Boom Your Black Friday Sales With These Facebook Marketing Tips

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Boom Your Black Friday Sales With These Facebook Marketing Tips

As we head into November, it is high time you start thinking about your black Friday sales. You need to develop one of the best holiday marketing campaigns for your brand or product.

Some people think that black Friday sales marketing is a one-day deal, but that’s not the case, not by a long shot. Marketing on Black Friday, at minimum, is a whole week event. This is because people start looking for discounts on their phones or computers way before the big day (Nov. 27).

You need to make plans and mark your calendars long before the actual date. Take your time to plan the ads with promos and content by creating a timeline on the calendar to see when and how you can make the most of your holiday marketing campaign.

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Why Facebook?


Facebook, as you know, is the biggest platform in the world currently to showcase your product. And now, it is not a single platform; there is Instagram and Facebook ads and Messenger as well; if you take into account their combined user base, the number skyrockets to a whole new level.

And if you have noticed Facebook, it has silently pushed to merge its two main platforms – Facebook and Instagram. You must have noticed that they have updated both the Facebook and Instagram messaging systems.

They are not going to completely combine both platforms, but these changes are worth noting. All these points make Facebook the ideal platform to market your products or brands.

Now, let’s get down to the black Friday sales marketing tips.


6 Facebook Black Friday Sales Marketing Tips

1. Mark Your Calendars


The key to nailing down the Black Friday sales is perfect timing, and one easy way to ensure that you are starting your marketing on time is to mark the calendars early on.

Take time to get the lay of the market as it is an ever-changing land. Plan your promotions and create ads that are more likely to resonate with the current mindset of your target audiences.

You can also take the help of your competitor’s ads and see how they are targeting their audiences. This will give you great insights into how to design your marketing strategy.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use an ad spy tool. Facebook Spy tool lets you see how your competitors’ ads are performing in the market, which strategies they have implemented, which people they have targeted, etc.

It specializes in gathering black Friday sales marketing data for different brands. Moreover, PowerAdSpy, a competitor Research tool, goes beyond Facebook Spy tools, providing insights on ads across multiple platforms.

PowerAdSpy- Ad Intelligence Tool


PowerAdSpy is an AI-based competitor ads intelligence tool designed to help digital marketers and advertisers gain insights into their competitors’ advertising strategies on various social media platforms.

It allows users to track and analyze advertisements running on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. Here are steps to find black friday sales ads for using PowerAdSpy:

1. Sign Up and Log In: Create an account on PowerAdSpy if you haven’t already. Log in to your account.

2. Keyword Search: Start by conducting a keyword search related to Black Friday and your industry. This will help you identify the relevant ad campaigns.

3. Filter by Platform: Select Facebook as the platform you want to monitor for Black Friday ad campaigns.

4. Analyze Competitor Ads: Look for competitors or businesses in your niche that are running successful Black Friday ads. Analyze their ad creatives, including ad copies, images, and videos. Take note of engaging elements.

5. Check Engagement Metrics: Assess the engagement metrics of these ads. Pay attention to likes, shares, comments, and views to gauge their success.

6. Identify Target Audience: Use the demographic insights provided by PowerAdSpy to understand the target audience of these ads. This data can help you refine your ad targeting.

7. Track Ad Trends: Look for any emerging ad trends or common strategies that successful black Friday sales ads are using. This can give you ideas for your campaign.

8. Ad Creation: Based on your analysis, create your engaging ad campaign on Facebook, taking inspiration from the successful ones you’ve found.

9. Set Up Facebook Ads: Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager and set up your ad campaign. Use the insights and strategies you’ve gathered to optimize your campaign.

10. Monitor and Optimize: Continuously monitor the performance of your Black Friday ad campaign. Make adjustments as needed to improve its effectiveness and maximize sales.

Remember to comply with Facebook’s advertising policies and guidelines, and ensure that your ads are well-targeted to reach your intended audience. The insights and competitive analysis from PowerAdSpy can be valuable in crafting a successful Black Friday sales advertising strategy.

2. Find Your People

The second tip is to find your people, and by your people, we mean the audiences who are interested in your products and the offers you have associated with them.

There are different types of audiences; the first one is the Core Audience. This category allows you to differentiate people based on factors such as age, place of residence, or other personal preferences. The second type of audience is the lookalike audience.

In this case, the target audience must be similar to the customers. You can take the help of Facebook; it’ll help you target all the potential people. And the last one is Custom Audiences. These are those people who have shown interest in your Facebook ads products or brand but didn’t convert to customers.

You can retarget these people with the help of data you gathered when they visited your profile the last time. You can reach all three of these categories with the help of Facebook.

It is important to remember that one should not overexert themselves in their black Friday sales advertising campaign. You simply need to target those people who have a much better probability of clicking on your ads and purchasing your products.


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3. Be a Wolf Amongst The Flock Of Sheep


There are thousands of ads that person sees while scrolling through their Facebook feed, so it is highly unlikely that a regular ad will suffice here. You have to think outside the box and post an ad that stands out completely from others.

For instance, let’s say you are offering a smartwatch accompanied by attractive offers; instead of producing an ad such as the one shown above, you can create an informational ad that invites potential customers to attend an event while providing them with pertinent information.


Like the image above:
  • Describe a little about the smartwatch (your product).
  • Add a link to your website to a lander page where the user will be greeted with a beautiful yet captivating image of the product you are
  • showcasing (if you want, you can add an offer sticker in this pic as well).
  • And then tell them about the problems that people know but need to be reminded of with some text and images.
  • At last, add a buy now button with the exciting offer(s) that you are providing.

These simple four steps will help you stand out in the crowd. People take notice of your ads, and you’ll generate more leads as compared to others.


4. Optimize Your Ads For Mobile

Mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic, and we are sure most of you guys already know that. The main reason for this shift is the adoption of personalized mobile.

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, even children, so you can figure out how far away your mobile device is compared to your desktop. Engage people on their smartphones, and post ads on the story so that they land on your ad while scrolling through stories, and click on it.

From here, provide them with a virtual guide that can guide them throughout your online store easily. And last but not least, don’t forget to provide your users with coupons or gift vouchers after they have checked out.

The coupons and vouchers will act as an incentive and will build trust among your customers, it will also act as an automated MLM. Automated MLM, for those who don’t know, is a marketing chain created automatically by the users/customers based on their good experience with you or your brand.

Let me explain this with an example, suppose a person named X bought a product named A from your online store, and you awarded him with a 30% off coupon on the next purchase.

This person X will tell his close friend(s) or family member about the great offer he received after buying goods from your website. This is called Automated MLM.


5. Lit Up Your Ads

If you have not already created custom ads just for holidays, then it is high time that you get started. Holiday-specific ads with custom offers are crucial to the success of your holiday ad campaign.

As you probably already know, Facebook is a platform where images, GIFs and videos perform much better than text. Therefore you should target people using either a photo or video to catch your audience’s attention instantly. Here are a few ad examples:

Example 1:



Example 2:


These ads may seem different to you visually, but if you analyze them carefully, you’ll find these elements common in them:

  • Clear preposition.
  • CTA.
  • Sense of urgency.
  • Limited time offer.
  • Captivating visuals.

Thus, if you create an ad with all these points in mind, you’ll have no problem generating huge leads and engagement.


6. Master Ad Retargeting


Retargeting is the most effective black Friday sales marketing technique in the holidays to target the people who bounce from your website without purchasing anything. You have put a lot of effort into creating and designing your holiday ad campaigns.

Therefore, you need to make sure that all your and your team’s hard work doesn’t go to waste. You can follow these tips to target your lost traffic perfectly:

  • Show ads of the products which your audience(s) added to their cart but didn’t buy. You can also create different offers or coupons for such audiences.
  • Analyze the reason why they didn’t follow through with the purchase and then carefully design an ad to break/overcome that hesitation.
  • Show notifications to the users and encourage them to purchase by offering them additional black Friday sales discounts.
  • Offer free premium membership or free delivery with a sense of urgency(like offers expire in 6 or 12 hours).



Well, it seems to me that we have concluded our black Friday sales tips. Start planning your marketing campaign now, as there is not much time, you need to start early with the Facebook call to action holiday offers, as we mentioned above.

Remember to mark your calendar with all the important dates, find the correct people for your ads and products, focus more on the mobile platforms, stand out in the crowd by thinking out of the box, and, last but not least, don’t forget to retarget people.

If you folks have any doubts or questions regarding the tips, feel free to mention them in the comment box below.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!