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Facebook Ad Examples: Anatomy And Types

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Facebook Ad Examples: Anatomy And Types

Procreating a Facebook Ad is altogether different from posting on your own page. Everything about Facebook ads—from creation to the time to post them.

Facebook ads are paid messages that organizations put on Facebook. This gives you the adaptability to write in your own voice. Besides, you can contact individuals who matter most to you.

The fundamental part of this definition is “paid.” Anyone can post on Facebook for nothing—yet no one can really tell who will see your post. 

A paid advertisement allows you to focus on a specific segment, and you can be as explicit or as expansive as you’d like. 

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Why Facebook Ads?

Practically 96% of social media marketers accept that of all the relative multitude of stages out there, Facebook gives the best return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, there’s a valid justification for that: 

  • “Facebook” is the most famous search term around the world. 
  • The stage has 2.4 billion clients and in excess of 7 million publicists.
  • Individuals use it for a normal of 35 minutes per day.
  • 68% of grown-ups in the US have an active account. 
  • With an arrival that way, you’d imagine that marketing on Facebook would be costly, yet it isn’t. In addition to the fact that Facebook lets you indicate a most extreme spend, it likewise charges you less to arrive at the very number of individuals that you’d reach at another stage.

Quite possibly the most appealing component of Facebook marketing is its customization potential. Since the stage has such a lot of data about every user, you can focus on your promotions dependent on practically any segment, for example, 

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Career field
  • Interests
  • Location

Additionally, customizing the audience that sees a specific post can reduce your customer acquisition cost.

Creating a Facebook ad can be a troublesome errand. Yet, with the Facebook Ad Library, any advertiser can discover motivation from past fruitful Facebook ad examples by the absolute.

What Is The Facebook Ad Library?


The Facebook Ad Library is an advertiser’s gold mine. Facebook created the tool for the sake of transparency, permitting the entirety of its users access to information about any Facebook ads running on the stage.

Facebook made its Ad Library in 2019 as an immediate reaction to the Facebook political ad controversy in 2016. To improve transparency, Facebook chose to give everybody (counting those without Facebook accounts) access to information on all active ads on its platforms, thus providing a myriad of Facebook lead generation ad examples to its users. Any promotion that is currently running on Facebook and Instagram can be found in the library.

The Ad Library allows you to see ads your competitors are running in one spot. This is significant on the grounds that the universe of digital marketing can be vicious. Along these lines, in case you’re not watching out for what your competitors are doing, you can undoubtedly fall behind.

One can also use PowerAdSpy to search for recent Facebook ad examples running in your niche. It assists you with ensuring you’re generally on top of your marketing game!

Step-by-step process to hunt for Facebook ads using PowerAdSpy.

Step 1: Go to PowerAdSpy’s official website.

Step 2: On the official website of PowerAdSpy. Towards the upper right corner of the page, click on Login/Signup. 

Step 3: Enter your Username/Email and Password in the suitable space given and checkmark the privacy terms.

Step 4: Tap on Login to continue with the PowerAdSpy dashboard.

Thus, to begin with, the Ads on Facebook, as should be obvious, there is a rundown of social media stages towards the left-hand side of the dashboard. Also, this reaches Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, GDN Ads, Native Ads, Reddit Ads, to Quora Ads. 

Click On Facebook Ads


Step 6: So, these are the most recent top-performing ads on Facebook. For the subsequent stage, you can see the search bar directly at the highest point of the dashboard. Put your significant keywords in the case and click on the search icon.

Step-7: To limit your Facebook ad anatomy, you can add a few filters to present rights underneath the search bar as per your inclinations. 

Thus, let us take a look at these filters: 

Search By:

  • Text In Image-Enter the particular text that you want to find in the ads and genuinely look at the outcomes in the blink of an eye. 
  • Brand In Image- If you recollect any brand logo and wish to look through significant ads, put them in the crate properly. 
  • Object In Image-Mention a specific article, and PowerAdSpy will show Facebook commercials having the connected parts. 
  • Celebrity In Image-Put for the sake of your #1 big name to sift through the most applicable Facebook ads. 
  • Likes: Enter the scope of the least to the most extreme number of likes in ads and really take a look at the outcomes.
  • Comments: To really take a look at the anatomy of a Facebook ad with the most comments, enter the scope of the least and the greatest number of likes and examine the outcomes. 


  • Call To Action- Pick out the rundown of ‘call-to-action buttons accessible to tweak your pursuit to the most applicable Facebook ads. 
  • Search Ads By Country- Determine the specific area from where you wish to investigate your rival’s ads. 
  • Advertisement Type- Choose whether you need PowerAdSpy to show a picture or video promotion.
  • Language- Select the proper language of the Facebook ads starting from the drop menu. 

Lander Properties:

  • ECommerce Platform- Pick the right eCommerce stage from which you need to think about the ads. 
  • Funnel- PowerAdSpy empowers you to pick between Click Funnel, Lead Pages, or Any Funnel of ads.
  • Marketing Platform- For a more customized insight, pick your ideal-promoting stage from the dropdown list. 
  • Source- Pick from the wellspring of the Facebook commercials. You can browse Desktop, Android, iOS, or All. 

PowerAdSpy has a beautiful straightforward dashboard with the best channels to tweak your ad search. You can easily keep an eye on the engagement and traffic on the best and craft the best for your brand. 

Additionally, PowerAdSpy believes in providing a free trial to its clients to cooperate with its power-pressed elements prior to getting into their paid services.

FB Ads Examples

Types of Facebook Ads

Let’s explore the different types of Facebook ads available to enhance your marketing efforts and engage your audience effectively.”

Image Ads

These basic ads are an extraordinary method, to begin with, Facebook paid ads. You can make one with only a couple of clicks by boosting a current post with an image from your Facebook Page. 

Image ads might be basic, yet that doesn’t mean they need to be exhausting. One can search for a plethora of Facebook ad examples running in your niche.

Video Ads

You can run News Feed and Stories, or show up as in-stream ads in longer Facebook videos. Video ads can show your team or your product in real life.

Very much like Image ads, video ads can likewise adopt a more imaginative strategy.

Your video ads don’t have to utilize recorded video film. You can likewise make GIF-like illustrations or different animations to catch consideration or clarify your offer.

Poll Ads

This mobile-only Facebook ad format fuses an intelligent part by adding a two-option poll to an image or video ad. You can add a separate link for each poll choice.

Both you and the people who answer will see the count of reactions to each poll choice. 

Carousel Ads


A carousel ad utilizes around 10  images or videos to feature your product or service.

You can utilize this format to feature various advantages of one product, a few distinct products, or even utilize all the photos together to make one enormous panorama image. 

Each image or video can have its own link. In ads, each “Shop Now” button goes straightforwardly to the business page going with an image. 

Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads offer a simple method to make short video ads from an assortment of still photos, text, or existing video cuts. 

This ad example has eye-getting movement, very much like videos, however, utilizes multiple times less data. Along these lines, they load well in any event, for individuals on sluggish internet connections. They’re a simple, low-sway approach to draw consideration. 

You can build your ad and add text and music inside Ads Manager.

Collection Ads

These Facebook paid ads, which are offered uniquely for mobile devices, permit you to feature five images or videos that customers can click to purchase a product or service.

Collection ads pair with Instant Experiences (more on those beneath) and permit individuals to purchase your products while never leaving Facebook. This makes online shopping simple when individuals are in a hurry. 

The essential photo or video can do considerably more than exhibiting a single product. 

Instant Experience Ads


Instant Experience ads used to be called Canvas. They’re a full-screen ad format that heaps multiple times quicker than a mobile website outside of Facebook. 

Lead Ads

Lead ads are only accessible for mobile devices. That is on the grounds that they’re explicitly intended to make it simple for individuals to give you their contact information without a great deal of composing. 

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads permit you to elevate targeted products to the customers probably going to be keen on them. 

For example, say somebody has visited a product page or put a product in their shopping cart on your site, however at that point, they have deserted the purchase. With dynamic ads, you can advertise that particular product in their Facebook feed. 

This reminds the possible client to finish the purchase and can be an exceptionally powerful Facebook marketing strategy.

Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger ads give you admittance to the 1.3 billion individuals who use Messenger consistently. While making your ad, just pick Messenger as the ideal position. You additionally need to choose a Facebook feed. 

You can likewise run “click-to-Messenger” ads in the Facebook feed. These ads highlight a call-to-action button that opens a Messenger conversation with your Facebook Page. Individuals can utilize it to have a one-on-one discussion with one of your salesmen or client support reps. 

Stories Ads

Mobile phones are intended to be held upward. Stories ads are a portable full-screen vertical video format that permits you to amplify screen land without anticipating that viewers should turn their screens.

Augmented Reality Ads

Augmented reality ads use highlights like filters and animations to permit individuals to communicate with your brand. 

For instance, the filter could help users see what a shade of lipstick would resemble on their lips, or how a couple of glasses may accommodate their face. 

Augmented reality ads can likewise be utilized to broaden your scope. The ads permit users to take selfies with the filter and share them on their own channels.


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Facebook Ads can give tremendous advantages to a wide range of businesses whether small, medium, or large, and PowerAdSpy can get you tons of Facebook Ad examples as per your niche.

Basically, you will actually want to contact a wide audience that is impeccably designated at a truly sensible cost, and on top of that Facebook Ads furnishes you with the following experiences to gauge all your campaign metrics. 

In this way, at this point in case you are pondering when to begin advertising on Facebook, without burning through any time, Do It Now!!