05 Excellent Pointers To Earn More With Google Display Ads Spy Tool

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05 Excellent Pointers To Earn More With Google Display Ads Spy Tool

It’s not uncommon to come across thoughts like, “Why waste money on keeping a track of other people’s work when we can focus on our progress instead of snooping on competitors?” But do you know— you should always prefer to get your questions answered by trustworthy sources, especially when it comes to business, whether you are starting with a brand new website or wanting to relaunch your existing platform. And while we are on this topic, advertising plays an inevitable role in making a noticeable presence over the web. But again, simply running Google display ads with ordinary content can never make you win the race. 

So, what’s your take? How can someone ace with the help of competitors’ ads? How can you make the best use of it? 

An effective Google ads spy tool can help you get an impressive and eye-grabbing ad! You must be wondering why and how competitors’ spy tool makes the best google display advertisements for you. Well, a perfect blend of knowledge about google display ads and competitor research can do wonders.

Then what to wait for? We are here with a descriptive answer to clear out all such queries. Dive in to become familiar with google display advertisements!

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Google Display Advertisements 


While searching for any product on Google, you must have noticed that when you enter a keyword on the search tab, the ads that appear in the result are search ads. 

In contrast, Google display advertisements are displayed on partner websites and mobile applications in different formats.

When you advertise on Google, Google display advertisements give you control over your branding. This capability is what separates Google Search from Google Display. When using search advertisements, you can only use headlines and descriptions from Google search engine results pages.

You can also choose where or when your advertisement appears on the Google Display Network based on the features of your target market, such as the audience’s interests, age, or gender. 

This means that individuals who meet the specific parameters you’ve provided or on websites relevant to your business may see your advertisement. 

With that being said, handpicking each audience according to their age or gender is impossible. And to get a filtered set of audiences is a must to have clarity in marketing. 

Nothing to worry about. Selecting a competent Google display ads spy tool can rescue your business effect. But before that, let’s check how a proper combination of perfect ad size and a display ad campaign can do the magic.

What Size of a Google Display Ad Should You Use?


Well, there are multiple formats with different sizes and dimensions. Still, if you have a limited approach, then it’s recommended to start with these five popular and most preferred Google display ads sizes.


The “medium rectangle” size of an image is one of the Internet’s most popular banner ad sizes as it’s relatively compact and doesn’t occupy much space compared to taller options like the 300×600.

That is one of the reasons that makes it a favourable option for many publishers. Another plus is that this type of ad usually gets embedded in the text, decreasing the chance that your target audience will scroll past it.

This is a fantastic choice for many advertisements because it is readily available and may be placed in the text. This is a beautiful place to start if you’re new to banner ads.

Even when you are using the spy tool for Google display ads, you can look at what size formats are comparatively getting more engagements and so on.


It is one of the popular Google display ads sizes providing the format of a large rectangle. 

Although it doesn’t receive quite as many impressions as the previous one, a wide variety of websites and publications still frequently employ this ad image.


This ad size is known as “leaderboard,” as it is displayed prominently at the top of the published page.

It’s also a good choice for brands that want to have their ad in front of as many eyes as possible.


Even though it doesn’t exactly fill a half page, this ad size is generally referred to as the “half page” size.

The goal is to proffer the advertising more to spread their pitch. You have a better chance of attracting attention and obtaining a click because you occupy more space.


Google recommends using this “large mobile banner” ad size instead of the 320×50 or 300×250 alternatives because it is broader and taller.

These ads fit comfortably on the screen and don’t distract the viewers much from the surroundings. And since these ads are smaller, they make an excellent choice across mobile devices.

Also, they offer more visibility than the shorter “leaderboard” images on mobile devices. You can also get to know what ad size getting more engagements if you employ the Google display ads spy tool at your end.

Once you are well aware of the format of google display advertisements, half of your work is done. And what about the other half?

Getting a sure-shot advertising strategy will amplify the chances of your success here. This can only happen when you know what your competitors are implying to grab your eyesight. 

Then what to wait for? It’s time to know how studying competitors’ activities can make you win.

How Spying On Competitors Can Benefit Your Business?


Suppose you ran an ad campaign but didn’t get any remarkable outcome, then, sorry to say, you lost your hard-earned money and the precious time that could have been invested in other business strategies.

And what if this continues for your consecutive campaigns? 

To break the chain, you need to know what type of content and Google ads strategies have worked for your competitors. It will direct you to implement a similar path that will ultimately lead you to success. And here, a Google display ads spy tool comes in.

Being aware of your competition is essential for starting and expanding a business. But to have a powerful online presence, you need to understand not only who your rivals are but also what they are doing and why. 

Understanding how other businesses in your area are contacting clients, positioning items, and spending marketing dollars can be a lot more valuable than you ever imagine.

And what’s better than having a detailed knowledge of what can work for your niche and what does not?

But just studying competitors’ activities isn’t enough. It would be best if you engrave what display advertisements are and how to use this weapon effectively to benefit from it.

For a clear understanding, let’s summarize the importance of competitors’ analysis in a few pointers. 

The Importance Of Competition Research For Google Display Advertisements


  • You can speed up finding the ideal content marketing mix with the help of an apt Google display ads spy tool.
  • It helps you know the online market in a better way.
  • Competitive research data can help you spot gaps in the market, such as potential markets that no competitors have yet shown significant interest in serving. You can make money by taking advantage of the chance, filling in the gaps, and expanding your brand’s market.
  • You can use advertisements to study the overall behaviour of your competitors.
  • Using the appropriate tools, you can also find out exactly who you are competing with for a similar set of audiences. 
  • Even if you are already aware of this, you can still grab some intriguing information about your c. You can search for new keywords, auction statistics, and other helpful data.
  • You can also get detailed data about competitor activities, market performance, and trends. It can further help you create a powerful strategy that can serve as a blueprint for the future.

How To Find Your Google Display Ads’ Competitors?


  • Understand who your competitors are. Discover what they offer regarding goods and services, and determine whether you compete directly with them. Knowing who your competitors are and what they serve can help make your products, services, and marketing stand out. It will help you set your prices competitively and help you respond to rival marketing campaigns with your own initiatives.
  • Analyze their advertising and sales tactics. The goal of a competitor study is to find a gap in the market so that you can understand competitors’ strengths and shortcomings about your own. If you get yourself a Google display ads spy tool, you will learn how to improve your own business strategy. Moreover, it will also explain how you can outperform your competitors in these areas to keep customers’ interest.
  • Check to see if their existing tactics are producing excellent results. Review their content approach. 
  • Evaluate how much interaction they can create with their content management.
  • Analyze their social media strategy and the channels they use to advertise their content. You can look for more detail to learn how they are doing it.

These are a few sure-shot tips that can help you maximize your social media reach exponentially. But, continuous practice and regular implementation of this aspect will lead you to the desired outcome.

Well, without a doubt, this process takes an indefinite time. And in this competitive era, every second can make you win or lose the race. So then, why take risks with your business?

If you want to grab every opportunity, you must consider a Google display ads spy tool.


Don’t worry! We have covered this query as well.

Google Display Ads Spy Tool


The google display ads spy tool tells you which of your competitors are running display advertisements and on which websites or publishers they appear. You can also see which ads run successfully and which websites perform best. The tool ultimately helps you save time and money in determining what works best.

One such tool is PowerAdSpy.

It offers affiliates, owners of eCommerce websites, agencies, and marketers information about the media buying preferences of competitors, enabling them to spy on such businesses.

For all sizes of businesses, a social media display ads spy tool is becoming increasingly essential. It allows you to engage with the vast target consumers if you want to increase the visibility of your business.

And here, PowerAdspy comes as a saviour for marketers wanting to revamp their business online.

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Summing It Up

We hope you understand how the Google display ads spy tool can assist you in making crucial decisions on marketing strategies. It’s not just about spying on your competitor’s activities but studying what is accepted by the target audience and how to allure them.

It’s time to pull up your socks and employ a powerful ads spy tool at your desk!