7 Methods To Determine The Best Time To Post On Facebook

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7 Methods To Determine The Best Time To Post On Facebook

On the internet, you will get many blogs about the best time to post on Facebook, and they claim to have the correct answers on it. So, a question arises in our mind- is there truly the best time in which to publish? The answer is: that it depends on what time you are posting.

When it is all about publishing on Facebook, it comes with the question that the “when” is simply as necessary as the “what” and the “why,” and it is believed that in any kind of social media marketing, timing is a matter of subject.

You may possibly know that Facebook can assist as a helpful process for joining your friends and making your brand popular. Identifying when your audiences and followers are active on Facebook is an initiative. Still, it is not sufficient if you wish them to be involved in your posts.

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Best Day And Time For Facebook Post


When there is no such particular date, time, or day in a week that will ensure you more than the ideal records of likes, shares, and comments. Some blogs display when the best chance of success your posts is getting. Here are key points to consider while determining when to create a post.

Post Around the Lunch Hour, but Before 4 O’clock

  • First-selection -major hours: Between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

It doesn’t mean that publishing in the morning hour won’t value it. Social posting and website tracking software put stated in 2014 that the significant posting happens in the morning between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on Monday to Friday.

  • Second- selection: Between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Then a question arises in our mind that what about the evening? Based on the information, users’ activity is high after dinner time:

  • Third-selection: Between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Try to skip publishing anything important at midnight, after 10:00 p.m. if likes and comments are on your priority level.

Weekdays Posting, Mainly On Thursday And Friday

On a regular weekly basis, you can view good Facebook engagement strategies on particular days in comparison to other days. When it is for Facebook, you should post on weekdays instead of weekends.

The data revealed on the above page Thursdays and Fridays are considered the best days to publish on Facebook. Few claim Thursdays are the best one while others claim Friday’s outcome is the top among the whole engagement.

Based On The Data, The Dest Days To Share On Facebook, To Last Days, are:

  1. Thursday, Friday
  2. Wednesday
  3. Monday
  4. Tuesday
  5. Saturday, Sunday

Saturday and Sunday, it is believed that week-off posts tend to get less engagement in comparison to weekdays because more users are not present and about doing stuff rather than being at the office or school and seeing their systems for updates.

So, what is the best time to post on Facebook?

We have recognized that there is not specifically a particular “best” time for publishing on Facebook, but there are certain easy methods you can consider to regulate the best publishing window for your page.

  • Identify who your target audience is
  • Find out what their day appears like
  • Post content that is in the instant
  • How to take time zones into consideration
  • How to utilize statistical information
  • How to make use of various tools/analytics
  • How to schedule posts ahead of time
  • How to decide whether to run ads on Facebook

Let’s go deeper into the whole thing you wish to identify about learning the skill of posting at the best time for the potential users on Facebook.

Fortunately, the potential user has a complete understanding to support you to navigate Facebook Analytics to set the best time for your page or business to publish on Facebook:

Method 1: Identity who your target audience is


Give a view of your Facebook statistics inside your Facebook Insights.

  • What are the statistics of your potential customer, their ages, and Gender?
  • What does your target user do for a living?
  • Where your target user is staying?
  • What is the highest qualification of your target user?
  • What does a regular day appear for your target user?

Your Facebook user may differ from your expectation. You can analyze the age variance, and gender reveals by seeing your Facebook audience Insights and opening the “People” page.

When you’ve disclosed a complete user identity, you can have a good connection with your user. Not only it is beneficial to entire marketing hard work, but it is also particularly helpful in identifying at what time your possible users are expecting to be opening Facebook.

If you have several sites or a huge fan base, you may wish to analyze the site of your users as they may extend across several time zones. Early in the morning time and during noontime might be the best time for your content to catch the attention of your users.

Method: 2: Find out what their day appears like

Presently that you already know the statistics of your user, analyze their whole working day. Is your potential follower a home sicker? A college student or busy in a 9-to-5 job?

All of these segments can support you to get the best time to publish on your site. You can even view at the “Posts” click to identify at what time most of your use is using Facebook and active.

Method 3: Post content that’s in the instant

The most significant thing you prefer to get in touch with your user is to post in a specific time and reliable content. For instance, you can provide your fans an expression behind-the-act of your business by sending photos of your employee instructing them to open your office in the morning hour.

There is an opportunity, take a 5-minute break from work, open a Facebook Live video and take an interview of your employee about what they find unique in your business. Live videos act fine because Facebook emphasizes this timely content display on the homepage.

Method-4: Give priority to time zones

As you’re shortening your selections for posting hours, keep in mind to take time variances into a profile. The physical locations of your user can put them in changing time zones, creating it slightly more complex to target for a particular time.

Though, there are certain primary business ethics that you can prefer as thumb rules:

  • Schedule posting time based on where the population of your user is active. If you’re dealing with a worldwide user, Google Analytics can support you get similar posting dimensions.
  • Think that about 50 percent of the U.S. people are following the Eastern time zone, and while you link with the Central time zone, about 80 percent of the worldwide population is accounting for. Furthermore, because these two different periods are just an hour difference, you can use both with a best-scheduled post.

Method-5: Do a slight analysis to get statistics definite to you

Several businesses have spent years identifying the best time for publishing on Facebook, which has produced many useful data for business holders and sellers. But as we’ve previously stated, there is a lesser amount of difference.

Several investigations have explored the time zone which shows the best time to post on  Facebook for business, so with online quarrying, you can get references best for your business. Whether you’re in marketing, schooling, customer belongings, or any business, try to find some analysis-based data personalized to you.

Method-6: Create a wise selection of software and analytics

Analytics value their workload in gold when you’re working to progress your online marketing labors. The Facebook Insights software can be an effective path to publishing operative content, so begin to prefer it to your benefit.

When you’re on your Facebook home page, tap the “Insights” button at the top of the website. By choosing posts in the left-hand side section, you’ll be able to see about the weekdays and times that your followers are online on the Facebook page.

An additional method to use Insights is to see when your most effective posts were posted earlier. Opening in the similar segment, tab “All Posts shared” button under the statistics plan. In the “posted” section, the specific date and time of every post will be disclosed.

Method-7: Prefer an automation filter to plan your upcoming posts

Social media automation is an excellent way to improve not only your efficiency but also your efficacy. Automation empowers you to schedule posts in a way that generates higher engagement, as well as frees up your time to focus your energies elsewhere – all while the tool does the work of posting for you.

There are a variety of social media automation tools out there, and choosing one is entirely up to you. Depending on the one you select, you’ll be able to benefit from features such as post-categorization, multi-platform functionality, and precision-level scheduling settings.

You don’t need to take worry about missing posts on extra-busy days with an automation tool because everything will already be scheduled and ready to go.

Method-8: Think about adding Facebook ads to your strategy


Even if your best posts can be a supreme path to engage with your user, it’s frequently a fault to add all your efforts in that single post. As an alternative, place a broader channel by running advertisements along with posting significant posts, and you can effortlessly enhance your probabilities for victory.

Try to get a “prominent place” among affordability and efficiency to increase your ROI. Some days might have a low chance for a cost-per-click ratio, but those are even possibly the times when the race will be at its extreme level.

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So, when is the right time to publish your post on Facebook? The simple answer to this question will be based on your particular page. But figuring out is the exact time when you get more engagement to grow your fan base.

If you are thinking about increasing your Facebook page in different sites, target your publishing times along with reliable and significant content.

Try to select the best days and times from your Facebook insights, and plan posts to show live at those particular times. By that time, you will get a victory as long as you wish to familiarize yourself with any variations.