Top 5 Thought Provoking Holiday Marketing Ideas Of The Year

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Top 5 Thought Provoking Holiday Marketing Ideas Of The Year

With the end of autumn, marketers should have started to prepare for holiday marketing. As the days recede, countless business brands are rushing to leverage frenzy marketing campaigns on various ad platforms. You might have already started seeing ads from some of the most popular brands. Now is the right time to start preparing for your holiday marketing campaign.

Although many brands try to gain from holiday advertising, only a few brands perform. Take the best of this festive season! And be the winner if you evoke the emotions of potential customers by hitting on their pain points to convert them.

So, are you ready to start your holiday advertising campaign? Here, we are showing you some of the best holiday marketing campaigns to fuel your marketing and ensure you get more sales for your business.

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What to Expect From This Holiday Marketing Season?


In the last two years, we have seen that online shopping is booming. As people have become more habituated to purchasing online products. And it seems quite a convenient option, as well, compared to shopping in the retail store. Although now that people have started coming out to enjoy the in-person shopping experience, we can still expect to see online shopping rolling quite some revenue.

While seeing so many opportunities, brands are also trying to engage their potential customers by coming up with new offers. And it seems that by implementing a rewarding culture, brands can encourage new and existing customers to try more of their products and services. Although initially, it appears like a more profitable deal for customers only. But ultimately, it helps marketers earn loyal customers that would bring them more referrals to convert into sales for their business.

So here we are using the PowerAdSpy tool to find some of the best Holiday marketing ideas used by top marketers.

About PowerAdSpy:



PowerAdSpy is an AI-Powered ad intelligence tool that allows its users to access the biggest ad inventory with a database having millions of ads from 100+ countries. Marketers around the globe are already using PowerAdSpy to upgrade their advertising game and ensure great success in their business. Using this tool, you can spy ads from several ad networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, GDN, Native, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest (Twitter and Linkedin coming soon).

Not only it allow you to explore new ads, but it also lets you analyze ads to sneak into your competitors’ strategies. While replicating the same in your campaign, you can optimize your holiday marketing strategies.

Without further ado, here we go!

KFC Holiday Marketing Super Deal On Black Friday  –


You might have seen that KFC has brought the best deals for their customers. While that’s not the only thing, KFC is even known for its quirky adverts that win the heart of chicken lovers.  Here you can check on this Facebook advert from KFC on Black Friday. Users can show this ad at their nearest KFC to enjoy the Kentucky Fried Chicken combo meal at a discounted price. This ad encouraged many KFC fans to rush toward the KFC store and enjoy their Black Friday offer.

Christmas Feels Special With Family & Coke –


Coca-Cola ads have made a special connection with Christmas. Every year they come up with new festive marketing ideas to engage with their audiences. One of the crucial things in their adverts is emotion. For example, this YouTube ad portrays that Christmas becomes merrier when celebrating with loved ones and Coke.

Lotus Cyber Monday Giveaway –


Holidays are the time when brands use every tactic to attract customers. And Giveaway promotion strategy that always works well, increasing customer engagement for brands. Like here, in this Instagram ad, Lotus Organics (Beauty product brand) offers its customers a Cyber Monday Giveaway contest.

People who commented about their product and tagged three more people had a chance to win the gift item for FREE. Giveaway contests are a great source of attracting customer engagement. And it also enhances brand awareness and reaches more audiences.

Cyber Monday Early Deals on Amazon –


It’s time you might have already started preparing for the holiday season. While being a marketer, you should check on Cyber Monday, early deals on Amazon, where they give the best pricing on any purchase. They encourage their buyers to stack their carts full for the holiday preparations. So during the holiday, people can relax and enjoy the festive season to the fullest.

Disney-From Our Family To Yours –


A festive period is when people want to be closer to their friends and family. Hitting on the same emotion, this ad from Disney got the most views. This heart-winning advert attracted more people to watch their Christmas ad campaign stories- Step Dad. Every time we expect something different from Disney, they come up with touching stories that won’t disappoint their viewers.

What Makes A Great Holiday Marketing Strategy?

Nowadays, marketers are skeptical about investing too much in marketing. Since the pandemic has put a toll on retail business, it also seems natural to see such a reaction from marketers. However, you may not believe that many marketers have leveraged a lot during the festive season with Holiday marketing.

Being a marketer, if you also want to leverage your business, you need to strategize your holiday advertising campaign.

Audit Previous Holiday Marketing Campaign

The best way to start your ad campaign is by analyzing the past year’s Holiday marketing sales. By looking at the previous year’s stats, you can predict what’s coming next and prepare for that accordingly. It not only allows you to analyze your campaigns, but you should also check on the campaigns of your competitors. There you can compare to learn what’s missing in your campaign and what you can add to that to improve your advertising performance for holiday marketing.

Learn About Customers’ Pain Points

While researching your past campaign, you could also learn what customers expect from you. It would help you to know whether your products or services are fulfilling their requirements or not.

For example: If you are targeting the young generation in your campaign, having customers in Millenials and GenZ, you can check on adverts targeting the same and learn about the offers and holiday promotions, which gather more audiences.

Content Driven Approch

Nowadays, customers are more familiar with holiday marketing due to advertising on social media. While most companies come with similar offers and discounts, people look for something different and extra deals in the holiday adverts. However, if the content is innovative, it could surely attract more views and attention from the audience. We have seen that content with emotions gives a memorable experience to its audience. It can help you to trigger your potential leads to click on your holiday marketing campaign and convert them into customers.

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Wrapping Words

With the above-shown awesome holiday marketing ideas hope you can start your marketing campaign this year. Nowadays, adverts are more than just a way to reach target audiences. Moreover, it can help you form a connection, which will help you get loyal customers who trust your brand.

We hope you got splendid holiday marketing ideas while reading this blog post. If you are looking for more such creative ads, use PowerAdSpy to find the most engaging holiday marketing campaign and optimize your ads to the next level. For any queries, mention them in the comment section below.