Instagram Ad Hacks For Ecommerce : Do They Really Work?

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Instagram Ad Hacks For Ecommerce : Do They Really Work?

In this era of online marketing, eCommerce brands or businesses can not afford to juggle new updates or news related to social media platforms. It is sparklingly evident that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others have signified the high spots in the world of advertising.

Instagram is the ideal one for advertising after Facebook because of its sturdy advertising arrangements in businesses. Nonetheless, for creating the content, targeting the audience, and building campaign content around the specific goals for developing the business growth.

However, Instagram got millions of active users, with each rising day, it retains updating its features to mold the platform way better for advertisers and eCommerce businesses. The market is inundated with numerous marketing tactics for better engagement and reach for pages and accounts. Barely few are capable and outcome orientated, although, today through this blog, we will discuss all the Instagram ad hacks for eCommerce businesses.

Let us dive into this blog, shall we?

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Ecommerce ads are not only popular among marketers or advertisers but also the audience. While scrolling through the social media feeds, every user does once tap in the shop now! And glance at what the brand offers and whether it meets its requirements. Do you agree with us or not?

So, what are the eCommerce ads, why is it behind the craze of e-commerce ads, and how eCommerce ad tips can be helpful to grow the business? Let us examine;

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What are eCommerce Ads?

Ecommerce ads have gained their name on social media networking sites due to the wide range of active audiences. Although, perfectly designed features on the social media platforms make advertising easier for eCommerce sites. 

eCommerce is the craze for digital advertisers and marketers because of the range of audiences for their marketing strategies. But despite that, the seamless wide range of target audience and the billions count of online shoppers, eCommerce advertising is a daunting task.

Why? Likewise, every eCommerce site desires to have a holding grip on the online sites and wants to be at the peak of advertising. It addresses the competition levels higher for small or big businesses.

Marketing strategies at some instances fail or do not proffer the appropriate returns, because it works best with the alliance of research and analysis. Like what advertising trend is going on now and how your competitors are doing.

Research and analyze the market trends and what ads will best serve you. What ads will fit your sales funnels and all those researching factors are vital steps. To nail that, you need an ad intelligence tool that can do all the tasks on your behalf so that you can only focus on your ROI and outcomes.


PowerAdSpy, an ad intelligence tool for all your advertising-related worries with 50 million ads listed, over 100+ countries furthermore all-around 50k ads daily. It runs on Facebook, Google Instagram, YouTube, GDN, Native, Reddit Quora, and Pinterest ads. Also, ensure to monetize the ads that will bring the best possible ROI.

Some of the salient features of PowerAdSpy, which allows the marketer to ease and curate many ads-

  • Display all the current, lives, and past social media ads that are winners in any niche. Search by keywords, advertiser, and domain names.

  • Know the targeting countries, ages, genders of the best performing ads. Analyze and see where the traffic generated by the winner ads is diverting.

PowerAdSpy is a functional framework that allows social blueprint learners to see, engage, and qualify ads through social media. We will learn more about the PowerAdSpy working and how it is beneficial for advertising strategies, further in this blog; 


What are the Instagram Ads?


Technically, Instagram ads are the stories or posts that a business or brand pays to promote the target audience through Instagram feeds. Visually they look as similar as Instagram posts but tagged as “Sponsored”. Instagram ads incorporate a call-to-action button to drive the traffic or ROI.

Several features of Instagram ads are designed notably for eCommerce to allow the brand to expand to the specific targeted audience.

Types of Instagram Ads 

Instagram allows ad compositions ;

  • Stories ads 
  • Photo ads 
  • Video ads 
  • Carousel ads
  • Explore ads 
  • IGTV ads 
  • Instagram shopping ads 

Each type of the ads has a different call-to-action option available. However, Instagram is continuously working on performing its feature to extend the promotion and advertising opportunities. There are numerous Instagram ad hacks for eCommerce nevertheless, choosing the one which will serve the best is a challenging task. 

07  Beneficial Instagram Ad Hacks for eCommerce


Here we are present 07 well-proven and promising Instagram ad hacks for eCommerce businesses or sites. So without any further delay, let us get started with hacks no 1;

#Hack1- Instagram Bio 


Keeping the eCommerce aside, you will acknowledge that whenever you search for any individual profile or page, the prime thing that hooks your attention is the Instagram bio. Or maybe that Instagram bio determines whether you will follow that page or not. Agree?

For brands, it’s like your identification card to express your possible customer about your brands, products, and website. However, it is limited to 150 characters ( we know it is too few to explain a lot) utilized to the fullest. 

Instagram bio can assist in attracting more followers to your profile through SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). Did we sound mysterious? The right keywords used in the bio raise the probability that the target audience will find your profile while looking for relevant products.


#Hack2 – Add The Discount In The Bio Section


As illustrated earlier, your audience catches the bio section first, and it is obviously wise to add the discount code or offers in the bio section will surely make them roll in.

As per a report, approx. 50% of the customers follow the brand on social media to learn about the coupon codes, offers, and discounts. This process works vice versa. Ecommerce businesses leverage Instagram bio to create a curiosity level for the followers regarding their offerings

#Hack3 – Showcase Your Happy Client Posts


Happy client posts are one of the essential Instagram ad hacks for eCommerce. Featuring your satisfied and happy customer is always attention pitching, and it will create a sense of authenticity and trust within your followers.

Also, this way, the audience will come to know more about your offerings, and it will furnish a sort of testimonials for your eCommerce business. According to a recent report, 82% of the mass audience read and believed the customer review before making the purchase, and showing the social proof will build the trust level.

#Hack4- Build quick replies for direct messages 


Today’s marketing strategy’s conspicuous demand is customer service. People want to ensure that your product meets their demands and necessities. Instagram ad’s emphasized aspect is the excellent customer service tool.

The direct message allows the B2C conversation, which lets the business contact the customers and provides them the personalized services they want.

#Hack5- Use Branded content in Instagram Ads


In Instagram ads, unless you operate a paid ad campaign. It is difficult to cut the noise of advertising because of its competitive environment for businesses. Build branded content with the partnership of your niche influencers to get more eCommerce sales. Branded content gets the attention of potential customers.

Influencer marketing is on the peaks of marketing strategies in the Instagram platforms. When influencers use your branded tags , the branded content appears in the feed of the audiences.

#Hack6-Utilize Instagram Reels 


Instagram reels are the short type of video content of 15 seconds. For generating more organic traffic, it is essential to gain more followers, especially those who do not follow your brand. Instagram is known for its widespread audience since there is no limit for ways for a brand to connect with the audiences.

Utilizing the Instagram reels to launch new products, showcasing the ranges, and keeping the conversation with the audience can create interactive bonds. It is a wise hack to talk about your products and the details to kick the interest. Also, you can use Instagram reels to ask the audience about their experiences.

#Hack7-Set Up Instagram shopping

With the commencement of Instagram shopping, businesses and brands had access to eCommerce features like product tags, shoppable stickers, and in-app checkout.

It is imperative to set up Instagram shopping and features and if you are already using the eCommerce platforms like Shopify, there is an alternative to connect the product catalog to your business profile. This way, you can easily show off your products, add information and price tags. 

These are the best well-proven Instagram ad hacks for eCommerce sites and businesses. However, Instagram is evolving with each passing day, so as the updates and features. No wonder why both brands and consumers prefer Instagram and other social media platforms.

 The upcoming section includes how to search the relevant keywords and how PowerAdSpy operates. Let us begin ;

PowerAdSpy – Built By Affiliates , For Affiliates

Below down are the steps on how to search the ads with the keywords and how the PowerAdSpy works;

  • To begin, log in to the PowerAdSpy dashboard using the login link with your respective credentials. You will be welcome into the PAS dashboard as formulate it will show the ads for Facebook. However, on the left side, there are other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Google, Native, GDN ads, Reddit, and Quora. 


  • In the navigation bar above, you can search keywords, advertisers, and domains to search. And down below, there are filtering options viz Search by, Sort By, Filters, and lander properties. Supposedly, we have selected the Instagram option and searched for the keyword, holiday. After pressing enter, it will show you all the ads with the keyword holiday.


  • To know the details of the ad, click on the “show the analytic button” and in seconds. PowerAdSpy will show all the details of the ads like basic info, redirects, outgoing links, Instagram post links, first seen, last seen, post date, age, ad language, target profile, and running days.


So, this is the basic working of PowerAdSpy and how you can search ads with the keywords. PowerAdSpy feature also can be helpful in competitive analysis and when your mind is stuck on what ads will serve you.  To kick start your advertising strategies, signup today!

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Bottom Lines For Instagram Ad Hacks!

Instagram ad hacks for eCommerce sites and businesses are numerous, but deciding what will work for you is what puzzles the mind. Some of the hacks are evident and sure leverage your business. Utilizing and keeping track of Instagram’s new updates are non-negotiable. The Instagram platform continues to develop in popularity while experimenting with the Instagram ad tool won’t be dissipated. 

Replan your goals, work on your strategies, discover what type of ads will soar your eCommerce business. Also, don’t forget to use the Instagram ad hacks for eCommerce with a little sparkle of ad intelligence to ensure they will work and give you the best outcome. What’s your Instagram ad hack for eCommerce and how it’s serving, tell us in the comment section. We will love to discover new ones!