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Complete Guide: Facebook Competitors Analysis Tool

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Complete Guide: Facebook Competitors Analysis Tool

Are you worried about your competitors on Facebook?

Are you searching for a tool to keep a check on your competitor’s activities on Facebook? Here is a blog for you that describes best Facebook competitors analysis tool.

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Check out this blog to know more about competitors analysis and some of the best Facebook competitors analysis tools.

Competitors Analysis

The competitors of your brand on Facebook are the companies that sell products of the same niche as yours. Competitor analysis is a sort of inspection in which the brands can keep a check on the advertisements, strength, weakness and other activities on Facebook.

You can compare the strategies your competitors are using and which of them are helping them perform well in the market and which marketing plans of yours need to get modified or replaced to have a rise in sales.

The Facebook competitive analysis tool you pick out must acquire some of these essential traits. The first trait is it must identify your competitors on Facebook. It is also possible that your competitors might be active on other social media platforms other than Facebook. So the tool will let you know which are the platforms that competitors are actively participating in.

Another trait is to deliver how competitors are performing on Facebook. The analysis tool must check the advertisements of your competitors on Facebook. The tool must show audience engagement on the ads such as the number of likes, comments and shares on them.

It should also display how well they are using Facebook to engage their targeted audience. It must show what strategies the companies are using to be on the top priority list of the audience. It will help your brand understand why their strategies are not performing well and how you can implement your competitor’s strategy to perform well.

Most importantly, the tool must show how your advertisements are performing on Facebook and are they able to create engagement within the audience. It should also show which of your marketing strategies are working and which are not. The reason behind this analysis is to be on top among the companies selling similar products.

Steps To Conduct Facebook Competitors Analysis


Here are some simple tips that would help you to analyze your Facebook competitors.

Determine Your Competitors


There are some specific keywords of a company that they use for better search engine optimization ranking. Accordingly, your company must focus on some keywords related to the niche of the products and services that your company provides.

You cannot choose a keyword that does not justify your niche. The issue that will arise is that your brand will have to compete with a different group of competitors according to the keyword.

You can make use of tools to search for keywords according to your niche. Even if you do not advertise through that particular tool, still you can search for appropriate keywords.

The first step is to let the analysing tool inspect your official website. The tool will then suggest some relevant keywords according to your products and services. Along with the keywords, it will also show the level of engagement on them. It will display the average number of searches monthly and the number of companies in your competition.

Some tools also facilitate the companies to put up their keywords in it. Then you will get a list of relevant keywords having the highest number of search volume. Using these keywords will let you compete with your specific competitors, and maybe it will help to narrow down the list as well.

Top Ranking Competitors

When you search for the keyword on Google, you will get a list of companies that are on the top of the search list. They are your set of competitors. So your company has to check out the strategies, strengths and weaknesses of these companies.

Certain companies pay Google for their advertisements to be on top. You have to keep an eye on these companies that are paying to top the search results because it is there a strategy to invest money on a platform where they can gain more engagement if they are on top.

Mostly the companies paying for their advertisements do not have a great search engine ranking, but it is worth it for you to check out their other strategies as well.

When the search result appears, click on the link to check out their advertisement. The companies usually link their social media profiles in the top or bottom of the page. Clicking on that link will redirect the user to the Facebook profile of the company. Here you can check out the audience engagement and can know what sort of content your targeted audience prefers.

Facebook Searches For The Keywords

The companies that top the search list of a keyword in Google are not necessarily to be the one to create engagement on Facebook. Since we are talking about Facebook, we need to check which are the companies that top the search results of a keyword on Facebook.

Go to Facebook, then enter your relevant keyword in the search box available on the top of the Facebook page. Then select the pages option in the menu and then search.

Brands Your Target Audience Follow

The companies that sell products and services of the same niche will definitely have the same target audience on Facebook. So you have to check which are the companies that your set of the audience follow.

After this, you can check which strategies of that company attracts the audience. You can adopt the same advertising or marketing strategies to grow your business as well. It will also help you create more traffic on your posts and advertisements than on your competitors.

If you are looking forward to searching which are the companies that your audience follow on Facebook, then follow these steps.

Go To Facebook Audience Insights

The left-hand side column will help you enter into the demographics of your target audience. You can also scroll to the Pages section and then go to the People connected to on your Facebook page.

Then select the page likes option from the top menu.

After this, you might find some of the companies that are not relevant to the type of business you handle. But it might show some companies that share a similar interest. These are the list of your company’s competitors.

Select Competitors, You Need To Focus

By this time, you have an appropriate list of competitors sharing a similar niche. But you cannot focus on the strategies, strengths and weaknesses of all of these companies. Hence you have to narrow down your list of competitors.

Keep those companies in the priority list which have the most similar niche to your business. Hence checking out their advertising and marketing strategies will help you develop these factors for your company.

Collect Information

Now that you have a list of your competitors, it is time to check on what they are up to on Facebook. As discussed earlier if you are searching them on Google, you can find their social media links on their page itself. Otherwise, if you are encountering them on Facebook, then you can directly check out their profile.

Here you have to enquire about some specific question to analyse your competitors appropriately. The list must include the following questions.

  • Other social media platforms on which they are active
  • Users following their content on Facebook
  • The target audience of your competitors
  • Intervals of posting advertisements or contents on their profile
  • Check engagement on each of their posts
  • Hashtags they have created for their brand

It is hassle-free to find out these pieces of information about your competitors. You can go to their Facebook profiles to know more about the audience engagement and target audience of your competitors.

When you get the proper answer by checking out your competitors Facebook profiles, you can make use of these strategies for your brand and check if they work well for you.

Some Best Facebook Competitors Analysis Tool



It is an advertisement management tool that will help you search and identify ads according to your keyword. The tool displays your advertisements for your competitors so that you can bookmark the advertisements that you prefer.

The tool facilitates the users to check out ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube. It works safely and organically for all the platforms.
It is one of the best Facebook competitor analysis tools which will ease the process of inspecting on your competitors.

Introducing Elasticsearch

You can now search for ads using PowerAdSpy 10x times faster. PowerAdSpy Elasticsearch is an open-source full-text search engine. You can store and search for data in real-time. The quest time in Elasticsearch is considerably faster than SQL. You can also search for a phrase, and PowerAdSpy will provide you the results within a fraction of seconds.

Just imagine the speed! You do not have to wait even for a microsecond. Results will be shown to you the moment you hit the search button.

The Super Advanced Ad Filtering Process

PowerAdSpy can filter ads like no other tool. This tool offers some exceptional filters to uncover ads such as Ad position, CTA, language, country, Ad type, age, etc. It helps you in improving your business ad strategies by gathering the most appropriate data.

Get Access to Over 6 million ads from over 15 countries.

Can you believe that PowerAdSpy can dig out the most relevant ads from over 15 countries? Yes, it is true. Also, the database of this fantastic tool is expanding daily. Within a few seconds, you can get in touch with the latest running ads in the industry.

Powerful Search Process

PowerAdSpy helps to find ads related to your business niche. There are three different filters which you can use to sort the advertisements – by Keywords, Domain, and Advertisers. Also, you can search them according to the date, time, comments, likes. You can select the custom date range like for example – last 7 days or last month and can get the results accordingly. Real-time visibility is another feature offered by this tool.

Daily Database Update

Daily PowerAdSpy database is updated. The high-end experts keep stats such as ( likes, shares, comments, target profile, age, country, etc. ) updated every single day. The users will have access to the latest ad information.

View Ads Based On Last Seen

PowerAdSpy works smartly. Whichever ad you see last on any particular platforms, PowerAdSpy will update its database accordingly.

Lander Text

Now you can search for keywords based on the Html page. As each website have their Html page in which they stuff specific keywords. PowerAdSpy store the complete Html page to its database. Users can search for keywords, and PowerAdSpy will display the results accordingly.

Tame Your Facebook Ads With Its Bookmarking Feature

Suppose you like one ad, and you wanted to keep it for future use. Rather than searching the same ad again and again, you can bookmark that particular ad right at that specific moment. This feature saves you time as well as effort.

Next Level Data Analytics

You can have the detailed analytics of every ad you see on the PowerAdSpy dashboard. You can view its ad reach, social media engagement, and latest trends all in one single place. This tool has got a microscopic understanding of the ads present in all the major platforms.

Ad Search Customization

One of the most fabulous things about this tool is- you can search as many ads as you want to. There is no limit. You can grab access to millions of ads and can use them for developing your marketing strategy.



This Facebook competitors analysis tool will help you find the most engaging content of your competitors on Facebook. It will help you check out which new types of content the target audience prefers watching and how they can be a threat to your company by posting such ads or utilizing successful marketing ideas.

Hootsuite Streams


It is a Facebook competitors analysis tool that will help in checking out all the content that is advertisements, hashtags, competitors and most importantly, the keywords that they use to gain traffic.

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Final Words

It is highly essential on your part to have a broad knowledge of marketing and advertising tactics of your competitors on Facebook from Facebook competitors analysis tool. You have to keep an eye on literally everything to understand the activities of your competitors and how they can be a threat to your business by engaging more shoppers.

I hope the article helped you know more about Facebook competitors analysis tools. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!