15 Best Christmas Marketing Strategies to PowerUp Sales

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15 Best Christmas Marketing Strategies to PowerUp Sales

It’s Christmaaaaaaas!!

With Jingle bells, Christmas carols, Twinkling lights, and Santa’s gifts, the holiday season brings new challenges every year for most marketers and SMM specialists.

Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, or even a freelancer, taking advantage of social media marketing is a must for all to raise brand awareness and expand the customer base, especially during the holiday season.

Christmas festivities are a great period to create exciting Christmas marketing campaigns and harness social media platforms’ potential to the fullest for increasing revenues and boosting sales.

Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and New Year’s day, Christmas is a comparatively bigger opportunity when people all over the globe like to shop online and offline.

This calls for bringing holiday shopping shoutouts on social media platforms to generate excitement for your sales and promotions (both online and offline marketing efforts).

While amazing marketing campaigns are a year-round process, festive seasons are exact lucrative periods to assemble unique marketing concepts online and offline to maximize sales as people are in the mood to shop.

The festive period can win you more hearts and market share back, provided you nail your strategy right. 

There are a few important points you need to consider for an effective Christmas marketing strategy during the holiday season:

Without further ado, let’s get started –

 15 Best Christmas Marketing Strategies

1. Create a Plan


Crafting a well-planned strategy for Christmas marketing is necessary for better visibility and higher conversions.

Develop a well-judged strategy by scrutinizing analytics and reviewing all your past efforts so that you know what to avoid this time.

You can use the best marketing channels, but they are of no use if not catering to your niche audience and prospect customers.

Start planning with an intelligent analytics tool like PowerAdSpy that tells you about the best landing pages and offers, including traffic sources of online promotions.

All this will save your marketing team ample time on market research, and you can concentrate on other valid festive hustles.

2. Collect Useful Data


Market research is key to success before investing your hard-earned money into your dream project and is more crucial for holiday marketing, considering the stiff competition peaking up at this period.

And market research is based on data, real statistics to understand where and when to invest capital and at what time for successful conversion.

Collect as much data in advance to target niche audiences with personalized and targeted offers. 

Learn from user behavior and past experiences to design a winning Christmas marketing strategy this year so that you abstain from going marketing overdrive.

Additionally, as part of long-term future investment for your business, invest in an analytics tool that can generate all this information at the click of a button. 


Consider PowerAdSpy to power up your sales by allowing you to search ads based on gender, age, marital status & location, including most likes, comments, or shares, to see the most engagement.

PowerAdSpy is a smart, powerful social ads advertising analytics tool that can improve your content creation experience for social ads and advertising campaigns by finding hidden niches & lucrative opportunities.

PowerAdSpy is an absolute gold mine for insights and statistics that can target audiences via demographic, interest, keywords, and location.

Grab Your Free SpyMas Trial Now For Snow Much Fun!

If you are running stores then area-based targeting using PowerAdSpy will be a good option for you. 

And for specific location-based ads for Christmas marketing campaigns on social media, you can create different sets of advertisements with multiple locations. 

Also, filter your targeted audience according to demographics (age and gender) and interests to create customized offers and ads by collecting relevant data.

If used correctly, a data-driven approach can better meet your audience’s needs, in turn ensuring the likelihood of Christmas marketing success.

3. Generate Leads with Email Marketing


Roll out a fun email Christmas marketing campaign delivering subscriber-exclusive offers to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list.

You can utilize the festive spirit excitement in the run-up to Christmas by running a well-timed email campaign for better engagement with daily offers.

Using well-crafted emails for Christmas 2021 will keep the audience hooked for more goodies and surprise factors.

You can also add an element of gamification by hiding a voucher code or instant prize somewhere on your site or within your emails.

And don’t forget to check that your emails are mobile-friendly because shoppers prefer to buy through mobile devices.

4. Kick-Start Christmas Marketing right After Halloween


Reach your customers at perfect timing for Christmas marketing efforts and start reminding them that the holiday season has begun.

October is the perfect time to focus more on Christmas advertising. You can start Christmas marketing immediately after Halloween to build the momentum up until 25th December (Christmas Day) for better sales.

5. Don’t Be Too Frequent in Sending Christmas Marketing Messages


Sending too many proposals is irksome for the consumers and resource wastage for your business. For good returns, make the timing of the messages your focal point to convince more customers for the purchase.

Pitching customers frequently is poor marketing. For effective marketing it is very important to reach customers at the right time with the right strategy that gives you leads and engagement.

Use email spy tool Mailgaze(a PowerAdSpy product) for a better conversion rate to gaze through user behavior accurately and approach targeted niche emails. 

6. Increase Christmas Sales With Coupons and Discounts Codes


Create exciting offers to encash the festive spirit and play around with emotional marketing tactics as people splurge on buying and gifting for near and dear ones.

You can prepare attractive images, videos, eye-catchy gifs that aptly communicate your Christmas marketing offers.  

Run some exciting offers or flash sales like buy one get one free or flat 20% discount for 1 hour only. (time-sensitive deals to bring urgency)

Introduce special promo codes to drive traffic towards your website from social media platforms. 

Promote this promo code through Instagram stories, posts, email marketing, tweets, and other social media channels.

Year-round, buyers are looking for a deal, so don’t limit these offers till Christmas. Offer a deal that’s valid for the rest of the year as well.

7. Use Christmas Season PPC Words


Use pay per click advertising to pull in customers during Christmas marketing by targeting holiday-related PPC  keywords.

Also, use Christmas or Holiday specific ad text & images with Holiday Keywords and offer a holiday promotion in your PPC campaign.

Even if you don’t sell holiday-themed products, jump into the pool for high-traffic queries that pop around Christmas to spike visits in the months leading up to the holiday.

Have PPC ads include a coupon or promotion code to encourage the customer to buy something, even if it isn’t the product they plan to buy soon.

8. Make Google Ads Your Christmas Marketing Friends


Make Google shopping ads your Christmas marketing friends and capitalize straight by showing up at the top of Google search pages, with links to your online store.

To ensure the best return on investment, regularly analyze performance, adjust bids (and negative keywords if you’re rolling out a search campaign) so that you can tweak your messaging based on what works to find a winning combination that converts.

Use transactional keywords to appear on Google searches and don’t be afraid to pay a little more than usual for clicks. 

Be sure that you will recover your investment and much much more.

Paid marketing is often competitive, but even more so over the Christmas period.

Once your ads are live,  look at the competition through PowerAdSpy to check whether your ads cut through the noise?


9. Design an Attractive Christmas Landing Page


Optimize your landing page for Christmas marketing as they are the gateway to all the deals and sales.

The design element must focus on a heavy Christmas influence to convey the seasonal Christmas marketing offers instantly.

Landing Page Christmas Tips-

  • Keep your design sleek and simple.
  • Add CTA multiple times throughout the page.
  • Remove sections that slow down loading times.
  • Remove unrelated product offers and content that may harm Christmas marketing efforts.
  • Include product descriptions with relevant, attractive, and clear images.

10. Make Best Use of Social Media


Creating social media buzz when social shopping is at an all-time high is the best Christmas marketing practice to follow.

According to research, top uses of social media for Christmas shopping are reading product reviews (60% of shoppers), browsing product listings (53%) and looking for promotions (52%). 

Combine Social Media and Google Display Network to find out what your target audience is interested in and use that information for your November-December Campaigns.

Be present on all digital channels, including Google Ads, especially during November and December, as most conversions happen during this time. 

Again, ensure your site is mobile-friendly as the maximum chunk of Christmas revenue generated from social media comes from smartphone users.


Also, you can work with influencers to post reviews of your products during promotions if budget permits.

If you’re rolling out an advent calendar or a game, run a simultaneous Christmas countdown to refer traffic to your game or video marketing campaign.

 11. Boost Engagement with Creative Content


Wear your creative hats to boost engagement for Christmas marketing with interactive content such as quizzes, calculators, assessments, or video games.

Don’t limit content promotions to just writing blog posts and articles. Writing a white paper, checklist, guide, or even a unique infographic or video content will bring in engagement.

Encourage UGC (user-generated content)  sharing through seasonal hashtags on all social media platforms or the one you want to focus on more. 

Ask users to post an image, along with a hashtag to qualify as an entrant. Get them to post selfies with a decorated Christmas tree as the backdrop to win a prize.

Set a campaign-specific hashtag and offer fun rewards throughout the competition.

12. Christmas Video Campaigns


Christmas-themed games and videos are a great hit these days and go in line with the festivities to engage prospects and subscribers looking for something special from their favorite brand.

Use video marketing to generate massive engagements for Christmas marketing

Develop corporate greetings videos to express care for your customers, partners, and employees during Christmas marketing endeavors. 

Your holiday video can bring a smile or express gratitude to people who have been there through thick and thin throughout the year. 

Videos appeal more for generating emotions and giving clarity in the form of how-to-videos. 

After watching a video on an eCommerce website, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product.

Creating a video to demonstrate how a product is used is perfect — particularly if it’s new and buyers have to be introduced to it. 

13. Increase Advertising Budget


As the competition increases around the holidays, pump up your budget to expand sales and revenue because there is no better time than now on ad spending.

Focus on personalization in your messaging to target niche audience segments.

To appear first for searches and in social timelines, don’t hesitate to spend more as this is the best time to take advantage of holiday traffic.

14. Create a Yearly Holiday Marketing Plan


Holiday season marketing calls for regular audits and reviews for a better conversion rate every year.

So no relaxing after the holiday season is over, keep strategizing for a better holiday marketing plan next year and be on your toes.

15. Start Preparing Today for Christmas 2022 with PowerAdSpy


Christmas marketing 2021 will provide you with enough data to use for next year’s campaign. 

Use PowerAdSpy’s power to spy through all hidden niches and to track buyer behavior, and get started on the Christmas 2022 plan right away.

Collect relevant data and rock affiliate marketing with PowerAdSpy for better conversions during Christmas shopping. 

It’s necessary to monitor all affiliate activities of the festive season through regular statistical and analytical reports. Also, quickly optimize your promotions if something is not profitable.

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In a Word

We hope these Christmas marketing strategies will enable you to bring positive results to your business. 

So spread cheer through your posts,  add a holiday “noise” online, make actions where it matters through PowerAdSpy and adjoin with the right individuals to earn new customers and conversion growth from them in the longer run.

A word of Advice –

We are not encouraging copying on competitor ads but analyzing and scrutinizing the content, their reach, types of audience, and the acknowledgment they get.

Ascertain their winning tactics but do not duplicate any if looking to carve a niche for your business during the Christmas marketing campaign.

Merry SpyMaaaaaas and Happy New Year !