How To Create Perfect Facebook Ads Frequency In Minutes

Facebook Ads frequency refers to the number of times the advertisement of a brand shows up in the news feeds of a user. The ads frequency helps the company calculate its engagement within the audience. It also shows how relevant the ad campaigns are because these ads also get placed in the news feeds of the users who share similar interests.

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Why Facebook Ads Frequency Matters?

Why-Facebook-ads-frequency-mattersThe most significant reasons why Facebook Ads frequency matters are that the marketer should know the number of times the ads get shown to a particular user. The advertisers should make sure that the ads do not get pop up in a user’s news feeds over and over again. The users might end up taking some actions against the advertisements if they see these ads repetitively.

The traditional advertising campaign has set an optimal advertising frequency that the ads should get delivered to a user at least three times. Some advertising campaigns believe that the advertisements should be put in front of the user’s maximum number of times to gain more engagement.

But in the case of Facebook advertising, these strategies might disappoint the users. The reason behind this is if the ads get shown to a particular user maximum number of times, then they might get irritated and end up blocking the ads.

The traditional advertising campaigns do not have the option of receiving feedback. But Facebook has a facility which lets the users provide feedback regarding the ads that they see. So if a user marks negative feedback against the advertisement of a company, then this will pull down the user engagement on that ad.

If it happens so, then it will be a significant drawback for the marketers
because many companies which share a similar interest in products and services struggle to be on the top whose advertisements will be recommended to the users by Facebook.

Among them, Facebook decides which ads have more engagement and serves those ads to most of the users. Hence the advertisers have to make sure that the ads do not annoy the users as might end up hiding or reporting the ads.

Facebook users have the option of interacting with the ads and providing feedback for the same. So if a user chooses to hide an ad, Facebook wishes to know the reason behind it. Hence the user is served with some options of reasons to select why they do not want to view the particular ad. The reasons they get to choose from are:

  • It is not relevant to me
  • I keep seeing this ad
  • It is annoying
  • Not interested

The users interacting with the ads of a company and providing positive feedback will help the ad of an organisation gain more engagement as well as will assist the ad to receive a good relevance score. The highest relevance score that an ad can achieve is 10.

But what if the user chooses any of the reasons for not displaying the ads in their news feeds. The relevance score of that ad will go down. The consequences will be the ads of that company will not get displayed to the users even if they share a similar interest.

Steps To Manage Facebook Ads Frequency

Steps-to-manage-ads-frequencyFacebook facilitates qualified marketers to buy engagement and views on their advertisements. But for the companies who wish to go for organic reach have to follow some steps to reach out to more audiences with their ads.

Facebook allows advertisers to make changes to their advertising campaigns before they start. It also allows them to make some changes after the commencement of their campaigns as well.

On the other hand, Facebook also suggests making limited changes to the ads after the start date of the campaign. It is to make sure that the advertisements have more audience engagement and reach out to the largest number of users available.

Here are some simple steps to manage the Facebook Ads Frequency efficiently.

Steps To Edit a Campaign Before The Start Date

Step-1: Go to the Facebook Ads Manager.

Step-2: Then, from the options, select Ad Set or Ad Tab.

Step-3: Then check to mark the box available next to Ad Set or Ad Tab that is to get edited.

Step-4: Then select the edit box option available above or of the right-hand side.

Step-5: Then, the editing panel appears. Make the necessary changes.

Step-6: For Ad Set option:

  • Audience Targeting
  • Budget
  • Campaign Schedule
    Here select the date and time for the commencement of the advertisement.
  • Facebook Page
  • Placements
  • Reach and Frequency Balance

For Ad Tab option:

  • Creative
  • Format

Step-7: After making the changes to Ad Set or Ad Tab, select the review changes option and then publish.

If a company makes several changes to the campaign, Facebook will calculate the amount of reach the ad can create according to the changes. It works according to the algorithm set by Facebook.

If the company makes changes to the format of the ad, then the reach will change as some formats are available for desktop and some for mobile devices only. But if the company makes changes to the creative part of the ads, then the reach will remain the same.

Steps To Edit a Campaign After The Start Date

Step-1: Go to the Facebook Ads Manager.

Step-2: Then, from the options, select Ad Set or Ad Tab.

Step-3: Then check to mark the box available next to Ad Set or Ad Tab that is to get edited.

Step-4: To edit the creative section of the ad which has a single active ad, then stop the ad from getting delivered while making changes to the ad.

Step-5: Then select the edit box option available above or of the right-hand side.

Step-6: Then, the editing panel appears. Make the necessary changes.

  • Ad Creative
  • Budget
    The budget of the ad campaign can get increased and decreased accordingly until the amount does not reach the minimum level. It cannot get reduced after that level.
  • Campaign Dates
    Under the schedule option, the dates of an active campaign can get extended and shorten. The advertising campaigns can run up to 90 days at max.

Step-7: While making changes to the creative section of the ad, stop the ad from displaying but make sure to turn on the ad after finishing the changes.

Step-8: After completing the changes, select review changes and upload the inventory. If the changes have altered the reach, then Facebook will calculate the engagement. Then select the accept option for new prediction to save the changes.

Step-9: Altering the creative section of the ads will not change the reach of the ad.

If an advertisement is not creating an engagement up to a specific level, then Facebook would not allow making changes to the ad. So if the company wishes to stop the ad from getting delivered to the users, then select the delete option.

The companies will still be able to check the engagement and reach on their deleted advertisements.

PowerAdSpy is one of the best advertisement management tools that will ease out the process of creating appealing ads for your company. The ads spy tool will help you search for ads relevant to the interest shared by your company.

PoweradspyIt will help you identify and display the advertisements according to the keyword that you wish to search. It will also help you bookmark the ads that you like.

You can create appealing and winning ads for your brand by bookmarking and observing similar advertisements. The tool assists in creating ads on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google.

Facebook Ads Frequency For Retargeting Ads Campaign

Retargeting-Facebook-ads-frequencyFacebook retargeting campaigns are for the users who are already aware of a company’s products and services. These users come under the almost customer category of the company. It is the principal reason companies target these audiences.

So while delivering the advertisements to the retargeting audience, the companies should make sure that they take utmost care of the frequency of the ads appearing on their news feeds.

The users are already aware of the interests of the brand. Hence they will not get entertained if the advertisements keep showing over and over again.

So if the companies are serving the advertisements to the target audience, they have to keep these things in mind.

  • The advertisement usually redirects the customers to the page which the target audience has already visited. In this case, the companies have to lower the frequency of delivering the ads.
  • If the company has a fantastic offer or some discounts and they wish to promote the advertisements, the companies should make sure to increase the frequency of serving the ads.

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Final Words

Facebook Ads Frequency should get set in such a manner by the companies that when they get served to the users, they get interested in knowing more. The advertisements should not disturb the audience as they have the power to stop seeing the ads of the particular brand.

The negative feedback by the users will never help these ads reach out to more audiences and create engagement. Hence the companies should make use of tools like PowerAdSpy, which will help to create winning ads easily so that the companies can concentrate on gaining more reach on particular ads.

I hope the article helped you know more about Facebook Ads Frequency. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!


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