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05 Best Facebook Ad Scraper Tools for 2024

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05 Best Facebook Ad Scraper Tools for 2024

Facebook scraper tool doesn’t always mean an automatic web crawler that extracts data from Facebook. But scraping tools have much more use than just gathering information from different websites or social media. These tools can also be used for scraping ads that your competitors are running on social media. 

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Such tools are generally referred to as Facebook ad spy tools or Facebook ad scraperLet’s talk about them more in the detail.

What are AD Spy Tools?

Ad spy tools are nothing but simply a program that allows you to see what ads your competitors are running, with the help of which you can create a more effective campaign. Using this information, you can carefully analyze your audience and the demographics to better target people. 

There are many such tools available in the market, so it could be tricky to pick the right one. Therefore, we have rounded up the top five ad spy tools so that you can pick the right one according to your requirements.

Best Facebook Scraper Tools:

1. PowerAdSpy



Facebook ad Scraper

First, on our list, we have PowerAdSpy. This Facebook scraper tool comes with a bulk load of features and an ad database, some might even call it the best Facebook ad spy tool, but I’ll let you guys decide that. 

PowerAdSpy provides you with 5,00,000+ ads, 2,000,000 advertisers, and more than 1 million-plus monthly updates, which in my opinion, is enough data to formulate a new campaign and marketing strategy and also to see which is the correct audience for your product. 

You can follow these steps to search for the most popular ads published by your competitors with the help of PowerAdSpy – 

1. Login/Signup to your PowerAdSpy account.


2. Once you are in, there will be a search bar on the left-hand side where you can search for ads with the help of a keyword.


3. Below the search bar, you’ll see the filter mode. Using these filters, you can search the ads based on location, interests, etc.

4. After all these steps, the ads that are most relevant to your search preferences will show on the dashboard.


You can start using PowerAdSpy right now by taking advantage of the free trial. In this free period, you will get access to all of its features and ad database, including GDN, for 10 days. And if you like the features and services, you can buy the paid version for $49/month for the most basic package and $349/month for the premium package. 

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2. AdEspresso


AdEspresso is another amazing ad spy tool that can help you see your competitor’s ads and their ad campaigns. AdEspresso has a great interface, clean and easy to use, nothing too complicated, which can be used by both beginners and experts easily.

Along with a user-friendly interface, AdEspresso gets you the latest ads with the help of more than 23 analytics tools, like Google Analytics, that they have partnered with. There are other features too which it offers, such as – 

  • Campaign Creation.
  • Analyze Campaigns.
  • PDF Reports. 
  • CRM
  • Dynamic Product Ads and many more. 

Moving on to the pricing page, AdEspresso also has a trial option that lasts about 14 days in which you get access to all of their features. And the paid version starts at $49/month, but the features are limited, and the enterprise pack will cost you $259/month, which includes all the features.

3. MagicAdz 


MagicAdz is a good choice for you if you want to thoroughly analyze your competitor’s ad campaigns down to every last detail. This tool gives you a complete overview and insights with the help of their extensive ad database, which generally has millions of ads. In addition to that, it also provides worldwide ad coverage, which means you get ad scraped from over 50 countries.

MagicAdz also provides customized search options just like PowerAdSpy, with the help of which you can apply different filters in your search and only get the result which you desire.

Coming on to the pricing options, MagicAdz plans start from $99/month and go up to $749/month, for the most premium one. It does have a free trial version, but it lasts for one day only. Yes, their plans are costly, but it does have features to compensate for the price point. 

4. Adplexity


Adplexity is a little bit different as it is not just one tool, but it is a collection of multiple tools. They all do the same thing, which is spying on your competitor’s ads, but each one of them has their own pricing plans and uses. 

The modules that it offers are Desktop, Native, Mobile, Push, E-commerce, Carriers, and API. You can choose any one of them based on which platform ads you want to scrape from Facebook. 

Coming to the pricing options, Adplexity doesn’t have one single plan for all of their modules; they offer separate ones for each. The Mobile/Desktop/E-commerce module will cost you $199/month/user, and the Native/Push/Carriers module will cost you $149/month/user. 

Adplexity does provide different options to choose from, but it can also become a huge disadvantage for some people as for beginners or individuals who want an ad scraping tool. Plus, most people want a simple tool that works for them, not the other way around. But at the same time, this tool is exceptionally great for a person or an organization who are professionals and are looking for a diverse tool that can perform different tasks based on each platform. 

5. AdSpy


AdSpy provides you with a complete ad database from all over the world. This is a great tool for you if you are searching for an efficient way to track your competitor’s ads or ad campaigns. AdSpy has an ad database of 74.2 million ads and 12.7 million advertisers from 198 countries, which is just astonishing. 

Along with such an immense database, AdSpy also has tons of features like Ad search with filters, a huge database, affiliate marketing, etc. AdSpy does have a free trial option, but its monthly cost is $149/month, which is way more than what other tools are offering above, and if you compare the features they offer, the difference is substantial.

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Facebook Scraper tools are revolutionizing the way we tally data from social media. These retargeting Facebook ad scrapers can give you complete insights into your competitor’s ads. Therefore if you are not already applying this tool in your marketing campaign, it is high time you should. 

Among the five tools listed above, the best one according to my usage and the features they provide at the competitive price point will be PowerAdSpy. With this tool, you get a complete package at an affordable price. But you can choose any one of them if it floats your boat.

That’s all from me guys. If you have any doubts or queries or you think the software is worthy enough to be included in the list, feel free to mention it in the comments.