How Can The Recent Updates Improve Your Facebook Post Ideas?

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How Can The Recent Updates Improve Your Facebook Post Ideas?

Facebook is the social media giant and one of the most preferred sites for business owners. It is a vast platform that has room for businesses following various niches and trying to make the most out of their social media marketing strategies and improve your Facebook post ideas.

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Hence, it always keeps updating the platform to provide a better user experience to its audience. Again, it is also necessary for the users to understand the efforts behind the update. So, here we have some of the latest Facebook post updates that you might expect to get your hands on in 2021.

Facebook Algorithm Updates

The Facebook algorithm helps determine the posts that appear on the News Feeds when the users open the application. Which content will come up first and how all the posts will get lined up ultimately depends on this algorithm.

According to Facebook, the Facebook algorithm consists of various layers of machine learning, which helps predict the rankings of the posts. The Facebook posts get arranged according to the importance and interest of the content to the user.

On the other hand, Facebook provides a better user experience to the audience by not displaying all the contents in chronological order. The Facebook algorithm analyzes each post, scores the content, ranks them according to the user interest, and puts them in descending order in the News Feeds. The entire process keeps running whenever your audience refreshes their Facebook feeds posts. It is one of the best Facebook post ideas you can use to improve your ad creatives.

Algorithm Of Facebook:

Facebook algorithm is all about deciding which post to show at first so that the user gets intrigued in scrolling the application and encountering more advertisements in their way.

The platform believes that the algorithm they have set for the users has a specified objective. The main aim of it is to provide users with content that is more relevant to their searches. They make sure that whatever appears in their Newsfeeds are the posts that share a similar interest as the user.

They try to keep it relevant so that the audience will explore more from the pages. The posts get arranged according to their significance to the user without distinguishing between friends, family, ads, or pages they follow.

Facebook says they try to recognize the user activities on the platform to put the posts accurately in the algorithm they follow. They need to understand what sort of posts the user likes, comments, shares, and interacts with to provide better results. Facebook also performs surveys to check the contents that intrigue the users and which Facebook page, business profile, influencer they wish to see.

The platform Facebook has decided to update its algorithm and ranking by prioritizing the friends from which the users wish to see the posts and the links or networks they share. You can see the ad strategies of various competitors and improve your Facebook post ideas effectively.

Facebook Partners With Shopify



One of the best updates that Facebook is going to release in 2021 is its partnership with Shopify. It will be software that requires a subscription that will facilitate the business owners to set up their store on the online forum and advertise their products and services on Facebook and improve their Facebook post ideas. It will be the very first time when Shopify has opened up its Shop Pay to consumers outside of the site itself.

So, the Shopify business owners that are willing to sell their goods on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram can enable their potential customers to make payment through Shop Pay and securely checkout of the site.

Making a payment with Shop Pay is way faster than any other third-party application supporting similar functions. It accurately stores the information of the existing customer. Therefore there is no hassle in checking out. When a consumer uses Shop Pay for the first time, it records the data and keeps it safe for future use. Hence, it takes a few minutes to complete the entire procedure of checking out your products.

Content Creators Can Earn From Facebook


Video marketing has become increasingly popular over these years. Again, when platforms like Facebook support putting up long and short videos on the site, the hype has grown to some other level. You can gain knowledge about Facebook post ideas to improve your ad strategy. We have seen video ads in between long videos of 03 minutes and more on the site. But, we heard that Facebook will now allow content creators to create short videos and incorporate video advertisements in them.

According to Facebook, the video creators can build a short 01-minute long video and can run an ad of 30 seconds between it which can also get monetized. For videos that are of duration 03 minutes or longer can put up an advertisement that is 45 seconds long somewhere in between.

Previously only the long videos were enabled to put in-stream ads and monetize them, but Facebook has brought good news for short video creators. The feature of short videos is highly trending on both platforms owned by Facebook. So it will be a game-changer for all the businesses out there.

They only need to create some appealing and beautiful content to advertise their top-selling products on this vast platform. It offers extraordinary deals to put up image, text, and video ads in various forms so the advertisers can get more experimental with their ads. They can go all out with their creativity and provide the most intriguing ads to their target audience.

But wait, how do you always remain aware of the latest trends and watch out for your competitor’s ads on the platform? Well, we have got your back at this.

PowerAdSpy- The Best Ad Spy Tool


You can make use of PowerAdSpy, one of the best advertising intelligence tools that can help you stay aware of all your competitor’s latest ads on various platforms. Again it will also show you some unique and organic advertisements related to your niche. Hence, grab all the Facebook post ideas and create the best advertising campaign whenever you think of posting on the platform.

Let us have a closer look at the PowerAdSpy dashboard and what else we can get our hands on if we get started with PowerAdSpy today.

Steps To Search Ads On PowerAdSpy

Step-1: To get started with the procedure, click on the link below:

Step-2: At the top right corner of the page, choose the Login/Sign Up option

Step-3: Put the appropriate Username/Email and Password in the box



Step-4: Next, tap on Login to proceed to the PowerAdSpy Dashboard


Step-5: The left side of the PowerAdSpy dashboard shows the list of social media platforms from where you can search advertisements. So, you get to choose from Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, GDN Ads, Native Ads, Reddit Ads and Quora Ads.

Step-6: At the top of the page, you can see the search bar. Put the relevant keywords in the box to display the ads.

Step-7: You can enhance your experience and separate the advertisements according to your requirements. You can pick the options comfortably to customize your search results.

Search By: Try searching for Facebook post ideas through the following techniques:


  • Text In Image- Specify the specific text that you require to see in the ads and observe the results in no time
  • Brand In Image- Remember the brand logo and search relevant advertisements of your niche.
  • Object In Image- Type any particular object and see advertisements having the same components in them.
  • Celebrity In Image- Specify the name of your favorite celebrity and separate the particular ads.

Sort By: You can sort your ad search through the following ways:

Likes- Designate the range of minimum to the maximum amount of likes and analyze the results.

Comments- If you need to view the advertisements with the most comments, study the range and have a look at the results

Shares- Analyze the most shared ads of your niche moreover by specifying the required range



Call To Action- Pick from the list of call-to-action buttons ready to narrow your search to the appropriate ads.

Search Ads By Country- Choose the exact location from where you need to identify your competitor’s advertisements.

Ad Type- Pick either you want to view an image or video ad

Ad Position- Choose whether you desire to view Newsfeeds or Side Column ads

Lander Properties:


ECommerce Platform- Select the correct eCommerce platform from which you require to compare the ads.

Funnel- PowerAdSpy allows you to decide between Click Funnel, Lead Pages, or Any Funnel of ads

Marketing Platform- To have a more personalized experience, select your preferred marketing platform from the dropdown list.

Source- Analyze the source of the advertisements. You get to choose from Desktop, Android, iOS or All

Facebook Publishing Platform


Facebook has been looking forward to providing room for content writers and journalists to publish their write-ups on the platform, monetize them and grow their audience network since 2018. But now it is working towards this objective and making sure to release this update pretty soon in 2021.

The tool will provide enormous formats to the users to customize their content and integrate it with the Facebook Pages to post in and reach out to the readers globally through exceptional Facebook post ideas. Various multimedia formats get supported by Facebook that are pictures, stories, and live streaming. Hence, the writers and journalists who wish to present their opinions and perspective to the users can comfortably do it through Facebook now.

It is still unclear how Facebook will connect with these writers and journalists. But we heard that it looks forward to offering some deals to independent writers to monetize their content on the platforms. Again, as newsletters are pretty trendy these days, Facebook plans to get its hands on more intriguing features to make the tool more powerful for the users.

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Wrapping Up

Social media can be a game-changer for your business. And when it comes to the Facebook algorithm, you must stay relevant to the updates getting released. Have an overall idea about all the changes taking place in the platform. So put them together in your social media marketing strategies to always be a step ahead of your competitors.

In this article, we have tried to incorporate the details of the latest updates that we can see in 2021. So, get started with your ad campaigns and marketing strategies to ace the platform in recent times.

I hope the article helped you know about the latest Facebook post ideas. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!