How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Better Targeting

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How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Better Targeting

Maximizing reach and engagement is a priority for every marketer. Needless to say, advertisements, marketing campaigns, and organic promotion are prerequisite to a solid strategy for maximum engagement. And marketers don’t hesitate in spending dollars on advertisements to spread their brand awareness, hoping for the best ROI.

With 2.80 billion monthly active users and 1.84 billion users who visit Facebook sites daily- Facebook is one of the most crucial platforms for advertising. Other marketing platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube get utilized for marketing purposes, where Facebook has the maximum reach that is the top advantage for all marketers.

But if you are not aware of your targeted audience and advertise overall for all the Facebook users, it might not get relevant to the interest of all the audiences. It will blow away your Facebook ad budget and will not satisfy the required return.

So, it is necessary to know your right audience to advertise your products and services that will give you maximum profits. But how to identify your right audience?

Here comes the Facebook audience insights tool, with which you can have a better understanding of your Facebook audience. In this blog, we will discuss its implications and utilization among marketers.

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What Are Facebook Audience Insights? Why Does It Matter To Advertisers?


Facebook audience insights is a tool that provides a treasure full of information about your Facebook audience to understand them and their needs in a better way. This audience insights tool helps marketers create ad campaigns that will align with the requirements of their audience.

According to the interest and need of your audience, you can make advertising campaigns and avoid wasting your budget on the wrong audience.

Facebook audience insights tool provides aggregate information about:
– People who are on your Facebook page.
– Custom audiences.
– All people who are using Facebook.

So, dig and add more people to your targeted audience and create quality content to gain maximum approaches.

How To Get To Audience Insights On Facebook:

Before digging out Facebook audience insights, make sure you have your business page on Facebook. Then, you can go to Facebook ad manager to find the audience insights.

Let’s move in!

1. Select The Audience For Collecting Insights:

First of all, on your Facebook business page, go to the Facebook audience insights dashboard in the Facebook ads manager.
Now, choose your audience. One dialogue box will pop up on your screen, showing you some options like:

– All Facebook users.
– Facebook users connected to your Facebook page.
– Custom audience. This option will be visible only if you have created custom audiences.

Here in this blog, let us move with the first option, all Facebook users.

2. Build Demographics Of Your Targeted Audience:


Now it’s time to collect insights into the audience group which you have selected above. There will be an option of demographics available after you choose your audience. In this demographics tab, you will set various settings on the left side of the Facebook page.

Now when you select the demographics, you can see the results in the charts. Cool, isn’t it?

Let Us View Each Demographics:


If you want a suitable physical location for your business, choose the country, city, or region you want to set up your business. Say a fruit shop in Nashville.

If you want to see services online, add countries worldwide.

If you want to sell physical products, add countries for shipment and delivery. You can also choose countries where the shipping cost is reasonable.

Gender And Age:

Choose the range of the age that aligns with your audience personas and research. Repeat the same for gender.


Ah. Now it’s going to be interesting. There will be lots of options available in this demographic like hobbies, the interest of people, area of interest, etc. Type that comes to your mind and observes the graph that gets changed with the input by you.


With location, age, gender, and interest, we have collected a lot of insights.

What’s Next?

Here comes the advanced option that includes language, education, relationship status, job titles, etc. Go on adding advanced options and see the effect of the graph.

Have you noticed one thing? The more you are adding details in the demographics, the less your audience becomes. It will help you make a more focused ad campaign.

Better to target a few and get 100% results than targeting many with less output. It is on you to create the right audience where now you are on track to select your targeted audience.

3. Dig The Insights Which Your Targeted Audience Already Likes:

Pat yourself on the back- you have successfully identified your targeted audience. Now, it is time to know what your target audience already likes.

Click on the page like tab and top categories tab.

From the top category option, you will gain many insights into your targeted audiences. These insights will give you a better idea about your audiences and score more in the crowd of competitors.

The page likes option gives you insights about the Facebook pages liked by your audiences. You can load most of the pages to investigate like Sherlock Holmes and get ideas to use in your business.

4. Identify Language And Location Details:


Now it is time to identify the live location of your audiences and what languages they use to speak. Click on the location tab to see the top countries, top cities, top languages of your targeted audience.

This location tab can help your online business to select the place to run your business and gain profit.

When you click on the location tab, you will get many sub-tabs that need to get opened to discover more insights.

5. Dig Out The Activities Details:

Know the behavior of your targeted audiences on Facebook. Click on the activities tab and see how your audiences are interacting with the Facebook pages.

6. Time To Create Ads For Your Targeted Audiences:


Through these following steps, you have developed your Facebook custom audiences.

That is a great job!

Are you with 1000+ audiences in your bucket? If so, you are now ready to create an ad and run for your targeted audiences.

– Open the saved audience.
– Click on the create adoption in the green color.
– Create your ad on your Facebook business page.

You can monitor the performance of your ad campaigns through Facebook Ad Manager.

After creating ads, if you see a dropdown in your conversations, do not worry about it because if you represent your ads to a smaller targeted audience, your ROI will still increase. Let me remind you, your goal is to get deeply connected with few audiences rather than many with fewer profits.

Test and monitor your ad campaigns to identify your center of percussion. You can also go through the best Facebook ad strategies to meet your social goals.

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Wrapping Words:

From the above discussion, we can conclude that Facebook audience insights on fashion ads, multiple gadgets ads, interior ads, and many more are essential for running ad campaigns and getting maximum profits. If you are spending money on the wrong audience, you will face a heavy loss and wastage of your ad budget.

So, it is necessary to identify your right audience with the Facebook ad spy tool. Drop the traditional method of targeting Facebook audiences and work smartly with Facebook audience insights tools to yield better results in less time.

I hope you like this article. If there are any queries or anything that you want to add to this blog to make it more valuable, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment section. I would love to hear from you!