What Makes YouTube Mysterious & Challenging For Creators ?

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What Makes YouTube Mysterious & Challenging For Creators ?

We all know that it’s the YouTube algorithm that determines what people are gonna watch on the platform. To be precise, it’s all YouTube’s algorithm job leading the people to watch recommended videos. If you successfully crack the algorithm, then BINGO ! You can earn decent traffic and engagement to your content.

Sounds simple! We wish.

The obstacle is YouTube isn’t proverbial for keeping the transparency bond with creators or advertisers, more like a guarded panel.  However, if you are a creator or advertiser, it’s crucial to comprehend how these unique algorithms work to attract and maintain an audience.

Here in this blog, we are heading off to gaze on how the YouTube algorithm operates and all the latest YouTube algorithm tactics to keep the balance. Before that, let us learn some historical facts about the YouTube algorithm.

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History Of YouTube Algorithm


The first video got uploaded on YouTube in 2005. Now, after 15 years, people are uploading 500 hours of content to the platform every minute. But there was a time when everyone, including me, thought that someone was peeping into our history to recommend something we would love to see.


Questioning every time seeing the recommended videos, how do they come to know what we desire to view? Slow clapping for our imagination!

Although certainly, we all learned that it’s the algorithm that recommends its viewer according to their activities, liking, and searching. This understanding is vital for creators and advertisers aiming to optimize their YouTube targeted ads.

What Changes Happen After the Deadly Pandemic?

2005- 2012: Clicks

In the initial years, YouTube used to reward the content that has higher ticks rather than engagements.

Due to this reason, there were high-level graphs of click: confusing captions and thumbnails. Users would click, feel cheated and deceived, and then ultimately abandon the video. Ultimately, YouTube discerned that their user participation is befalling, which makes them upgrade themselves.

2012: View Timing

In 2012, the stage published an update to the development scheme meant to recognize the videos people desire to see. It reassures the promoters that the platform can produce a relevant, good-quality experience for people by prioritizing the content that holds the attention.

2016: The Mysterious Algorithm

So this was YouTube’s own secret Coca-Cola recipe which is still mysterious. Many updates, fixes but we don’t know the many details under YouTube’s hood.


2016- To present Borderline content, demonetization, and brand protection

In 2020, when the coronavirus was at the peak, YouTube cut off any borderline content. ( The content doesn’t violate the platform’s community guidelines but is dangerous or misleading ).

As announced by the YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki that” when people come to YouTube searching for coronavirus topics, on average 94% of the videos they see in the top 10 results come from high authority channels.”

Regardless, work is still in progress and development, which creates the mandatory situation for creators and advertisers to stay up to date and well informed.

Although you have to keep in mind, the YouTube algorithm compensates for your content with huge visibility and ad income. Assuredly, it doesn’t mean that it won’t swing around and demonetize your content in any situation, advertisers perceive it objectionable.

It brings us to the next section that holds a tad of knowledge of operating the mysterious algorithm.

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?


YouTube’s algorithm serves the most relevant, personalized videos to their users based on five parameters which are search, home, suggested, videos trending, subscriptions, and notifications.

By helping users find the videos they’re most likely to watch and enjoy, YouTube retains viewers on the platforms for as long as possible and gets them to visit their site regularly.

 The YouTube algorithm always rewards engagement in comparison with other metrics. But what changes will it revolve around in 2021?

In 2021, the YouTube algorithm will continue to cherish the YouTube video tags and subscriber interactions. YouTube is also beta testing a new short-form video feature called YouTube shorts. Similarly, the YouTube algorithm is also favoring under 60-second videos.

Heading a slight curve from the track, don’t we all want to see the outcomes before launching the advertisements or campaigns. We bet that nothing is better if given an option to make better marketing decisions by learning what ads are already successful and investing in those which can provide you better upshots.

PowerAdSpy is an ad intelligence tool that gives you the world’s largest YouTube ads library to search with over 50 million ads from 20 different countries with thousands of new ads.

 Top features of PowerAdSpy YouTube Ads


Advanced Search and Filters –

PowerAdSpy lets you reveal the best ads and countries that send the most organic traffic to your competitors to analyze better how your competitors outrank you.

Comprehensive Analytics-

This YouTube ad spy tool analyzes which native ad campaign will let you get the most clicks. See which network groups are most effective for their ad campaign and many more valuable metrics with a single click.

List Building Domination-

PowerAdSpy allows you to grow your email lists rapidly by showing and analyzing the exact ads, funnels ad, targeted audience members of any advertisers, keywords, domains, and many better filters.

 05 Tips To Improve The Organic Engagement And Reach On YouTube


Here is why it is essential to improve performance for YouTube videos

Creating Effective Metadata-

Metadata comprises data related to a video, such as a title description, tags, and explanations. It can improve your video to become more visible and be discovered by the algorithm. Optimizing your metadata is quite crucial to let your video stand out from the crowd.

Research Your Competitors On YouTube-

Before you create videos or any other content on YouTube, but also for social media platforms. We recommend you to have detailed research on what kind of videos your competitors are doing.


  • the variety of video they are creating
  • the level of their engagement
  • the number of views they have
  • the metadata they are practicing

But no one in the world has the time to sit down and analyze one by one, am I, correct folks?

You can rely on PowerAdSpy, an intelligence spying tool that lets you search the ads, video content not only from a competitor but also from around the globe. PowerAdSpy’s searching algorithm examines the best content by providing keywords, tags, domain, and advertisers.

Publish Frequently-

One of the mantras to get organic traffic and engagement is, increasing the quantity without compromising the quality of the content. The more videos you publish, the better chance you’ll have of hitting the right nerve. So publishing quality content often is a crucial factor for the algorithm.

Make Your Video Public At The Right Time-

Newness is an influential ranking factor for every social media algorithm. YouTube’s notification feature pings your subscriber when you upload a new video, and it gets efficient if they are out looking for something new to watch.

But keep track of picking up the right time of the day or week to drop your newest content.

Turn Viewers into the Subscribers-

In YouTube, fans are technically a testing ground, giving the initial signals which help to dictate the progress of the content. YouTube algorithms always show the content that gets more engagement and also the new eyeballs.

Optimization of Video Content For YouTube’s Algorithm


YouTube ranking is grounded on two crucial metrics: relevance of the keyword and engagement metrics. To understand it further let’s dive into the details of this terms:

Keyword Relevance

Ranking on YouTube requires the primary thing to contemplate the optimization of content and channel according to the search uncertainties. Place the fitting keywords in your video’s title, tag descriptions, and thumbnail files.

Analyzing the popular search queries that can divert the audiences to your content in order to get in YouTube’s search report. You can fill the content gaps, add the search queries and keywords to the metadata, or create a new video wholly for the search queries.

Engagement Metrics

The subsequent matter to contemplate when ranking on YouTube is an optimization of your content and channel for engagement. A measured point is the number of times a user watches your video and how much time they spent.

If you successfully figured out which topics and videos generate the most engagement and solely emphasize creating the content. You will be able to shoot up the search page and recommended video feed.

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Wrapping Up

It’s essential to keep track of the changes which keep coming every day  so that you know what does and doesn’t get promoted on the platform. If you are a creator or advertiser trying to grow audience and engagement, be sure to optimize the content according to the YouTube algorithm.

 PowerAdSpy can help you create and set the unique and trendiest campaign collected from every angle of the world at one click. Signup today

The YouTube algorithm evolves and one thing remains constant: if your content gets more watch and gets more engagements, the better chance the algorithm will surely reward you.