03 Alternatives for Turbo Ad Finder Extension

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03 Alternatives for Turbo Ad Finder Extension

If you are an online marketer, chances are, you are aware of your potential competitors, and it is very exhausting to research what they advertise. It is precisely where tools and software like Turbo ad finder extension comes into play. But this Chrome extension suddenly stopped working after 2019, leaving about 20,000 registered individuals disappointed. According to the nature of this tool, I recommend 03 best Turbo ad finder alternatives. But let’s first get into the basics. 

What Is Turbo Ad Finder Extension? 

Turbo ad finder is a free Chrome extension that filters your Facebook feed to display all the posted ads. It blocks all the regular posts, making it easier for a person to view and assess only Facebook ads on their feed. Due to its easy-to-use nature and commendable results, the Turbo ad finder extension gained a lot of customers recently. Such tools are beneficial in the following ways: 

1. Analyzing Competitor’s Ads 

Knowing what your competitors are up to is always a commendable way of understanding the marketing trends. It is crucial to comprehend what your audience wants in your niche, and there is no better way of knowing it other than analyzing the other ads that get maximum clicks. 

2. Saving Money on Experimentation 

When you keep a tab on other advertisers, who get to know what works in the industry beforehand. Meaning, you can save all those dollars on experimenting with different ads and can directly pick the format that gets your brand the desirable results! 

3. Getting Creative Inspiration 

Continually observing and comparing other people’s ads assist an advertiser in getting creative inspiration from the texts, banners, images, videos, etc. that they use. In turn, they can come up with more creative ads the next time. 

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Limitations of Turbo Ad Finder Extension 

All in all, this tool is pretty convenient and useful, but it comes with some very unavoidable limitations. Firstly, it will only show the ads from your news feed. Meaning, you cannot search for ads on messenger, stories, etc. 

Plus, Facebook places its ads according to the target audience suitable for the product. So, the performance of your Facebook account will affect the ads that this tool displays on the screen. The ads would be highly personalized, targeted, and based on your personal preferences. The results are, thus, biased, and it becomes a bit tricky to view ads from all the advertisers. 

Why Did the Extension Stop Working? 

Until now, there is no specific information from the creators of the Turbo ad finder extension as to why it suddenly stopped functioning. One of the reasons as to why this happened might be due to Facebook’s adjustments to its advertisement strategy. Many of such similar tools ceased to work in 2018 and 2019. In fact, Facebook itself launched the ad tools, Facebook Ad Library, to search for ads that are running across Facebook. 

Nevertheless, various Facebook ads search tools still work pretty well. Read ahead to know some of the best rated and highest reviewed Turbo ad finder alternatives. 

03 Best Turbo Ad Finder Alternatives 

Even though you cannot use this tool for sorting the Facebook ads, a few other tools and software in the market surpass its performance. Let us discuss some of them in brief: 

1. PowerAdSpy 

PowerAdSpy comes in two forms: website and Chrome extension. It not only displays Facebook ads but also displays Google, Instagram, Native, and YouTube ads. It comes with over millions of ads from 15+ countries, updating its database every single day. This tool doesn’t recommend Facebook ads according to your feed but gives you the option to filter down the type of ad that you want to view. 


You will automatically get all the recent Facebook ads on your screen. Then you can filter it down according to the ad position, niche, demographics, keywords used, comments, etc. It comes with a unique feature of searching for keywords and celebrities in the ad images, as well. 

PowerAdSpy is one of the most commendable Turbo ad finder alternatives because it allows you to: 

1. Search for ads filtered and targeted to any particular set of audiences;

2. Get a graphical analysis of the performance of any ad campaign;

3. Geo-target ads along with targeting the posting date, time, domain registration date, etc.;

4. Look for the websites and lander pages linked to the ads;

5. Find lander properties;

6. Find the eCommerce sites linked to the ads and lander pages;

7. Star mark or block ads and advertisers;

8. Analyze competitor’s strategy and sales funnel;

9. And many more..


Conclusively, PoiwerAdSpy is plausibly the best alternative to Turbo ad finder extension in various aspects with a substantial database, extensive features, and an easy-to-use dashboard. You can learn more about PowerAdSpy below. 


2. MagicAdz 

MagicAdz is a pretty new tool in the market, which recently made a huge buzz among the advertisers. It allows users to find affiliate ads, whether cloaked or uncloaked. As a result, you can analyze the actual landing page of the publisher. 


MagicAdz is a great tool that assists you to: 

1. Assess and build your own cloaked and non-cloaked ads;

2. Download competitor lander pages on mobile;

3. Sort by comments to find engaging ads;

4. Works on any niche. Marketers can use it to find ads relevant to multiple offers at a time;

5. Connect via mobile to view the ads and landing pages;

6. And many more..

However, there’s one drawback to the approach of this tool here. There is a risk of your account getting banned if any of the cloaked pages violate the Facebook ad policies. Also, this tool does not include any other social media channel, but it is not a drawback as long as you are interested only in Facebook. 

3. SocialPeta 

It is a great Facebook ad spy tool that shows all the gaming and non-gaming related ads on its platform. SocialPeta has a database of over 200M+ ads that scrapes the web and countries all across the world. There are more than 10k playable ads as well, along with some detailed statistics. 


Social Peta is one of the most laudable Turbo ad finder alternatives because it allows its users to: 

1. Find trending creatives in the form of playable ads;

2. Browse through a vast database of eCommerce, gaming, and non-gaming ads;

3. Get statistics of downloads and ad revenues for up to 60 days;

4. Assess the regional data for ads running in different regions and countries;

5. Get app-store analysis for various apps and trending keywords;

6. Uncover and analyze the influence of top brands over social media channels;

7. And many more..

However, despite all the great features, SocialPeta is only commendable if used to track apps and ads for gaming-related content. You might want to refer to other tools if you need a broader perspective across all the niches. 

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Wrapping It Up!! 

Here you have three of the best Turbo ad spy alternatives. By comparison, you can clearly see that PowerAdSpy is the best among them all in terms of analysis, data, and functioning. However, you can check all the features of the tools mentioned above and pick the right one for your business. 

Was this helpful? Have you checked all the alternatives for Turbo ad Finder Extension? Do you wish to try any of these? Do you have doubts/suggestions/queries? Please let me know in the comments section- I would love to hear from you. Check PowerAdSpy and its features for free.