Powerful Native Ad Spy Tool for Best Affiliate Marketing: 2023

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Powerful Native Ad Spy Tool for Best Affiliate Marketing: 2023

Want to get a complete marketing guide for native ads? Well, for many businesses, online advertising is an easy way to attract new audiences. Despite experience level, it is crucial for every advertiser to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies to get the best return on your ad investment. 

Nowadays, many marketers have leveraged spy tool native ads to run promotional campaigns for specific landing pages and generate large revenue from it. Native advertising can be a great way to attract relevant audiences for your brand.  

So, how will you stay on top even when you change the advertising landscape to get the best results? The best way to accomplish this is to analyze your competitors’ ads and utilize spy tool native ads as an option available on the market.

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What Are Native Ads? Why Is It So Famous Among Marketers?

Native ads is sponsored content that has been creatively formed and arranged to flow naturally with a website’s original content. Spy tool native ads have the potential to read similarly to an advertorial, and they should be written in the same tone and format as the publication’s other scheduled content. Native ads, on the other hand, are subject to fewer rules and regulations regarding how they labeled online.

Native ads, when thoughtfully designed and implemented, can often pass for organic content to the casual observer. As a result, successful spy tool native ad campaigns have the potential to generate strong brand awareness for advertisers by generating clicks, shares, and comments. 

Moreover, you may know that native advertising has become increasingly popular among affiliate marketers. And, as a marketer, you should always be on the alert because the large flow of creative minds is eager to make high profits. So, why not take the best out of them?

This type of content is much more likely to elicit audience engagement, and click-through rates are typically higher than those of standard banner ads.

Does A Spy Tool Native Ads Work Best For Affiliate Marketing?

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a manager who wants to promote different brand offers to put your company at the top of the market. It is essential to understand which ad is better for your business.

Today all businesses want to make the best use of social media platforms to carry out their regular brand promotions to ensure maximum reach of the target audience. Here ads intelligence tool spy native ads, or you can say a spy tool helps you know your competitor’s trending posts, Effective analysis of ad campaigns, and much more. 

Affiliate marketing is the best way to go when it comes to generating passive income. The best native ads spy tool offers a secure way to promote affiliate links. However, unless you are an expert in native advertising, you may be spending more than you can get from these partners. That’s why you need to stay in touch with competing marketers who are creating more value for their business by using native advertising for affiliate marketing.

With the Spy tool on native ads, you don’t have to spend much time on traditional ad posting, and you still get higher click-through rates. So it is sure that by using a spy tool, you can generate a large audience base on your website. And as an affiliate marketer, you can leverage those traffic to enjoy more revenue. 

As we’ve told you, affiliate marketers are enjoying the benefits of spy tool native ads. Here we’ll provide you with one of the most effective spy tools that will help you to promote your brand on different platforms. 

The Best Native Ads Spy Tool For Every Affiliate Marketer:


Now let’s find out the most powerful tool that’s been making waves in social advertising.

Yes, we’re talking about Poweradspy! 

It is an Indian company that has recently gained popularity for its effective free native ads spy tool. Over 50 million ads from 100+ countries and databases updated daily with 50000+ ads.

It enables affiliates, eCommerce shareholders, organizations, and marketers to spy on competitors by offering information about their competitors’ media buying activities.

Let’sTalk About Some Amazing Features Of PowerAdSpy:

Well, the majority of PowerAdSpy’s features are present inside the Dashboard.

It is the first look at the PowerAdSpy tool. You can search every ad platform, including Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Reddit, and Quora.

Poweradspy tool has three major categories for ad search.

And they are;

  • Keywords
  • Domain
  • Advertiser 

Moreover, if you want more control over filtration or searching parameters, Poweradpsy covers all the features.

This spy tool native ad provides more filters you can implement for enhanced research. It allows four unique parameters to filter ad options. 

Search by: Here, you will again get four options.

Text in Image:  You need to enter text related to the ad you want to search for. 

Brand in Image: You can mention the brand to get the ads.

Object in Image: In this option, you have to mention the object to get relevant ads.

Celebrity in Image: you can search ads by entering celebrity names. Influencer marketing campaigns are most effective with this feature. 

Sort By: Sorting is one of the most important and widely used methods for identifying the best-performing ad when searching for ads. Because after sorting, it makes the research more efficient and quick.

Poweradspy allows you to sort the ads as per the below metrics.

  • Like
  • Shares 
  • Comments 

These metrics are powerful enough to determine whether an ad generated the highest number of conversions and positive outcomes for the advertiser. You can select a specific range of values in the metrics listed above.


These filter option will not only provides you with widely targeted ads but also give you information about the marketing plans of other brands.

Call to Action:

You can enter particular call-to-action used with the ads. This step will assist you in understanding how brands encourage customers to perform specific actions.

Search ads by Country:

You can use PowerAdSpy to conduct location-specific advertising. Searches for your marketing campaigns by entering the country’s name.

Using this filter, you can search targeted to geographical locations. As a result, you’ll know that a spy tool native ad is targeted at a specific geographic area, making your research easier.

Ad Type and Ad Position:

This filter allows you to search for specific types of ads. You can choose between a video and an image advertorial. You can also select the position. For example- on Facebook, you can choose between the news feed and the side column positions.


Here, you can select the language of the ads. It will provide you insight into how the brands are interacting with the audience.

Gender and Age:

These two options can be game-changer for you as they help marketers find ads used to target particular gender or age group.

Lander Properties:

Under Lander Properties, you can identify how other marketers operate their businesses online.  

This feature provides you with four options;

eCommerce Platform:

You can find out how many advertisers use the same content management system as you to manage their sites by selecting the eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and Click Bank.


In this section, you will know whether a brand using a funnel builder tool or not. If yes, you can identify which spy tool native ads they are using.

Marketer Platform:

You can identify which tool your competitor or other brands used to execute marketing activities. 


It will give you device-specific ads. You can find out which ads are served only on desktop, Android, and iOS. 

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Final Thoughts:

Spy tool native ads can be profitable for marketing. You must be more creative with your native content creation to achieve this. The perfect way to do this is to know your target audience and choose the right platform for your advertising. 

You can easily find native ad marketing campaigns by using the PowerAdSpy ad tracker. It is the topmost ad intelligence that allows you to use spy tool native ads and helps you to find the relevant ads or your competitors’ ads. 

Make sure your ads are relevant to your page and designed to be easily responsive. Also, don’t forget to track the success of your campaign to see if it’s worth investing in.

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