How To Unveil Competitor Display Ads On Instagram

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How To Unveil Competitor Display Ads On Instagram

Advertisements have become a new source of communication. With the rapid growth of Instagram, it is intriguing to observe the growth of display ads. It has become a new way of earning money for marketers and brands.

Yet, there are many hurdles with the display ads that brands and marketers aren’t aware of. And keeping up with the competition is one such hurdle that creates a dynamic and challenging landscape for businesses today.

Therefore, if you are a fresher in the field of marketing, the routine of tracking competitor display ads can amaze you with precious insights to develop your ad strategies. It will unlock your potential of creative thinking and critical analysis.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to unveil the display ads of competitors on Instagram.

Let’s start with the basics.

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What Are Display Ads On Instagram?

The display ads are online graphic advertisements that integrate images, banners, texts, audio and videos together. These are the components that contribute to more user activities and website visitors.

The primary objective of advertisements is to spread awareness regarding the desired products. These are often used by affiliate marketers. It can be divided into 3 categories,

Site Placement Advertising: In this advertisement, the marketers choose the website they would like to run their advertisement on.

Contextual Advertising: Contextual advertising is an advertisement where the content is promoted on the appropriate network only.

For example, an advertisement of cat food will display only on cat or pet adoption websites.

Remarketing: This display advertising reappears in front of the users who have visited the website but have left without completing the desired goal.

With the low attention span of users nowadays, using digital ads provides following benefits:

  • Provides brand visuality
  • Display ads build initial interests
  • Helps in developing brand awareness
  • Assists in targeting the desired audience

However, keeping a track of your competitor’s Instagram or  Google display ads can be a bonus point for your business development.

How To Discover Competitor Display Ads On Instagram

Now that we are well aware of display ads and its importance, we shall move forward on discovering how to track competitor display ads on Instagram.

There are many campaigns running around the whole world, and Instagram is one such platform for showcasing your business ideas and campaigns.

But how do you get to know about the display advertisements that have generated traffic before? Is there any rule book to learn about it? Is there any software to get updated with competitor’s display ads?

The answer to all these questions is Yes. An ad research tool such as PowerAdSpy is the desired solution a business requires for boosting their strategy of display ads monitoring.

PowerAdSpy: AI-Based Ad Intelligence Platform


PowerAdSpy is a powerful and comprehensive competitive intelligence tool designed to assist digital marketers, advertisers, and businesses in researching and analyzing competitor ads.

This tool is an essential resource for gaining valuable insights into the strategies and tactics employed by competitors in the online advertising space.

Here’s how Instagram ad spy tool like PowerAdSpy can help with competitor display ad research:

Step 1: Sign up and Login

To unlock the features of PowerAdSpy you have to visit their website and sign up for an account. You will need to enter some basic details and create a username and password. After the registration process is finished, you can log in to your account.

Step 2: Survey the Dashboard

Once you log in to your account, you will be driven to the PowerAdSpy dashboard. Understand this section with a slow pace and be aware of its features carefully. This is the command central station where all the information will be provided.

Step 3: Search and Filter

Users can access the feature of search and filter in this software. Businesses can search on the basis of different parameters like keywords, ad networks, display ad examples ,types, number of likes and more. This feature is helpful for finding inspiration from your competitors or tracking the trends.

Step 4: Know your Competitors

You have to enter the domain or name of your competitor, and the tool will fetch the related information for you. This helps in gaining valuable insights about your competitor display ads campaign and strategies.

Step 5: Analyze Competitor’s Display Ads

PowerAdSpy provides an extensive overview of every display ad, along with videos and images used, landing pages, engagement metrics, and more. The software will provide data driven insight of the ad you want to explore.

This will help you in understanding what is working in your industry and how you can create effective display ads.

Step 6: Track Ad Performance

PowerAdSpy tracks the performance of your ad and those of your competitors as well. It helps in gauging the effectiveness of the ads. Businesses can monitor their competitor display ads, conversion rates, click-through rates(CTR), and engagement over time.

Step 7: Save Winning Display Ads

The more you explore and analyze different display ad campaigns, the more you will likely come across display ads that appear as the breadwinners. This software allows its users to save such winning display ads to refer back to later. PowerAdSpy’s feature is a savior when you run out of inspiration or when you are prepared to create your winning ads.

Step 8: Create Victorious Ads

Use the data you have collected from PowerAdSpy to create a rough sketch of your display ads.

These insights work as general guidelines during the creation of victorious ads. Crafting the content draft based on the analytical data helps businesses avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Experiment with different variations of the ads, understand the target audience’s preference, and update your strategy accordingly.

Step 9: Keep Yourself Updated

To discover your competitor display ads on Instagram, you should stay updated. Display ads are dynamic, they constantly evolve with trends and strategies. PowerAdSpy helps you keep yourself updated on the latest display ads and trends by providing real-time insights. Check your dashboards often for the latest insights and streamline your display ads strategy accordingly.

Step 10: Maximize PowerAdSpy’s Resources

Additionally, PowerAdSpy also provides additional resources and support beyond its core features. Businesses and brands should take advantage of their resources like tutorials, webinars, and customer support to maximize the convenience of the software.

Benefits of Tracking Competitor Display Ads


Following are the benefits of tracking competitor’s display ads

  1. Finds New Keywords
  2. Helps in writing better display ads
  3. Improves your landing page.
  4. Better Understanding of the target audience.
  5. Assist in finding new trends.
  6. Ad Format

Finds New Keywords: Keywords are the rigorous foundation of every display ad campaign. Tracking your competitor’s ad campaigns will help you stumble upon new keywords. It also helps businesses see the ranking of the keywords.

Helps in writing better display ads: Analyzing your competitor’s ads will assist you in creating better and effective content. We all know that writing better display ads helps in more audience engagement. The more you will explore, the better you will get at it. It also unlocks your potential to design better.

Improves your landing page: Viewing competitor display ads makes you more aware of their strategies. This helps you in harnessing your strategies and improving your landing page.

With effective tracking, you can easily spy on competiror’s Instagram ads which are performing best in your domain. This provides a valuable idea of the do’s and don’ts for scoring good points on your landing page.

Better Understanding Of Your Target Audience: Tracking competitor display ads on Instagram contributes to understanding what works and what does not work in the industry. You can analyze their mistakes and leave your imprint by correcting those mistakes.

This helps in understanding what your audience wants and how you can grab their attention.

Assist In Finding New Trends: Having an eye on your competitors, helps in creating a good room for the improvement required from your end. It makes you conscious of the trends running at the time. You can save these trends for later use, and work on them when you are running out of the content.

Ad Format: Display ad monitoring of your competitor makes you aware of the content format you need to add in your creativity. It minimizes the chances of making mistakes. you can learn about it by studying the display ads of your competitors through

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Let’s Summarize:

Advertisements have now become a major part of our lives. We are surrounded by them all the time, from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, it is all around us. It has also taken a big part in business promotions and spreading awareness regarding the product.

Discovering the strategy behind your competitor display ads will boost your game of advertisement planning. Nowadays, it has become essential to stay on the top of the competition. To maintain such actions, businesses should take the help of software like PowerAdSpy, to ensure display ads monitoring of their opponents.

This software has made the process of tracking ads a seamless one. It has streamlined the process of advertisement monitoring, and converted it into a fun process.

So are you ready to incorporate display ads in your business?