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Ultimate Guide: How To Verify Facebook Page?

A verified page or profile in a social media platform is the top searched page whose content is widely accepted by numerous audiences availing the social media platform. Similarly, Facebook verifies the most explored account and makes sure that the content is appealing and engaging for an innumerable audience. After the authentication, Facebook accepts that particular profile as a qualified account then they get a verified badge on the page.

The only criteria for a profile or page to get verified on Facebook are that content should be familiar to the audience sharing similar interests so that they get merged with the content and keep searching for more likeable posts. The account can belong to anyone who prefers to post quality and creative content by maintaining a proper schedule.

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Besides the page can belong to any brand or company if they desire to verify their accounts. All the public figures and brands do not have a verified profile. Therefore, if you are not a public figure and even not promoting a brand or company, then also you can get your profile verified if you wish to share artistic and imaginative content by scheduling your posts accurately.

In this blog, we are going to address some of the obvious questions that might arise while discovering Facebook verification which is why we should verify our profile, how to verify Facebook page and who all can get their profile verified?

Why Should We Verify our Facebook Profile?


To verify your page on Facebook, you have to attract more audiences to check out your profile. The users getting involved in your content will always keep looking for more similar posts on your page. Gradually it leads to Facebook recommending your contents to fresh users those who view relatable content on Facebook. They are more likely to land on your page, which ultimately increases the engagement and views on the posts you share.

Here are some other reasons why you should verify your accounts on Facebook:

1. Establish Trust With The Onlookers.


The audience those who view your content must trust that your content is innovative and different from others because that is the reason they follow your content.

Accordingly, to keep up that trust in your viewers, you have to make sure that you do not copy the ideas from any other profile or the posts you share are not similar to any other. Further, the topic of the content you post has to be trending. Users search for the new ongoing trends as no one desires to view older content.

2. Seize Your Views.


We all are aware of the fact that if there is more engagement in your profile, the competitors tend to steal your content. Even if some followers of your account directly repost your content to show some love for your post, well this might misguide your viewers as they can get confused with your profile and other profiles using your content. Facebook makes it easier for them to search for your page as it provides a verification badge so that they can differentiate between the original account and other supporting accounts.

3. Produce Branded Content Tools.


Previously, while creating any content for Facebook, you have to request for access to branded content tools but, if you have a qualified or verified account, then you can access branded tools directly without prior permission. Therefore you can create more fascinating posts at ease.

4. Develop The Opportunity Of Enhanced Commitment.


The cumulative result of the previously mentioned reasons is that your content can proffer to various users. If you concentrate on the reasons why you want to get your Facebook account verified, then you can pull more audience.

Who Can Get Their Facebook Profiles Verified?


When this question arises, the answer is anyone. Yes, it is a fact that anyone of you can have a verified account on Facebook.

Let’s dig into the criteria that you need to fulfil to get your account verified.

1. Genuine.


The profile should belong to an actual person or an authentic brand or company that you wish to promote. Supporting profiles or the accounts, which usually tends to repost other contents are not likely to get their accounts verified.

2. Perfect.


The profile should be flawless, that is you have to mention all the details in the about section so that users get to know about you or your brand precisely. There should be a profile picture that is genuine and describes your brand or company you are promoting. If it is your profile, then fill in the details and, you should put your picture for display.

3. Prominent.


You have to keep in mind that the brand or company that you are promoting or the profile that you want to get verified must be on the top search. For that, the contents you share must be honestly engaging so that it can drag a numberless audience to view your page, like and share your post if they get connected with it.

4. Uncommon.

There should be a certain level of uniqueness in your content to which no other can reach out. It is a strategy of Facebook while verifying a page to check for similar contents. It does not promote pages sharing general interests.

The unlikeness in your content must stand out from the crowd so that you engage more followers on your posts. It is because Facebook qualifies only a single account from the lot sharing similar contents. Hence, you have to show up organic and unique content. They do not prefer paid or promotional content.

How To Verify Facebook Page?


Here is a direct description of how to verify a Facebook page uncomplicatedly.

Step-1: Make sure that the page you are considering to request for qualification must meet all the requirements already. It has genuine and dissimilar content. There are numerous page sharing similar thoughts as you are, but your page has to stand out to be noticeable by the reviewing team of Facebook. Then fill up the about section and do not forget to mention the category which your page belongs to that includes public figures, local business, brands or organisation.

Step-2: Then you need to go to the “Settings” section available at the top of your Facebook page.

Step-3: In settings, go to “General” and select “Page Verification” after it.

Step-4: Then you can notice an option as “Verify this page” after which you can go to the next step of the verification process by selecting the “Get Started” option.

Step-5: Then, to verify the genuineness, you have to enter your phone number. Otherwise, you can upload the copy of the documents mentioned previously for verification digitally.

So if you provide your phone number, then you have to click on the “Call Me Now” option to get a four-digit verification code to continue with the process.

Difference Between Blue Tick Mark and Grey Tick Mark.


In general, there are two types of Facebook verification marks that you can get on your profile.

The blue tick mark is achievable for the personal profile, as well as the profiles promoting a specifically well-known brand or organisation. It verifies that the contents or the posts related to the products of your organisation that you share is accurate and not copied from any other page.

The grey tick mark is mainly for small brands or organisations that prefer to promote their business on a well established social media platform like Facebook.

For your information, it is a little demanding to achieve a blue tick mark on your page as compared to the grey tick mark.

Does it seem a way too daunting to manage your Facebook profile after knowing about the method? Well, let me introduce you to a tool which will assist you in managing the posts and contents so precisely that you will always remain on the peak of the search list and will engage more followers.

PowerAdSpy is the tool which will ease the process of getting your profile verified. Its features assist with exploring the most trending content on the social media platform so that you can create your contents accordingly. It is also profitable for the brands and organisations promoting their business of Facebook. MoreoverIt also facilitates you to bookmark the advertisements.


It will search, identify and display the advertisements according to your keyword so that you will be able to create winning advertisements of your content. The features of PowerAdSpy are accessible for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube.

How To Request Facebook For Verification Of Your Profile?


The procedure to request for Facebook verification is by filling up a contact form provided by Facebook.

If you are promoting a brand or an organisation, then along with the form you need to provide a copy of the telephone bill, a declaration of establishment, reports of association, or tax release certificates. Keep in mind to mention some of the valid reasons as to why Facebook should consider verifying or promoting your brand or the organisation.

If you want your account to get verified then along with the contact form, you have to provide a copy of your photo identity that is issued by the government(For example- Passport or driving license).

To create an impression, you should mention the contents you share, how you get users engaged to them, why is it necessary for you to have a verified profile and why they should accept your request of verification.

Not to forget you should not involve with anyone getting you a verification badge in exchange of some capital neither should you practise the same by selling your badge. Facebook can readily terminate your profile further from the verification process.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Profile Verified?


There is no exact period within which your account gets verified once you have requested for it. It is a lengthy process as Facebook checks on the requirements if that is accurately fulfilling.

Well, the other factors it depends upon are the type of page you have and the sort of content you share on them. The Facebook team involved in reviewing have a hectic schedule. It even depends upon the engagement of your page that is the number of followers you have on Facebook. These are the reasons why your acceptance of request might get delayed.

Providing you with a general idea, for the blue verification badge, it may take anywhere between 2 to 45 days but, for the grey verification badge, the duration is usually shorter.

What If They Reject Your Request Of Verification?


If Facebook does not accept your request for verification, then that is not a big deal. You can straightforwardly contact the Facebook support team and understand the reasons for rejection of your request. Then you can work on your posts and contents more accurately and make it more engaging. There are no issues if you are trying again after the rejection because Facebook permits for the same.

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To Wrap It Up.

It is a necessary aspect to recognise how to verify a Facebook page if you wish to reach out to an innumerable audience through your posts and contents. It is beneficial for small businesses because more users will get to know about their brand, which will give a hike to their sales.

The well-known brands or organisations can use the social media platform to expand their business. You can have a qualified or verified account, simply if you want your vision and creativity to get acknowledged by the innumerable audience.

I hope this blog was helpful to you as I have acknowledged the basic queries of why, who and how to verify a Facebook profile. Is there something that you would like to add? Please drop your views in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!