How Can You Use A Facebook Call To Action For Your Business?

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How Can You Use A Facebook Call To Action For Your Business?

How can you stay ahead of competitors where every marketer and businessman are prophesying novel ideas to generate more sales? Another question also comes when you want more email subscribers or when your ad campaign on social media could not generate more conversion rates? Keeping in mind all the questions, Facebook came up with an innovative way called Facebook call to action to hook up more audiences towards you.

Analytical data has shown that ads with Facebook CTA have more conversion rates than normal ad campaigns. Further ahead, some reports reveal that “Facebook ad call to action” can generate more sales and excellent ROI. Therefore, to reap the benefit of the Facebook call to action, we have to understand it in depth.

What is a Facebook call to action?

You have heard this word many times in the digital marketing world. As the name suggests, a Facebook call to action button directs the user to take action on your post. The button highlights a text or phrase so that the user can take action on it like “Shop now” or “Sign up” It can be in the form of a hyperlink or button.



Whatever your goal may be to advertising and marketing, it would be incomplete without a proper and attractive Facebook CTA. There is always a need for buttons or hyperlinks to drive people to take action.

Need of call to action

We give a lot of time, effort, and money into the creation of social media posts, ads, blogs, and emails to convince people. Yet our content is incomplete until we drive the attention of people to take action. The key aim of Facebook CTA is to convince people enough about what to do and inspire them to do.

Many people know how to convince others by telling them what to do, but they cannot explain why. And without this part, the conversation is incomplete. In some cases, your content may answer the question, but we will add a Facebook call to action to generate an ultimate conclusion to take action, and this makes Facebook CTA more important.

Length of a call to action

CTA can be short or lengthy, depending on the message we want to convey, but people prefer a short Facebook call to action button. A matter of fact is that sometimes longer CTA’s can also work. The CTA should be short, but not too short, that it loses its real meaning to drive action. Direct and meaningful CTA focuses on content without distraction. The primary attention should be on language.



Facebook call to action examples

If we want to become good at any task, then we can follow other people’s footsteps who have left a wonderful impression by taking such action. Some excellent Facebook ad call to action examples are

Purple’s CTA

This company sells mattresses and provides a facility to try their products without obligation. To know more about the product, they use an eye-catching video along with a “Learn more” CTA button, which helps in providing full details of the product.

Shopify CTA

In the mobile ad, one has to be concise, as a space in a mobile ad is under certain limits. Shopify did this through a Facebook ad that popped up on the mobile. Sometimes brief headings prove to be more helpful on the platform using exact words that help to describe the product magnificently.

Tips for creating better CTA

  • CTA should start with a strong action verb. Here, we have to tell the audience what to do? If we are an e-commerce business to sell our products, CTA should start with words like Shop, Order, Buy, etc.
  • Use of powerful or impact making words saves energy in giving the complete description of the product and helps in understanding the emotional responses from the audience, such as giving knowledge about discounts. We can publish with a few words like “get 60% discount” or “join to get a $10 bonus”.
  • Creating reasons to take action is another strategy for creating a better Facebook CTA. The audience should get information about the package in the product or incentive for them, which will motivate them to buy. For example, some small conversation about saving or making money like “Get 25% cashback”
  • Choosing splendid colors for highlighting helps the audience to understand CTA better. In this process, the psychology of color proves important to drive traffic.
  • We should keep CTA in a pristine state. For this, we should keep a check over CTA continuously to know what will work best in our favor.


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Writing a better CTA

After you have researched thoroughly the science of creating CTA, the following are necessary points for writing a better CTA.

Goal-oriented CTA

The focus should be on simple goals or aims. For example, you want to create brand awareness than write a CTA, which will reflect this content instead of checking the number of people visiting for a purchasing item. So when it’s about brand awareness, we should add text “Learn more” on Facebook call to action button rather than “Buy now” or “Sign up” Now if you want to convert potential people into a customer who will purchase items, the suitable CTA will be “Buy now” rather than “learn more” or “sign up” Thus according to our primary aim, we should write our CTA.

Using action verbs

Action verbs produce more impact and are inspirational to the mindset of people. We should be realistic and specific with action verbs we choose, so it can compel people to take action.

Another important aspect is that we have to use action verbs in a manner that is informative and instruction based like “Sign up for 30 days free subscription” rather than free subscription sign up.

Choosing the right set of words

For visual impact, CTA’s must be precise, too long CTA’s may be uncomfortable to browse and no action at all. Therefore, the three steps we should keep in mind while writing CTA. The first short CTA works well with clickable icons, for example, Sign up now. Second, giving detailed instructions inside the CTA button can attract users and compel them to click. Last but not the least, convert users’ questions to answers such as “Why to use” with enough persuasion that he clicks.

The Positive or Negative CTA

We can make CTA positive or negative, and both are effective. The idea behind negative CTA is it will catch customers’ fear, pain points, and risk, that can offer a solution. The positive CTA can also attract a customer’s attention, but in this process, we have to select both eye-catching and communicating words that are easy to understand. Both positive and negative CTA is effective in the same manner.

Words Priority

The CTA’s should be meaningful, short, and up to the point regarding word choice. Here we have to keep in mind that we have to give full information to customers so that they press the button and for this, we can get help from a copywriter for opinion.

Few words about the CTA button

Apart from Facebook, CTA works for any marketing campaigns, and also on various types of platforms. This may include websites, blogs, emails, etc. The clickable CTA buttons are beneficial, and this includes Facebook also for ad campaigns. The clickable CTA buttons are useful in increasing the conversion rate, which helps in boosting e-commerce business. The CTA should look like a button instead of plain text.



Final words: Use an Ad research tool

This CTA feature of Facebook is a wonderful tool in the hands of marketers, media agencies, and businessmen to grow their work. To access the entire feature which Facebook provides us to do successful ad campaigns and business, we still need a platform. There is a need for a single platform from where we can handle multiple features given to us by Facebook.

PowerAdSpy is one of the best Facebook ad tools from where we can access all ad campaigns running on Facebook. PowerAdSpy not only deals with our posting or preparing good Facebook CTA, but it has many other features that will help us have more insight into the world of advertisement.

Before posting or launching any ad campaign, we can search through millions of ads running in that niche and analyze the data. In short, we will know about digital marketing campaigns and also what will benefit us or what doesn’t.

With a tool like this and a fair amount of knowledge on CTA, you can leverage your marketing strategy to the next level.