How Video Advertising For eCommerce Platforms Can Change Your Business?

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How Video Advertising For eCommerce Platforms Can Change Your Business?

Today, business owners have enormous options to advertise their products and services that were not available before. The advertising platforms are pretty widespread, and the marketers get to pick out any form of advertisement they prefer. The most fundamental types that we all know are picture advertising and video advertising. And the most used type of ads are video ads for eCommerce that businesses use to play thier ads on various eCommerce platforms which are visited by customers in high numbers.

Picture advertisements have prevailed for a long time, but video ads got into the limelight maybe a decade ago. And it has managed to create that hype. But what is the build-up all about? What features of video advertisements make them stand out? How did video ads start gathering all the attention of the audience?

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Just dive right into the blog to get all your queries resolved related to video ads. And we will surprise you with one of the most comprehensive tools for advertising which will make your ad campaigns more dominant than your competitors.

Video Advertising For eCommerce


Video ads for eCommerce are not just a stream of a river. Indeed it is a gigantic ocean. Hence, it has multiple definitions which depend entirely on the person you ask about it.

For a company investing in various networks and platforms to showcase its ads, video advertising is all about proffering the digital media sites with video content. These ad campaigns also incorporate banners of the brand and texts as well in their videos. So for them, all the ads shown under the video streaming section get designated as video ads.

But for some advertisers, their interpretation of video advertising is quite different from what we discussed above. Video ads are more about dispensing the story of your brand. And a complete description of the products and services of your company.

It must define the niche you follow and why the audience needs to check out your website. Video ads should also compel your target audience to pay more attention to the content you share rather than skipping it. It will unquestionably make you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Again the best part of creating video advertising content is social media and its massive audience network. These days the social networking platforms have started prioritizing video ads over text ads and picture ads. The reason is the users get more interested in watching high-quality videos than reading a text. Hence, it has become necessary for all marketers to master the art of building appealing video ad content.

How Does It Work?

Customize Your Ads


Advertisements are all about talking more regarding your brand to let the audience know about the niche you follow and the products and services you deal with. But it is not only about that. Check who your target audience is and how you can make the most out of your advertising. So, you have to customize your ads accordingly. Hence your audience always gets the idea behind your advertisement.

Understand Customer Perspective

Every video ad must contain a story. Tell why your business is important and how your products and services can help make your customer’s life easier. Again, do not go way too far for your content. Keep it authentic and organic.

Keep in mind that your video ads must be in a series, and the storyline must connect the user’s perspective.

Call-To-Action Button

You can make your target audience land right on your official website through a call-to-action button. It will be more straightforward and transparent for the users to interact with your products and service on the site.

You can elaborate about your top-selling products and services in your video ads which will attract the users to click on the CTA button. It will easily convert your target audience to your potential customers with just a click.

YouTube Video Ads For eCommerce- A New Way Of Advertising


Today we believe there is no other better platform to advertise than YouTube. But it all started a decade ago when it got interpreted that video advertising will be the future of the advertising industry. Back then, the users did not advertise on YouTube much, and merely 24 hours of video content got featured on the platform per minute.

As predicted, it has become the second-largest search engine in the world. And surprisingly, the hours of video posted today have increased to 500 hours of content per minute.

Again when the entire world got shut behind closed doors, video advertising was emerging with full pace. Viewers found it more meaningful and intriguing to get involved in such content than any other advertising form. As the users got more close to the social networking sites in these difficult times, video advertising got more widespread, and it was all over the place.

YouTube believes in spending heavily on the newest feature that grabs the attention of more users. Hence, after Instagram, YouTube adopted the trait of posting short videos on the platform. It has been named YouTube Shorts.

The business owners can also put up their ads in this section. As it is a new feature, users will spend more time watching YouTube Shorts. Again, these short videos provide an opportunity to deliberate more about the latest launch or the top-selling products of your company within a short span. YouTube is all set to help the advertisers to proffer their audience network with winning video ad content.

Video Ad Analysis With PowerAdSpy


It’s time for your surprise. As we promised at the beginning of the blog, we will introduce you to the most convenient tool to be one step ahead of your competitors in terms of advertising.

PowerAdSpy is an advertising intelligence tool to meet all your advertising needs at once. It is a one-stop destination to check for the latest advertisements of your competitors following a similar niche. With PowerAdSpy, search for ads on different social media platforms. You can do it comfortably by entering the specific keywords in the search bar.

The tool dispenses various ads related to the keyword you entered and the platform that you choose. You can also filter these advertisements according to your requirement and bookmark them to interact with them later.

You can view all the advanced advertisements related to your niche and identify which type of content is preferred by your audience. Hence, you can build unique and appealing video advertising content immediately by referring to these ads from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

Steps To Search Ads On PowerAdSpy

Step-1: Click on the link:

Step-2: At the top right-hand side corner, select the Login/Sign Up option

Step-3: Appropriately enter the Username/Email and Password in the respective box


Step-4: Click on Login to move to the PowerAdSpy Dashboard


Step-5: The left side of the dashboard shows the social networking platforms from where you can hunt advertisements related to your niche.

Step-6: You can see the search bar at the top of the PowerAdSpy dashboard. Mention the relevant and specific keywords in the search box to explore relative ads.

Step-7: Enhance your advertisement searching experience by filtering out the advertisements according to your specifications. You can pick out the options suitably to customize your search of ads.

Search By:

Text In Image- Specify the relevant text you wish to see in the advertisements and view the results in no time.

Brand In Image- Remember the brand logo and identify related advertisements of a particular niche.

Object In Image- Consider any distinct object and see advertisements having the same elements in it.

Celebrity In Image- Mention the name of your preferred celebrity and filter out the precise ads.

Sort By:

Likes- Define the minimum to the maximum amount of likes range on the ads and view the outcomes.

Comments- If you aspire to view the advertisements with the most maximum comments, mention the range and have a glimpse at the results

Shares- Analyze the most shared ads of your niche, moreover by particularizing the requisite range.


Call To Action- Choose from the menu of call-to-action buttons to narrow your search to the relevant ads.

Search Ads By Country- Define the specific location from where you wish to observe your competitor’s advertisements.

Ad Type- Pick either you need to see an image or video advertisements

Ad Position- Choose whether you aspire to view NewsFeed or Side Column advertisements

Lander Properties:

ECommerce Platform- Define the particular eCommerce platform from which you aspire to analyze the advertisements

Funnel- Pick between ClickFunnel, Lead Pages, or Any Funnel of ads.

Marketing Platform- Have a better user experience, determine your relevant marketing platform from the dropdown list.

Source- Mention the source of the ads. You get to choose from Desktop, Android, iOS, or All.

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Final Thoughts

As a business owner, boosting your business requires monitoring audience engagement and traffic. Use pay-per-click to convert your target audience into customers. Simple video ad campaigns can enhance your eCommerce strategies without being complex.

Video ads effectively target your audience, driving engagement, traffic, and sales. With an Google ad spy tool like PowerAdSpy, you can easily learn to create compelling content and analyze competitors’ ads across platforms.

Video marketing is a powerful tool for eCommerce and will grow even more influential. Start using video ads today to see a significant increase in sales. I hope this article helped. Share your thoughts in the comments below!