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Curation Of Hashtags |Tips For Hashtags Analytics

If you are a social media marketing enthusiast, you might know that hashtags are a mandatory spice for your content marketing strategy. However, in the early days of social media, we were all using hashtags, entirely neglecting their importance in the digital world.

Earlier embarrassingly, I used to add bundles of hashtags and sometimes add them as words to frame a sentence.  But jokes apart, these tiny links create the perfect method for discovering relevant content to share and giving your audience an easy way to find your content and grouping it together like a conversation.

Whether you are a seasoned expert or brand new to social media marketing, there is one thing that you must keep your hashtags analytics game on the top. Further, in this article, we will have a table discussion about the hashtags and their relative terms.

Bonus I have a list of some assistants for you to help you to lead your hashtags strategy. So without any further delay, let us get into the topic.

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Evolution Of Hashtags

Initiated as a joke, now become an integral part of social media marketing. Hashtags are termed as the ” language of the internet” that is growing continuously.

Technically, ‘hashtag’ came into existence on August 23, 2007, because of Chris Messina. As a means to differentiate between groups of the topic within tweets. When he pitched it to Twitter, they rejected it with the justification that it was for nerds.

Then again, in October 2007, one of his friends was tweeting about a San Diego wildfire, Chris asked him to add the #sandiegofire to his tweet, and the rest is a  history we all know.

Importance of Hashtags


Hashtags are great tools to identify and group related content. If someone searches out for relatable content with the particular hashtags, it narrows down the results and shows up the result accordingly.

We can not envision Twitter without hashtags, it is mandatory in every tweet. There is at least one to make people have a conversation on the platform in real-time. While, on Instagram, the limitation of using them is at least 30 hashtags for the success of content.

Today, social media posts are flooded with the hashtags and their importance is quite evident, but this comes with certain limitations. Nowadays, hashtags are not limited to social media platforms only they have rooted their stems all over the world. Initial from TV shows, politics, breaking news, celebrities, activities, wedding hashtags, and many more!

Interesting Facts

  • Only 24% of measured tweets contain hashtags.
  • An average of 125 million hashtags is shared globally every day on the platform.
  •  34% of users use hashtags to search and follow topics and brands of personal interest.
  • The most-tweeted global sporting event hashtag was #Euro2016.
  • Tweets that use more than two hashtags show a 17% drop in engagement.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Keep hashtags to one word or short phrases.
  • Make them obvious
  • Make them meaningful
  • #NOSPACES or punctuations.
  • Do not use too many hashtags. ( the act I was embarrassed about)
  • Avoid generic hashtags like #happy, #food,#fun more specific the tag, the more likely your post will come up in a search.

After driving through evolution and all the do’s and don’ts, there is conflict on how many hashtags used to get the desired results?

How Many Hashtags Can You Use?


The number of hashtags you use depends on which platform it is getting posted. It is not one-size-fits-all when it comes to the various social media networks. There are variables of numbers for each social media platform.

Here are few major social media platforms and their hashtags number;

#Facebook > 1- 2 Hashtags

Facebook hashtags can help your content gain visibility, attract new community members for your brand and increase your reach overall. The best approach over Facebook is to be specific and select 1-2 truly relevant hashtags. It will initiate the users to discover and engage with the trending discussions, which is all your brand needs to be front and center.

#Twitter > 1-2 Hashtags

A tricky one here, using up to 1-2 hashtags can boost up your engagement, but besides that, maximizing the count of hashtags can decrease your engagement level. So cautiously stick to 1 or 2 hashtags.

#Instagram >Up to 30 Hashtags

Instagram platforms allow you to share up to 30 hashtags and maximize the engagement level. It is recommendable to use up as many of those 30 as you can. But tracking which hashtags used resulted in best is more crucial than using it.

#Pinterest > 0 Hashtags

Till now, there is not enough data on whether hashtags will perform with or without pins. However, it works the same as Facebook; it does not differentiate when searching for hashtags or keywords.

#LinkedIn > 2 – 3 Hashtags

LinkedIn rooted its stems for hashtags and also created a searching method that does focus on hashtags. Concluded, you can include up to three hashtags in your company LinkedIn post. However, there is no limit to using hashtags but keep it between two or three to make it look professional.

Hashtags are the one which can add the engagement elements to your content unless investigated with the good analytical tools. There are outreaching tools over the market which promise various features to malaise the competition well.

Since hashtags are so common, they should implement in many different ways on many platforms. Analyzing the performance of the hashtags is not easy. However, on the same side, it is mandatory also. Analytics can give you a better idea of the chosen hashtags are performing and how to select them?

Using hashtags is not a challenge, and it proves to be an advanced part of your strategy. Check out the ad intelligence tool that lets you target the audience, view results, and implement the ads that work for you without wasting money on the ads that do not.

PowerAdSpy – Build by Affiliates , For Affiliates


PowerAdSpy is the vast social advertising analytics tool that adequately improves your social campaign and powerful searching algorithm having a database of Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, Native, Reddit, and Quora. It has 50 million ads listed, with 100+ countries and 50K new ads added daily.

PowerAdSpy lets you see the winning ads for any local business niche in a matter of seconds. Search through a domain, keywords, or a fan page show the winner instantly to replicate you or your client business in seconds.

Let us drive through the working of PowerAdSpy to have an understanding of this intelligence tool;


PowerAdSpy, by default, lands you on the Facebook searching page in the center. There is space to enter keywords with 04 options to filter out your search in a better way.

  • Search by
  • Sort By
  • Filters
  • Lander Properties


Supposedly we have entered the #ecommerce keywords for searching PowerAdSpy will show the results according to the filters selected. To know the detailed analytics of the particular ads, tap on the show analytics option below the ads.

After clicking on the link, it will land you on the detail page. You will get the ad analytics details with Basic info redirects, outgoing links, and FB post links.


Scrolling down, you will find more details relative to first seen, last seen, post date, gender, age, ad language, days running, and domain Rgsd date.


The social engagement graph will let you get insights into the number of likes, shares, and comments.


This way PowerAdSpy, lets you analyze each detail of the keyword-related ads. Analyzing the performance of the hashtags is not easy. However, on the same side, it is mandatory also. Analytics can give you a better idea of the chosen hashtags are performing and how to select them?

Here’s are 04  Points  Why You Should Bear Up Analyzing The Hashtags ;


Analyze What Hashtags Drive More Engagement

In the absence of hashtag analytics, you may live in the illusion world, thinking all hashtags will one hundred percent work. You must analyze all the hashtags you know which bring the most likes, comments, and replies.

Hence, we all crave these actions, hashtag analytics, proffer you the best reliable one.

Measure The Awareness Of A Campaign

Tracking your hashtags will help you analyze whether the campaign is working or not. Hashtag analytics will give you a clear idea of the campaign is bringing enough engagement and traffic back to your website.

Track Down The Competitor Hashtags Campaign

Using an analytics tool, you can track all the activities implemented by your competitors. It may help you to get some better performance rather than the used one making your hashtag analytics game on the best shot.

Number Counts On While Using Hashtags

When used in excess numbers, hashtags can make things spammy. Make sure to use the popular ones and decide to eliminate which are not giving the desired results. There are some concluding counts of hashtags for each platform. under and overusing can severely damage your engagement and reach rates.

How To Get Analytics From Hashtags On Facebook

Monitor Any Public Facebook Page

Track any public Facebook page, no matter if it is your competitors or just random public pages. To understand what hashtags are well-performing as compared to any others.

Competitor Analysis

Once you get a sense of how your Facebook page is performing, it is always vital to gain about your competitors. Get beyond spying on followers counts and understand how well the Facebook pages are performing and how they are doing their hashtag analytics to rank them better.

Hashtag Research

Track every keyword related to your brand, research the top-performing hashtags relevant to your brand. Hashtag analytics majorly depends upon the keywords you selected and, the famous trend going on researching well is the one factor you can not stress enough over.

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Wrapping Words

Whether you are an influencer, digital advertiser, or renowned brand, your ad campaign decides the working of your engagement and reach. Using hashtags to boost the performance of your content over social media is not just swinging the wish list, which needs desperate efforts, and using them blindly is as good as not using any.

Ad intelligence tools like PowerAdSpy combined with hashtag analytics tips can make sure what is going on, so you act accordingly. Before you start using any hashtags, make sure it works for you.

So what are your favorite hashtags, and why analyze them? Let us know in the comments below.