Facebook Campaign Objectives: Which One Should I Choose?

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Facebook Campaign Objectives: Which One Should I Choose?

Have you decided to run ad campaigns on Facebook for promoting your business? If yes, then the first choice you have to make is selecting the campaign objective for your Facebook ads. It is important to opt for the right Facebook campaign objectives from the start, as it can affect the ad delivery and bidding options for your campaigns.

If you have newly started marketing on Facebook, you might get confused with so many options. In such a case having a bit of knowledge about your campaign goals would help you to claim better results by giving you more traffic and conversions for your business.

So, have you thought about what could be the best ad objective for your Facebook marketing campaign? While there are many things that you need to keep in mind before making any decision.

In that case, you can utilize a powerful ad analytic tool like PowerAdSpy, which lets you observe the best performing campaigns of your competitors. It also shows you other important information like ad engagement, target audience, and other demographic information of the target audience, which you can utilize to optimize your own Facebook ad campaigns.

In this blog, we would discuss all those things about Facebook campaign objectives. And also tell you, what should be the criteria for selecting the right objective that can bring more clicks and conversion on your Facebook ads.

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What Is Facebook Campaign Objective?

If you are thinking about creating an ad campaign on Facebook, there might be some goals in your mind. Choosing an ad objective is an important part of your campaign that decides the reach with your target audience. Based on the objective selected, Facebook analyzes the user’s data and delivers it to your targeted audience so that you could have better chances of gaining more conversions.


These objectives are categories into 3 categories:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion


Initially, when starting a Facebook ad campaign, marketers want to enhance their brand awareness to more people so they can reach more audiences. To achieve that, Facebook provides you with two options.

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Reach

Brand Awareness

The motive of brand awareness objective is to showcase your Facebook ads so that more people could know about your brand products and services. Facebook has calculated the longer people watch an ad, the more will be the chances of remembering it. With this objective in your campaign, you might not gain instant clicks and conversions. However, it can really help you to pique the interest of newer audiences.


For example: After seeing a brand’s ads on Facebook, many people may not click on it or make a purchase. But it can make an impact in their mind which you can later help you to increase consideration and conversions for your brand.


Now that the people are getting aware of your brand, you want to get conversions. In that case, you need to grow your reach with the target audience to make your ads more relevant according to the interest of potential customers. Unlike in the case of brand awareness objective in which Facebook may show your ads to similar audiences again and again, with reach objective your ads will be shown to more number of people. And it also gives you the ability to control the frequency of ads shown to the same person.

That way, it would help you to reach a wider audience while you can also narrow it down to a selective target audience so that you could get better conversions.


The second part of the Facebook campaign objective is to nurture the consideration of your audiences using special offerings. It might help you to draw the attention of your potential customers so that you could be able to gain more business opportunities.

The consideration objective is further categorized into 6 different ad objectives.

  1. Traffic
  2. Engagement
  3. App installs
  4. Video views
  5. Lead generation
  6. Messages


The purpose of the Traffic objective is to draw your target audience to your website. That means it would help you to draw the attention of viewers to your website. If you are looking to generate sales or leads through your website, then getting traffic on your website might help you to convert more potential customers.


If you want to engage with your audience and would like to know their response, then an engagement objective can help you to achieve that. That means more people would like to comment, share, and like your ads on Facebook. Under the engagement section, you have the option to go with Post engagement (encourage users to share, react and comment on a post), or Page likes (encourage the audience to bring more likes on your business page),  or Event response (invite users to attend online or offline events).


Having more likes, comments, and shares on your posts works as social proof, which also creates an impact on your audiences. It would help you to build a reputation for your brand that satisfies every requirement of customers. Also, it would help you to convert your cold audience into a warm one so that you can generate more hot leads for your business.

App Installs:

Nowadays, most companies have their own mobile applications for their brand. Since there is quite a rise in users who use mobile devices to do online shopping. If you also have a mobile app for your brand, then you can use App Installs objective, which increases the chances of getting more installation of your mobile app. The budget of your campaign depends on the number of apps installed you will be getting.

Note: To increase the number of app installations, you can target Look-Alikes audiences based on the current user based on your mobile application.

Video Views

As you can see that video marketing is getting quite a popularity on social media platforms. And most of the marketers are utilizing the different video advertising formats of Facebook to attract the audience attention. By selecting this objective, you can enhance the  audience engagement on your video ads. That way you can use awesome video content to bring more conversions for your business.


Lead Generation

You can use this ad objective to collect the information of your audiences’ details like name, email, phone number from your prospect so that you can follow up with them later. You might have seen that sometimes Facebook also prefills the information in the text field which makes this process quick or easy. While you can contact them back to take follow up to funnel down sales conversions in your business.


Facebook also lets you advertise using its messenger app. There are two ways you can use this objective to win the consideration of your audience. Firstly, you can use messenger as an ad placement. And in a second way, you can use messenger to bring click from prospects on your ads that could bring you conversions


Now coming to the Conversion Facebook campaign objective, here also you have 3 different options.

  1. Conversions
  2. Catalogue Sales
  3. Store Traffic


In simple terms, you can say that your campaign objective is to bring conversions. Before using this objective, you need to have the installation of Facebook Pixel on your website. Under this objective, you have the collective options: Leads, Add to cart, Make a purchase, etc. Depending on the reach of your ads and business website, you can win more earning opportunities from a Facebook ad campaign.


Pro Tip:

Conversion mostly depends on the landing page of your website. So if you have a streamline sales funnel, then you have better opportunities to convert potential customers.

Catalog Sales:

If someone has taken an interest in the ads of your product but has not purchased yet, you can retarget such users under this objective. There you also have the option to connect your ad with an existing catalog on other platforms (Eg-Shopify). This would make it much easier for you to advertise your products’ ads on Facebook.

Store Visits:

In case you want to bring people to your store, you can opt for this category of Facebook campaign objectives. It can be particularly useful for the business brands that have stores in various locations and want to target the local audience to bring conversions.

So, have you decided to opt for which campaign objective for your Facebook ads? Based on the different stages of sales funnel, the objectives of your ad campaigns will change. If you aren’t sure, use PowerAdSpy tool to analyze the best Facebook ads of your competitors. You can use this tool to find your target audience whom you convert into potential customers.

Wrapping Words:

If  you look at all the objectives, they all fulfil certain necessities of your ad campaign. However, which one could be the best, depends on what stage of sales funnel you want to target. So before setting up the Facebook ad campaigns, you should consider the above shown objectives and create your campaign accordingly. That way, you could be able to attain your desired outcome in your business.

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