7 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas To Boost Online Sales In 2023

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7 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas To Boost Online Sales In 2023

With the arrival of fall, people are already waiting for the festival season, looking forward to Halloween shopping. And you might have started seeing people purchasing gifts and pumpkin jack-o-lanterns.

So, now is the right time for retailers to come up with some spooky Halloween marketing ideas to bring more sales and acquisition for their business.

It’s the time when people out there go crazy with their shopping. And in the line, more such shopping events are coming like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday ending with Christmas and New Year celebrations.

But before going any further, let’s figure out why you should consider preparing for your holiday marketing with this Halloween campaign.

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Halloween Is Celebrated Around The Globe-

Along with Western countries like the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom, where Halloween is pretty popular, the spooky spirit has been growing in Eastern countries as well, like Japan, Australia, China, and Singapore. Around the world, there are many more countries that celebrate this day as a commercial holiday.


Halloween Spending Is Rising-

In 2023, people have spent more than $8.0 billion on their Halloween shopping. And this year we expect this number to cross over the mark of $10 billion figure.

Go Beyond Sales & Offers-

Most marketers target the holiday season by giving the best offers and deals to their potential customers. However, one of the best Halloween marketing ideas is to deliver spooky campaigns with some inside stories to entertain their audiences. In fact, people love to hear such haunting stories that ignite the Halloween spirit.

Customer Relationship-

With the beginning of the holiday season, retailers try their best to improve bonding with potential customers. Halloween is the right opportunity for them to strengthen customer relationships. And by stirring emotional connection with audiences, they can claim more leveraging opportunities.


So, these are a few reasons why every commercial brand and retailer should be preparing for a Halloween marketing campaign. And here are some of the best Halloween marketing ideas with examples, which you shouldn’t overlook.

7 Halloween Marketing Ideas That You Shouldn’t Miss

Bone Chilling Holiday Deals-

If you check out social media, you may already find some of the best Halloween-spirited ad campaigns with highly attractive offers and deals. Especially, FOMO kind of ads can easily claim the attention of the audience. Not only on social media, nowadays, marketers even run spookish email campaigns to their preferred clients and customers to grab every sales and conversion opportunity.


We are using PowerAdSpy- An ad intelligence solution to search for some of the best Halloween marketing deals and offers. It is one of the best ad finder tools using which marketers can easily spy on competitors’ ads and replicate winning qualities in their own campaigns. With tons of features and filter options like keyword-based search, search by brand, engagement, and Landing properties. And that’s what makes it easier for marketers to create more lucrative ads that bring conversions.

User Generated Content-

One of the best Halloween marketing ideas is to utilize user-generated content. Many brands encourage their customers to share their best experiences on social media with attractive Halloween giveaways. People also love to share their funny and spooky creations, which ultimately bring some rewards to them.


Usually, product-based brands make use of such tactics to engage with their audiences. And such campaigns also help them to increase their sales. Even if you have a service-based business, you can still utilize user-generated content to catch the attention of audiences and get more earnings in your pocket.

Creepy But Awesome Keywords-

You can’t just deny the power of keywords in digital advertising media. Most of the ad campaigns on social media are well-optimized based on relevant keywords. So if you want to get more views and engagement on your campaigns, make sure to utilize creepy Halloween-based keywords and hashtags.

Using the PowerAdSpy keyword-based search feature, you can look out for the craziest and most unique Halloween ad campaigns. Let’s take here as an example, we search for some spooky ads on Instagram and find these-


Spooktacular Contest Ideas-

In this list of Halloween marketing ideas, how can we forget about including contests in Halloween ad campaigns? In fact, giveaways and contests are the best way to catch the attention of target audiences. People would always love to participate in such contests and win exciting prizes.

You can also use the PowerAdSpy tool to search for such spooktacular contest ads and learn about more amazing Halloween marketing ideas before starting your own marketing campaign.


Halloween Email Marketing Campaign-

Now, that you are ready to start with your Halloween promotions, make sure to notify your potential customers about the deals in advance. It will help you to create brand awareness and eventually drive more traffic to your E-Retail website.

Even if your brand doesn’t have any specific deals or offers, you can still boost awareness about your brand by sending Halloween-themed messages with relevant seasonal content.

Scary Video Ads-

Interactive video and story ads are quite catchy as you can use stories to touch the pain points of viewers. In fact, such scary ads can go really well and make some more sales for your business. PowerAdSpy gives you the best solution using which you can look for such video ads and story ads. There you have an ad type search filter option, where you can set image, story, or video ad format to search for the most scary Halloween videos.

Scary Video Ads

In fact, such spooky ads work really well for Halloween advertising. And many marketers utilize horror theme advertising on video marketing platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Halloween Theme-Based Landing Pages-

One of the most important parts of Halloween marketing ideas is to make slight changes to your website using Halloween theme banners and lander pages. Just adding a bit of spookiness to your ad campaign can help you drive more traffic to your website and also result in getting you a peak in your sales.



With PowerAdSpy ad analytic tools, you have access to check the landing properties of the ads. Under the analytic section, it gives you the ability to check and download the landing page. Using this feature, you may also take some haunting Halloween marketing theme ideas, and create more engaging landing pages for your campaign.


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Final Thoughts On Halloween Marketing Ideas

Whatever you decide, to have a successful ad campaign for this Halloween marketing, you should start as early as possible. Now, as the effect of the pandemic is going down, people are already quite excited to celebrate this year’s festive season by purchasing more gifts, sweets, candies, and other stuff. So you shouldn’t be late and miss this opportunity to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

We hope you will have a great festive marketing season during the upcoming festive season. If you have any more suggestions, please mention them in the comments section.