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Why is My Facebook Ad Not Delivering, And How To Fix It?

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Facebook ad not delivering

Why is My Facebook Ad Not Delivering, And How To Fix It?

Facebook has over 3.7 billion monthly users, opening a wide road for marketers and businesses to reach a large audience through Facebook ads. It is one of the significant sources of revenue for businesses. Facebook ads offer various tools for creating ads, tracking performances, and launching campaigns targeting specific goals.

While businesses gain huge profits through advertisements, they often face some issues. One such case is the Facebook ad not delivering. By not delivering, it specifically means that the ad has accrued low or zero impressions on the platform.

In this blog, we’ll learn why these ads are not delivering and how to fix those issues.

So, let us get started.

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9 Reasons For Not Delivering Facebook Ads

There are plenty of reasons why your ads are not getting delivered. Some of them are mentioned below:

Your Ad is Still in Review

Facebook examines all new ads before accepting them, so yours is stuck in the reviewing stage. Although it claims the review process takes around 24 hours, sometimes, it can take longer. It might lead to your Facebook ad not delivering.


You can fix this issue by scheduling your ads in advance. It gives enough time for Facebook to review the ad. Additionally, do not edit ads until the clearance process is complete because doing so makes the process restart. Moreover, you can also submit the request in the Facebook ads manager to manually review the form.

Your Ad has been Rejected!

Facebook has strict advertisement policies that must be followed while posting ads. Most advertisers ignore these policies and end up including restricted content in their ads like-

  • Unsafe substances
  • Tobacco and related substances
  • Adult content and profanity
  • Spyware and other prohibited activities
  • Misinformation


To eliminate these red flags, you must edit the ads according to Facebook’s advertising guidelines, meet all the necessary criteria, and submit for approval.
In case of incorrect rejection, you can also appeal the decision and apply for manual reviewing of the ad.

Low Budget Bid


Testing your ads with a low budget is a good practice to gain insights. However, a tight budget could be why your Facebook ads are not delivering. When you bid too low, your ad may not reach relevant audiences, resulting in fewer impressions.


You can fix this issue by keeping a flexible bid budget for your ad campaign. The budget depends on various parameters like the estimated volume of the target audience, campaign goals, and average budget for similar ads. It is essential to give enough time to Facebook to go through the ad and then optimize Facebook ad accordingly.

You have a Small Target Audience!

Your ads won’t run on Facebook if you do not have at least 1000 active users in your target audience. If you are trying to be very selective while choosing your target audience or trying to be efficient, you might face the problem of not delivering Facebook ads.


This problem is readily resolved by modifying the geographic limitations, including new behaviors or interests in the advertising campaign, among other things. It assists you in expanding your target market and achieving the desired results.

Spending Limit Reached

Facebook allows you to set a spending limit for your ads. But, it is easy to forget the limit. Of Course, Facebook will stop showing the ad once the spending limit is reached, leading to your Facebook ad not delivering.


This problem is easily fixable. You can change, reset, and remove your spending limit according to your campaign in the Ads Manager. After confirming the changes, the ad will start delivering again.

Unrealistic Optimization Goals


Selecting the proper optimization goals is very crucial for narrowing down your audience. It helps Facebook to understand the audience interaction accordingly.


Set the optimization goals to focus on realistic and more attainable targets. You can also change your target from conversion to clicks. It helps to get better insights into who is interested in the ad based on those clicks.

Audience Overlapping

When you target the same viewers with different advertisements, this is known as audience overlapping. It is the reason behind not delivering Facebook advertisements—it keeps your ads from competing with one another. It may significantly hurt the performance of your ad.


You can solve this problem by expanding your target audience. You can combine your ad campaigns that have similar audiences. It also helps in saving money.

Moreover, you can use the Audience Overlap Tool in Ads Manager to avoid overlaps.

Scheduling Issues


Facebook will only display your ads during the time you designate. Your advertisement may not perform due to multiple reasons:

  • Your ad campaign is set to run on a future date.
  • The end date of your ad campaign has already passed.
  • You might have paused the ad campaign.


You can change the scheduled date according to your will. Setting a new expiration date will extend the advertising campaign and resolve the problem. If you have paused your Facebook advertisements, you can quickly resume them.

Ad Post Not Available

Your Facebook ad won’t run if the post you’re attempting to promote was removed or if you don’t have access to it. Facebook may also limit postings that are linked to advertisements if they are of poor quality.


You can pick another ad post to promote if the one you’re looking for doesn’t exist. With permission, you can also promote some other’s posts. You can set the advertisement back to active after making these adjustments.

Now, that we know the reasons for the Facebook ad not delivering, let’s look at how PowerAdSpy, an AI-based ad intelligence tool can help us resolve the problem.

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How PowerAdSpy Solve the Facebook Ad Not Delivering Challenge?


PowerAdSpy is an AI-based ads intelligence platform that helps you identify and understand the ad strategy of competitors. It is very convenient for businesses that aim to discover a perfect ad strategy for their business.

PowerAdSpy allows advertisers to spy on various ad strategies and create the best-performing ads for their business.

Some of the vital features of PowerAdSpy are-

Massive Ad Library

PowerAdSpy provides a vast database of millions of ads across 100+ countries, helping you to spy on your competitor’s ads easily. It empowers you to find the latest successful ads in just a few clicks.

Bookmark the Best Ads

You can get detailed ad insights of the ad searches along with audience profiles on PowerAdSpy. It helps in intricately strategizing your ad. You can bookmark them with just a click, and they will be moved to your personalized Ads inventory.


With its Huge Data center of Millions of ads, PowerAdSpy can provide precise information about the Geo-targets of your competitors, which helps you to identify audiences that are readily interested in your product/services.

To use PowerAdSpy and solve the Facebook ad not delivering issue, follow these steps:

  • Go to the PowerAdSpy website and select a subscription package. You can also opt for a complimentary trial.
  • Get yourself familiar with the website’s features and functionalities.
  • Use the search filters to see relevant ad campaigns and competitors.
  • Properly analyze the Facebook ad creatives, target information, and insights into successful strategies.
  • Apply the insights gained from this Facebook ad spy tool to your ad campaigns to improve performance.

Using PowerAdSpy- the best Facebook ad spy tool, advertisers can eliminate the issues of not delivering Facebook ads by making informed decisions based on proven strategies, ultimately helping them improve their advertising performance.

Wrapping Up!

Finally, I got the answer of why is my Facebook ad not delivering and I have shared the answer with you all. Tackling this issue requires a dynamic approach and a commitment to adaptability. You must take care of multiple things before Facebook successfully delivers your ad. By staying informed about Facebook ad policies, using proper parameters, and targeting plentiful audiences, you can minimize the risk of FB ads not delivering.

Remember that it takes some trial and error to get your ads correct, so don’t be discouraged if your first campaigns don’t perform as expected. Using Facebook ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy, you can look for endless Facebook ad strategies, which helps solve the challenge of Facebook ad not delivering.