7 Fun & Festive Holiday Marketing Ideas To Try This Year

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7 Fun & Festive Holiday Marketing Ideas To Try This Year

The festive season is at the door! People have already started making their shopping lists prepared to purchase gifts for their dearest ones.

After Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday shopping, people are expecting more compelling offers and deals for the upcoming Christmas Eve. In this period of time every year, people around the world spend millions of dollars on Christmas and New Year celebrations.

So, being a marketer, if you haven’t prepared your holiday marketing strategies yet, now is a really good time for you to pull up your socks and come up with excellent holiday marketing ideas to claim more revenue for your business.

However, it surely is the time to boost your online sales. Therefore, in this blog article, we’re going to share a few holiday marketing ideas to pick up your sales growth during this year’s Christmas celebrations.

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Holiday Marketing Ideas For Business

Holiday marketing is an excellent way to boost sales and engage with your audience during festive seasons. Here are some holiday marketing ideas to consider:

Holiday Offers Alerts Through Email:

If you haven’t incorporated email as a part of your holiday marketing strategies, make sure to include it. Through emails, you can win a big chunk of audiences to convert into customers. And it would really be a big mistake if you missed this opportunity. It’s the time when most people are looking for great deals. So by offering them fun seasonal emails, you can catch their attention.

For example, suppose someone has checked on your e-commerce site and checked your products. But they haven’t made their purchase yet. You can send them emails with enticing offers while you can also implicate FOMO strategies to create a sense of urgency. It would help you to draw more customers and bring conversions to your business.

Go With Seasonal Google Ad Campaigns:

Other than emails, you can also utilize Google ads to promote seasonal offers on your brands. And it certainly helps you to gain better brand visibility. Nowadays, most people would like to search on Google before purchasing any kind of product or service.

By creating Google ads campaigns targeting the specific keywords in your niche, you can draw the attention of all of those who are really looking to take an offer from your e-store.

For example, if you are selling winter apparel for women or kids, you can utilize the keywords- Gifts for moms, winter wear for ladies, etc. Then you can run your Google ad campaign targeting such keywords. And make sure to offer compelling deals to grab more selling opportunities.

You can also check out the Google ad campaigns of your competitors using powerful ad analytic tools like PowerAdSpy. It’s a tool that allows you to find the best performing ads on Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram so that you can analyze them. And accordingly, create winning marketing strategies for this year’s holiday season.

Break Into The Instagram Ads:

Instagram is a platform that could help you to win better audience engagement for your brand on this year’s Christmas holiday. And if you want to make your holiday business shine, advertising your products on Instagram can really help you in achieving your business goals.

Though doing organic posts can also help you to bring engagement, and to make your brand really stand out, it’s worth spending some money on sponsored content. Also, you can collaborate with other creators on a ‘Paid partnership’ to get more exposure for your brand. Using the PowerAdSpy ad intelligence tool, you can search for some compelling fall/holiday marketing ideas for your Instagram campaigns.

So why wait now? Hurry up and grab your special deal this holiday season, only with PowerAdSpy.

Holiday Giveaways:

Speaking of Instagram, one of the best ways to win greater appeal for your brand is by running giveaway campaigns. Besides Instagram, you can also make use of other social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook groups to get more eyes for your giveaways.

People are waiting for such giveaway offers where they can get such free stuff to fill up their shopping baskets. So, if you are offering free gifts or a decent discount on your products on this year Christmas marketing, which lives up to the holiday spirit of giving. Then you may draw the audience’s attention to your brand, and it could help you to gain more revenue out of investments.

Focus On Remarketing:

Have you noticed that some of your potential customers have already filled their carts, but not purchasing them? They might be waiting for an offer to make a purchase at the best price. So why not give them what they really want? By doing so, you are giving a reminder call to your users so that they won’t abandon their filled shopping cart.

You can utilize remarketing strategies to target such users and convert them into sales. This holiday season is the best time for you to target such users reduce your cart abandonment rate and grow the conversion rate for your business.

Hit On Pain Points:

When we think about Christmas, the things that come to our mind are gifts, cookies, Santa, and reindeer. But the most important thing is enjoying the celebration with the whole family. It’s the time when people share their goodwill and sentiments with their family members and friends.

The same sentiment can be utilized in the marketing campaign. Nowadays, most marketers mix up emotions in their ad campaigns to hit the pain points of their potential customers and get some action in return. You can use Facebook group marketing to the pain point your ads to your audiences.

Being Creative Video Ads:

As you can see, the videos are more engaging than the images. So instead of creating a still image, why not construct video ads to boost your business? Indeed, nowadays, you can find that video ads are doing pretty well. And it can easily help you to grab the attention of more viewers.

Also, to say that video content is getting better and better reach on social media. Many advertisers are using their creative side to produce engaging video ads. If you also want to do the same, then you can use PowerAdSpy to reach out to the best creations of advertisers. It might even help you to come up with an even better idea for your video ad campaign.

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Bonus Point: Holiday Marketing Ideas

At last, it’s a bonus tip for you to not forget about your loyal customers. Give such users special offers and deals on their purchases. As they will come again and again to gain you more profit. So showing a small gesture of appreciation can really make a big impact. And it may also help you to win some more advocacy for your brand.

The Final Words:

These are some holiday marketing ideas, which you can implement to ensure success for your business. Most of these ideas have been used by many of the marketers and they are getting great results.

If you want to create more winning campaigns, get yourself PowerAdSpy, which can let you sneak in millions of ad data. You can replicate the same to ensure success with your own campaigns.