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7 Rookie Mistakes You’re Making With Your Instagram Weight Loss Ads

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7 Rookie Mistakes You’re Making With Your Instagram Weight Loss Ads

As a new business, you’re likely eager to jump on any marketing opportunity that comes your way. And with over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is an obvious choice for marketing your business. However, if you’re not careful, you could end up making some rookie mistakes that will cost you dearly in the long run. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 7 rookie mistakes you’re probably making with your Instagram weight loss ads. By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll be able to save money and time, and ultimately see better results from your marketing efforts.

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The 7 Rookie Mistakes!

When it comes to Instagram weight loss ads, there are a few key mistakes that many businesses make time and time again. If you’re new to Instagram advertising, then you might be making one (or all) of these mistakes.

  1. Not using right hashtags
  2. Not targeting the right audience 
  3. Not using eye-catching visuals 
  4. Not offering a incentive 
  5. Not having appropriate landing page
  6. Not measuring your results
  7. Not using the right tool

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to create successful Instagram weight loss ads that help you achieve your goals.

Mistake 01Not Using the Right Hashtags !


Not using the right hashtags is one of the most common mistakes businesses make on social media. Hashtags are a great way to reach new audiences and get your content seen by more people. But if you’re not using the right ones, you’re not going to get the results you’re hoping for. 

To find the right hashtags for your business, you need to do some research. Start by looking at your competitor’s hashtags on Instagram weight loss ads and see what’s working for them. You can use a tool like PowerAdSpy to find popular hashtags in your industry. Once you’ve found a few good options, start experimenting and see which ones work best for your business.

Mistake 02Not Targeting the Right Audience?


There’s no point in spending time and money on marketing if you’re not reaching the people who are most likely to buy from you. It’s important to sit down and think about who you want to reach with your creative weight loss ads campaign. Are you looking to connect with potential customers? Or,  Are you trying to build thought leadership within your industry? 

If you’re not sure who your target audience is, take some time to research your competition and see who they’re targeting with their Instagram weight loss ads campaigns. You can use PowerAdSpy for this. PowerAdSpy is a marketing intelligence tool that provides insights into the advertising strategies of businesses across various platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube. It helps marketers spy on their competitors’ ads, analyze their target audience, and uncover the best-performing campaigns in their niche.

Once you have a better understanding of your target audience, you can then start to craft content that will resonate with them.

Mistake 3Not Using Eye Catching Visuals


When it comes to advertising, visual content plays an essential role in our marketing practices. It is a powerful way to draw someone’s attention. Videos and images tell a story thousand times more efficiently than spoken or written words. 

Our eyes can register as many as 36,000 visual messages every hour. Incredible, isn’t it? Could you read 36,000 words per hour? That would be pretty outstanding, as the average is estimated to be around 250 words per second. Visuals communicate so much more and so much faster compared to text. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your Instagram weight loss ads campaigns, using visual content is a must.

Mistake 4 Not offering an incentive!


Rewarding your followers is an advantageous part of your marketing strategy. At the most basic level, offering a chance for a reward to your followers can make them willing to share that information across social media networks or various groups of people. If only one person shares this, there is a chance to expose your brand to people following that person.

It is an easy-to-do method for reaching several hundreds or thousands of new customers who will not only learn about your brand or product for the first time but also engage for a chance to win something. Ultimately increasing your visibility, brand familiarity, and sales leads across these platforms.

Using PowerAdSpy, you can spy on your competitors’ ads and see what benefits and incentives they are advertising so you can advertise better incentives to collect more engagements.

Mistake 5Not Measuring Your Results!


If you do not measure the results of your Instagram weight loss ads, you cannot determine whether your marketing campaigns are performing as expected and this can affect your decision making ability during real-time adjustments to your campaigns.

It is crucial to measure your results because it gives you a sense of how consumers are responding to your weight loss ads on instagram. These insights are helpful to know what activities should be expanded or adjusted in order to achieve maximum ROI

You can use PowerAdSpy to compare ad copy of your and your competitor’s Instagram weight loss ads. Then you can use these insights to redesign your ad campaign and drive desired results.

Mistake 6Not having an appropriate landing page!


After gaining a consumer’s attention, the next thing is to gain his trust. 

Whenever a consumer is intrigued by your content, they click through and enter your landing page. At this point of marketing, you might successfully convert your lead into a customer or might lose them. 

Landing page is the second important impression you keep in front of your prospects. Consumers learn more about your business here and become customers if they find your business aligned to their needs.

Most advertisers will set the landing page link as the homepage of the website, which is actually unreasonable. The advertisement landing page link should be set to the website, corresponding to the product. You should set the website link as the product detail page, and design a product advertising landing page for the product.

Invest your time in doing some research. Use PowerAdSpy to see landing page designs of your competitor. Check out what type of content, colour theme, CTA, benefits & offers, closing argument, reinforcement statement, etc. your competitor is using and getting engagements. Using this knowledge you can create or enhance your landing page and boost conversions.

Mistake 7 Not using the right tool!


From ‘hashtags, to ‘landing pages’, everything we’ve discussed so far requires extensive research and hard work. This could be extremely time consuming if you set yourself to do this all on your own. Additionally, relying on outdated or inadequate tools can result in inefficient and ineffective marketing campaigns, leading to wasted resources and missed sales opportunities. Using the right marketing tools is crucial for businesses to stay competitive, reach their target audience, and achieve their marketing goals.

In such a scenario, PowerAdSpy can be your ideal tool. It is serving more than 100 countries and has helped many marketers and business owners to achieve their expectations and goals from Instagram weight loss ads campaigns.


PowerAdSpy is a software that provides a suite of tools for online marketers, particularly for running and optimising online advertising campaigns. Some of its features are:

  1. Campaign Management: Allows users to create, manage, and optimise their advertising campaigns on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, and more.
  2. Spy on Competitors: Allows users to spy on their competitors’ campaigns, ad creatives, target audience, and more, to help them improve their own campaigns.
  3. Ad Creative Library: A vast library of high-performing ad creatives, sorted by industry, niche, and type. Users can use as inspiration or directly upload to their own campaigns.
  4. Data and Analytics: Provides users with detailed performance reports and analytics to help them make data-driven decisions about their campaigns.
  5. Automated Optimization: Automatically optimises campaigns based on performance data and user-defined parameters, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  6. AI-powered Insights: Uses AI technology to provide users with actionable insights about their campaigns, including optimization recommendations and performance predictions.
  7. Access to Million Dollar Ad Accounts: Provides users with access to million-dollar ad accounts. It offers advanced targeting options to reach their desired audience.
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Wrapping Up

The above are 7 mistakes you should avoid to improve the effectiveness of Instagram weight loss ads in 2023. This method analyses the optimization methods of weight loss advertising from 7 aspects. They are hashtags, audience, visuals, audience, incentives, creativity and at the same time, using efficient ad tools that help us achieve the maximum benefits of advertising faster.