How Can Facebook Advertising Statistics Be Your Secret Weapon For Marketing?

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How Can Facebook Advertising Statistics Be Your Secret Weapon For Marketing?

Facebook is one of the most widespread social media platforms, boasting a network of 2.6 billion monthly active users. And we do not need to justify why this social networking site is so popular among the audience. Facebook believes in providing the best user experience to its users by adapting new trends and converting them into features. Keeping track of Facebook advertising statistics can provide further insights into the platform’s reach and effectiveness in engaging audiences.

Facebook allowed users to market their products and services on the platform in 2007. Since then, advertising on Facebook has become one of business owners’ most important social media marketing strategies. It is a pretty awesome platform for new and small-scale businesses to build their brand recognition by promoting their goods on the site.

The platform has also expanded in more ways, such as the Facebook marketplace, where business owners can beautifully advertise their products. Again Facebook supports various forms of advertising to help the users create appealing and engaging content to promote their brand and outstretch to more users.

So, in this blog, we will be looking at some of the most effective Facebook advertising statistics and why brands need to consider them to build brand recognition on this vast platform.

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Facebook Demographics


Facebook proudly boasts of having a dominant audience network, but have you ever wondered who makes this 2.6 billion Facebook user family? They are the audience from around the world arranged in groups of various age ranges.

Users Between 25-34 Years Age Group

The 25-34 years range is considered to be one of the largest Facebook users demographics. Within this range, 19.3% of male and 13.1% of female users remain comparatively more active than the other users.

Facebook is a place for users of all age groups, but keeping that under consideration, we found that about 72.8% of active users lie between the 18-44 years age group.

India Acquires Most Number Of Users

Facebook is a platform that is open to about 130 countries out of 137, and we can proudly say that India is leading them with 290 million active users monthly. Countries like the USA and Indonesia also have a good number of users.

As Facebook has not limited itself to specific countries, it is good news for business owners. They can promote their products on the international market and have more potential customers from different parts of the globe.

Most Active Users Of Facebook Range Between 12-34 Years Age Group

When we think of social media platforms, the one with which almost all the users started their journey is Facebook. There is enormous hype among the users of the 12-34 age group to use Facebook. You can find most of the audience of this particular range who interact with the ads on the platform.

Most Of The Users Have A Good Income

In the US, about 86% of Facebook users are earners. So, you can customize your ads and target a particular group. Hence, they appear to users interested in a similar niche and would initiate a purchase without the fear of a lower target audience count.

Facebook Advertising Statistics


Facebook advertisements are a significant component of Facebook’s profit in the market. The Facebook advertising expenditure considers both general and industry standards. And as the advertisement game is getting stronger in these fields, it takes a lot more to influence the audience with the ads you post. Hence, have a closer look at these trends in Facebook ad statistics to know more about the advertising on this platform.

Total Advertising Revenue= $20.7 billion

Facebook stated that because of the pandemic, several marketers turned to Facebook to advertise their products. There was an immense increase in retailers focusing on online marketing, thus considering Facebook as the best place to advertise.

Hence, it recorded $20.7 billion in revenue from the Facebook advertising investments in 2020. Undoubtedly, they have achieved this success in the past years when marketers have started showing their interest in creating ad campaigns for social media platforms.

Average CPM And CPC

Across the channels available in Facebook Ad Manager,

The average Facebook cost per thousand (CPM)= $5.31
The average cost per click (CPC)= $0.43

It was a steady increase in the year 2020.

Facebook’s Pay Per Click

Facebook Ads Manager has four different advertising placements.

  • Audience Network
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger

Among the four ad placements, advertisers prefer Facebook highly, followed by audience networks for valid reasons. The pay-per-click rate is much higher on Facebook than the audience network and other placements as well.

Facebook Story And Video Ads Receive The Highest Pay Per Click

The Facebook Story feature gained the most hype, and hence the advertisements featured here are the most popular. Yes, Facebook users prefer checking out Story updates rather than going through the feed ads. Hence, the Story ads are pretty successful and receive the highest amount of pay-per-click.

Again, video advertisements have already brought a revolution in the advertising industry. Users have always been interactive with these types of ads. So, there is no question why marketers should post video ads on the platform rather than consider any other.

PowerAdSpy- The Best Ad Intelligence Tool


Now that you have come across the Facebook advertising statistics, you must be clear about the changes you need to make in your upcoming ad campaign. So, if you are looking for the highest pay-per-click on your ads, you must consider putting up Story and video ads on the platform.

Also, remember which age group you are targeting and what sort of ads they prefer. There is no doubt that you must serve the best to your audience every time you post.

But isn’t that way too much stress altogether? So, if you want to sustain and proffer on the social media giant, you have to be super active with your ad campaigns. But how do you manage them collectively along with your business?

Well, that’s not an issue with PowerAdSpy. PowerAdSpy is an advertising management tool to help you search, identify and interact with the latest and trending ads from your competitors. You can dig them out from various social media platforms and create unique content for your ad campaigns within your budget.

You can filter out the ads by entering the relevant keywords in the search box and customizing it. Later you can bookmark the advertisements that you like and interact with them. Navigating through the PowerAdSpy dashboard is pretty simple. Have a look at the steps, and you will effortlessly understand how beautifully it works to help you create the best ads.

Steps To Search Ads On PowerAdSpy

Step 1: Towards the top right corner of the dashboard, click on the Login/Sign Up option

Step 2: Fill in the details of the Username/Email and Password in the box.

Step 3: Next, click on Login to move to the PowerAdSpy Dashboard.

Step-4: The left side of the PowerAdSpy dashboard shows the social networking sites from where you can search for advertisements.

So, you get to choose from:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Ads
  • GDN Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Quora Ads

Step 5: The search bar is at the top of the dashboard. Mention the relevant keywords in the box to display the advertisements

Step-6: You can enhance your search experience by separating the advertisements according to your specifications. You can pick the options appropriately to customize your search

Search By:

Text In Image- Define the relevant text that you desire to see in the ads and receive the results in no time.

Brand In Image- Remember the brand logo and search for relevant advertisements of your niche.

Object In Image- Consider any particular object and view advertisements having similar elements in it.

Celebrity In Image- Mention the name of your favorite celebrity and separate the particular ads.

Sort By:


Likes- Specify the range of minimum to the maximum amount of likes and compare the results.

Comments- If you want to view the advertisements with the most comments, mention the range and have a look at the results

Shares- View the most shared advertisements of a particular niche comfortably by defining the required range



Call To Action- Choose from the menu of call-to-action buttons to narrow your search for the relevant ads.

Search Ads By Country- Determine the precise location from where you want to perceive your competitor’s ads

Ad Type- Choose whether you want to view image or video advertisements

Ad Position- Select whether you want to see News Feed or Side Column advertisements

Lander Properties:


ECommerce Platform- Define the precise eCommerce platform from which you need to compare the advertisements

Funnel- Pick between ClickFunnel, Lead Pages, or Any Funnel of ads.

Marketing Platform- Customize your user experience, and pick out your relevant marketing platform from the dropdown list.

Source- Define the source of the advertisements. You get to select from Desktop, Android, iOS, or All.

We hope you found the steps and screenshot quite helpful, and we are sure that once you start using the platform, you will understand why we designated it as the best to manage all your advertising requirements.

Facebook Features Statistics


Facebook offers numerous extraordinary features to its users and keeps updating within a short span and keeping pace with the latest trends. Many of these features are such that you can easily track the audience engagement and traffic on it. And, also some of them are all very relevant and helpful to the users.

To incorporate various features in your social media marketing strategies, look at the Facebook features statistics.

Facebook Groups Are In Demand

As we all are stuck in the pandemic, guidelines state to maintain social distancing. But there are several other ways to stay connected with your community. So, we found that Facebook users, making the most out of this feature. Yes, about 1.4 billion users are associated with some of the other groups every month.

So, the marketers having their business group on the platform can go all out and create unique and organic advertising content in various forms and post it on them. It will undoubtedly result in increased user engagement and traffic.

Video Marketing

As we already said, video advertising is pretty entertaining, and the users on this platform prefer it the most. Hence, Facebook made sure that there were enormous features and updates for marketers to post video ads. So, other than going for picture or text ads, build video ad content the next time you post on Facebook.

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Wrapping Up

We have looked at the various statistics to advertise on Facebook, and we realized the necessity to build an online presence simultaneously with focusing on your business. Again, all marketers strive to expand their business by taking it to multiple social media profiles, but it is necessary to keep Facebook at the top of the list.

Facebook advertising has also become more comfortable with PowerAdSpy as you can always create unique and organic ad campaigns whenever you post. So, without wasting much time keeping the Facebook advertising statistics in mind, get started with PowerAdSpy today to take your business to other levels.

I hope the article helped you know about Facebook advertising statistics. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!