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COVID-19 Outbreak: Online Media Flooded With Awareness Advertisements

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COVID-19 Outbreak: Online Media Flooded With Awareness Advertisements

As the world is grappling with the rising danger caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last couple of weeks, press is sharing awareness to people using the center stage i.e. Television and Online Media Technology on the prevention, symptoms, causes which have increased awareness among common people.

The awareness campaigns and advertisements are showcased on TV starting from February 2 to till date. But, if you are a business owner handling your marketing strategies and willing to take an initiative to spread awareness to people about prevention of COVID-19, then showcase the ads using your brand value.

Check out the considerations mentioned below when evaluating the advertisements for the changing market conditions.

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Consider Your Tone and Text –


Make sure you are sensitive to the way your audience can feel about certain words. Be vigilant of the definitions of words such as “security,” “checkup,” “prevention,” or “virus.” Consider the local terminology used to describe COVID-19 and regional disturbances for foreign campaigns.

Check The Assets –

Update your ads as required to let your clients know if you are providing services like delivery or pick-up in-store. To ensure that you correctly represent current capabilities, check the shipping settings and projected delivery times.

Share Helpful Messages –


Plan your advertising when required to let clients know the services you are providing such as delivery or pick-up in-store. To ensure that you need to correctly represent current capabilities, check the shipping settings and project delivery times.

By planning your ads this way helps in making people aware of the services your brand is providing.

Types of Advertisements

Let’s move ahead and know what type of advertisements along with COVID-19 preventions need to be displayed on the screen.

Ads Of Employee Monitoring Apps


Several businesses and colleges have asked their staff to operate remotely in response to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Most of the companies have adopted the WFM option for both employees and employers. Although it’s preferable to establish training and remote work policy for the employees initially which helps them to manage during pandemic situations like COVID-19.

Ads from political parties

As per the new policy which was laid out in the memo, advertising agencies share the ads from the political organizations, the safety measures, and the initiatives taken.

Music Streaming


When most of the employees are working from home, music helps in relaxing a bit more. Thus, showing these ads help people to create reports and compile spreadsheets to their favorite music with high-volume and zero questions from their irritated colleagues about your questionable music taste.

Rise In Takeaways

Due to the pandemic COVID-19, people are avoiding visiting crowds and are staying indoors. Therefore restaurant owners are asked to take an initiative ahead to share their ads for free online food delivery with special discounts. This helps people to take a relief breath and also helps restaurant owners to increase their sales.

Life Insurance policies


Locked inside with nothing to do other than feeling worried for their life, how the infection is spreading all across the world, and thinking about their health, thus, in that scenario insurance companies are sharing their life term policy ads, that not only attracts people but also helps them to save and secure their lives for their family.

Home Essentials

On social media, in the workplace and the restaurant, serious shortages of home care essentials have been speculated continuously. Everyone’s chat apps and social media have been plagued by smartphone-shot images of people crazily panicking and battling over these essentials for about a week.

So, these are some of the ad genres which are broadcasted in televisions and online media. But, what about the other business owners, what type of ads should they focus on and how to create them.

When it comes to sharing things online, it is done to stand out from the crowd and ahead of your competitors. One best thing which you can do is to spy on your competitor’s ads, know what type of ads they people are sharing. As this process can be time taking if done manually then, I suggest trying to use an ad intelligence tool that helps marketers to keep an eye on their competitors easily.

One such ad intelligence tool is POWERADSPY | An Ad Analytics Tool


Poweradspy is the largest and first of its kind software to ensure that you are running FB, Google, YouTube, and INSTA ads that make you stand out from the crowd. That is simple. Facebook, the world’s largest social network using FB and INSTA Ads, with leading online traffic generation process. Therefore it allows people to learn about the advertising of rivals.

Some of the powerful features of PowerAdspy includes –

Complete Visibility

PowerAdSpy helps you to access the live ad posts directly from the website to give your crystal-clear view of Advertising analytics. Go and check the interaction in real-time along with the views of the audience about the advertising.

Limit The Searches

This feature comes with the ability to scan ads based on the keywords related to your niche, advertisers, and even your competitor’s domain. You can also visit the top-performing advertiser/competitor, and see almost all the trending ads.

Mark The Best Ads

You may come across various concepts that you would see in your latest ad campaigns, keep them saved with a single click and share them to your dashboard, instead of searching for them again and again.

Engagement-Oriented Information

PowerAdSpy offers engagement-oriented information about Facebook ads to you. As social experiences help you determine which advertisements in your niche are truly a winner.

CTA based Filtration

CTA’s are said to be the main reason behind the success of the ad campaigns. And with PowerAdSpy, you can find out what fits best in your niche for the call to action.

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Wrapping Up

These are a few genres of ads shown in this epidemic state. Though we all hope to get things back to normal as early as possible – so do stay safe and wash your hands often. But if you are the brand manager in your country, now might be the time to invest in an ad campaign that features heavily on music streaming platforms.