How To Master Facebook Targeted Ads & Zero-In On Your Audience?

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How To Master Facebook Targeted Ads & Zero-In On Your Audience?

Specifically telling, over the period Facebook has so many features updated which provides better targeting options to marketers. Now you can use Facebook targeted ads to reach audiences based on their specific interest, behaviors, and intent to invest in your products or services.

As you know that Facebook is a widely used social media platform where you have the largest group of audience that you can connect with. To be precise, with over 2.80 billion monthly active users, it is one of the most lucrative advertising platforms for marketers.

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However, if you see it from a beginner’s perspective (marketer), it is not easy to find and target relevant audiences on Facebook. Sometimes, even the well-written ad copies and eye-catching creatives won’t guarantee the return of investments.

In such a case, marketers have to improve their Facebook ad targeting strategies. Since without properly targeted ads, it would be really tough to drive conversions through your ad campaigns.

Target Audiences Using Facebook Ads:

Facebook provides various targeting features, which most marketers did not know. If you are new to Facebook marketing, starting your business from zero traffic, it would be difficult for you to target a specific group of audiences. As it limits your targeting options on Facebook with features like Custom or Look-a-like audience.

In that case, you can rely on Facebook ad analytic tools like PowerAdSpy, which allows you to check competitor’s ads. You can replicate their strategies to ensure success in your business.

How To Check On Competitors Ads Using PowerAdSpy?

  1. Go to the PowerAdSpy dashboard and login with your user id and password.
  2. After login, there on the top you have the option to filter out ads using niche based keywords.PowerAdSpy-Dashboard
  3. Just below that, you have additional options to refine ads based on Search by, Sort by, Filters and Landing properties features.Facebook-ad-analytics.
  4. On the left side, you can opt for ad networks, you want to target.
  5. Let’s suppose, you have selected Facebook. Search for ads using niche based keywords.
  6. There you can check ad-analytics of the best performing ads of your competitors.Facebook-targeted-ads
  7. If you scroll further, you will find the engagement and demographic details of the target
  8. Also, you can check out the locations where the ads are targeted and mostly viewed.

Want to know more about PowerAdSpy!

Here we would show the ways which you can use to target Facebook ads to your relevant audience so that you can gain better conversions in your business.

Learn About Purchasing Behavior of Facebook Users:

Facebook has this feature called Pixel that collects the data from its users, where it records down the behavior pattern of audiences. Based on the user’s intent, it gives you the ability to opt for the most relevant ads on which people can engage. You can use Facebook Pixel (a piece of code) and implement it on your website. Based on their interest and purchase behavior, Facebook lets you narrow down your target audience to ensure a better click-through rate for your ad campaigns.

Target Your Core Audience:

Facebook also allows you to target a specific niche to target a selected group of audiences. That way, you can dive further to reach down the core audience. Using the Facebook ad manager, define the size of the audience that you are going to target in your ad campaign.

There you have the options to be more precise with the target audience. So, you can gain more ROI.

  • Ad manager allows you to target your audience based on age, gender, language, education, job, etc. With such detailed targeting options, you can ensure getting more relevant customers through Facebook ads.
  • There you have the option to target users based on their location.
  • Also based on the likes and dislikes of people, Facebook suggests you reach people based on their hobbies/ food/ activities that they really like to do.
  • You can also target your ads based on events or celebrations based on the purchase behavior of your targeting audiences.

Quick Tip: If you are a beginner on Facebook ads, you should target a wider group of audience. As you will start gaining more audience engagement on your campaigns, you could refine your target audience on Facebook.

Be Creative With Event Targeting Options:

Facebook targeted ads also give you the option to direct your campaigns based on the real-life events of people. For example, a wedding photographer should look for the audiences who are engaged.

Its event targeting options are pretty convincible, as many marketers are already using this feature to reach their potential buyers. On various occasions and life events, people also look forward to such ads to find interesting offers.

Build Trust & Loyalty To Nurture Leads:

Have you already created a group of audiences interacting with your business? Then you are ready to start using the advanced targeting feature, which lets you customize your most preferable audiences. There you can refine those people in your network who really trust your brand and want to invest in your products/services.

For creating such a custom audience, go to Facebook ad manager and choose your audience source (either from your customer list, website, app activity or from Facebook sources like videos, lead form etc).


Suppose you have a list of email addresses of people who have shown intent to invest. And you want to target your ads to them for driving more sales to your business. Put your identifiers to create a custom audience and retarget them with your ads to bring them inside your sales funnel.


Note: You can use Facebook Pixel on your website to get identifiers data from your website. Based on that data, customize your ad campaigns to bring more sales for your business.

Expand With Look-A-Like Audience:

In this step, as the term implies Look-a-like audience, here you should look for audiences who have a similar taste as your potential customers. Even when you don’t have a list of emails or phone numbers, you have the option to mirror the fan base on your Facebook page to target relevant audiences for your campaign.


As you can see in the above image, once you have decided to replicate and expand on a source (from Pixel or Fan base on the Facebook page). And accordingly, target the size of the audience based on the broader or shallow niche of your industry. There you also have the option to target countries from where you have a chance of gaining more buyers.

Granular Layer Facebook Targeted Ads:

Even with all such powerful targeting options on Facebook, you may still be stuck between the complications with layers. Whether to go with demographics, interests, or audience intent and behavior right away. Besides that, you have another option to narrow down your audience.


This feature lets you narrow down your targeting preferences so that you can reach out to exact potential buyers for your business. There you can select further combinations with behavior, demographics, locations or other patterns to reach the exact audience using Facebook targeted ads.



Nowadays, it has become easier for marketers to create Facebook targeted ads which convert. Being a marketer, you can just follow the above-shown strategies to ensure more sales for your business.

Initially, when you start with Facebook ads, you want to reach a broader section of the audience. However, as you will proceed, you will think that spending too much on ads to reach a wider section of the audience will make you lose more money. It’s best to narrow down your preference to reach only a selected group of audiences who really want to invest in your business.

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