirations from your competitor’s advertisements. The reason is if their ads perform well on Facebook, you can undoubtedly take up their strategies, modify them and make them work for yourself as well. Also, the ads you search for may not be from your niche. Hunt for various other industries that run creative ad campaigns on Facebook.

PowerAdSpy- The Best Ad Intelligence Tool


If you are looking for such a tool, you have just landed at the right place. PowerAdSpy is one of the most reliable advertisement management tools of recent times. The software helps the marketers and advertisers to go on to its uncomplicated dashboard. And search for the best ads of any niche and any platform.

The PowerAdSpy dashboard is appropriately designed such that business owners can quickly check for the best ads by entering the relevant keywords in the search box. They can also apply some filters from the drop-down menu to customize their search. They also get to choose the platform for which they want to create the ads.

Hence, PowerAdSpy shows you the best ads that are performing wonderfully on various social media platforms. You can check the engagement on them and utilize similar strategies to develop your upcoming ad campaign.

Let us look at the filters that PowerAdSpy offers to personalize your ad search on the platform.

Search By:


Text In Image- Specify the specific text that you want to see in the advertisements and observe the results in no time.

Brand In Image- Remember the brand logo and search relevant advertisements of your niche.

Object In Image- Type any appropriate object and check advertisements having the related constituents in them.

Celebrity In Image- Specify the name of your favorite celebrity and filter out the relevant ads.

Sort By:


Likes- Specify the range of minimum to the maximum amount of likes and compare the results.

Comments- If you want to see the advertisements with the most comments, consider the range and have a glimpse of the results

Shares- Compare the most shared ads of your niche furthermore by specifying the required range.



Call To Action- Pick out the call-to-action buttons from the list to narrow your hunt for the relevant ads.

Search Ads By Country- Determine the precise location from where you want to perceive your competitor’s ads

Ad Type- Choose either you want to view image or video advertisements

Ad Position- Select whether you want to see News Feed or Side Column advertisements

Lander Properties:


ECommerce Platform- Select the correct eCommerce platform from which you require to compare the ads.

Funnel- PowerAdSpy allows you to decide between ClickFunnel, Lead Pages, or Any Funnel of ads

Marketing Platform- To have a more personalized experience, select your preferred marketing platform from the dropdown list.

Source- Analyze the source of the advertisements. You get to choose from Desktop, Android, iOS, or All.

Also, the tool works beautifully to search ads on various social networking sites including, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.

Again, what if we say that PowerAdSpy also comes up with a free trial? Yes, you can request a free trial by directly clicking on this link: So, without any more delay, get started with PowerAdSpy today.

Also, you can directly go to Facebook Ads Inspiration. It is a page owned by Facebook which has numerous blog posts to help you find the perfect ad for your upcoming campaign.

Make Use Of Available Images

It is good to use unique and appealing images every time you post, but it is not nearly possible. You might end up messing up the entire content if your pictures are not appropriate. Hence, either you can reuse images available on search engines or go for tools that can curate photos for your niche at a lower cost.

Invest In Designing Tools

If you only have a tool to create new advertising campaigns, that is not enough. You will need some ideas to create banners at ease, and that is where you require a designing tool like Canva. There are plenty of templates to choose from and various platforms for which you can create the perfect ads.

2. Setting Inappropriate Goals


You can optimize your ad objectives on Facebook in various ways. Also, choosing the precise goal of your campaign can save you from getting into any trouble. It is the first step that will lead your advertising campaigns to flow in the correct direction.

Hence, whenever you build your ad campaign, understand why you wish to promote your brand on the platform and the audiences in your network. Once you recognize this, you can create the perfect engaging campaign for your audience.

3. Not Relating To Overlapping Audience


According to Facebook algorithms, it tries to put up the most relevant advertisements in front of the users to make them land on your official website. But with this arises another problem. The target audience network you have may also be a part of your competitor’s network. Now they end up receiving advertisements of similar niches repetitively, which can be a severe drawback as they might end up hiding your ads.

Also, Facebook might put them in a category in which they interacted lately. But every time, the scenario isn’t the same where the user is interested in checking out that particular ad. Also, the ad creative burnouts will be much faster if you display your ads to different audience networks. The conversion frequency will be pretty low.

Hence, to avoid such mistakes, you can use a Facebook-owned tool, Audience Overlap. It will help you compare and collect information on your custom audience through Facebook Audience Manager.

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To Wrap It Up

Several times your Facebook ad campaigns might go wrong. And we believe they help you work on more promising ideas to succeed the next time. But if you have come across the entire article, we assume you will unquestionably recognize them. And do not get yourself involved in common blunders similar to others, as they can ruin the total effort you have put in building the campaign.

So, before creating the next Facebook ad campaign, make sure you do not make these mistakes instead, do the following:

  • Acquire more inspirations from ad creatives tools
  • Have a clear picture of Facebook ad campaign objectives
  • Collect data related to your target audience
  • Use tools to check your ad campaigns are not repetitive
  • Remember setting multiple ad campaigns that are not identical

I hope the article helped you know about ad creatives. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!


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