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What works well when it comes to Facebook ads? What kind of creative stuff should I use for Facebook ads? How to write a good ad copy? How can I engage more with my audience? How can I find Facebook ad examples? These are just a few of the questions a new business administrator might ask himself/herself before diving into Facebook advertising. If you too are in a position where you’re about to start building up your Facebook ad strategy, this article might come in handy as it talks about the best Facebook ad finder tool: PowerAdSpy. You will also discover other techniques that might help you spy on your competition.

Businesses and social presence

In this day and age, when social media is an essential pillar of the digital world, it’s crucial for businesses to have a Facebook presence and engage with their audience as much as possible. When it comes to Facebook advertising, the competition is fierce. The first thing businesses want to find out is what their competitors are doing and what works for them.

In order to discover the secrets behind a successful Facebook ad strategy, one needs to first browse through loads of ad examples in order to be able to study them. Chances are that some of your competitors’ ads may serve as inspiration. But considering that not all the ads of the businesses in your niche will appear in your own newsfeed, a Facebook ad finder would be very helpful.

facebook ad finderWhy spy on your competition’s ads?

The answer to this question is quite simple. That’s where the secrets to their success lie and where you will find details about their Facebook advertising strategy.

You could just wait around to see their ads on your feed (which might not even show up if you don’t like their business pages). Or you can use a Facebook ad finder tool which will show you all the ads in your niche and others you might be interested in.

Spying on your competition sounds like a tricky thing to do, a sneaky solution, but it’s not. It’s actually a very necessary activity to carry out before launching any social media advertising campaign. If you want, you can call it competitive analysis or market research. The point is the same. Any business should do a thorough analysis of previous social media ads run by their competitors. This way you can see what works and what not, and what customers respond best to.

Find out what the competition is up to

Creating successful Facebook ads implies much more than coming up with a catchy image, a good copy and attractive layout. It’s a science based on research. The best way to ensure you’ve got the right information to start with is to find out what your competition is up to and what made their ad campaigns succeed or flop. Moreover, spying on your competition is not just about keeping tabs on what they do. It’s also about using them to reach their customers and try to fulfil a need they have.

A well-done research will take time and effort. You have to ask the right questions and study the right ads. But at the end of the day, it will all pay off as you will make more informed decisions when designing your own ad campaign.

Use PowerAdSpy as a Facebook ad finder

PowerAdSpy is a perfect tool for spying on your competition on Facebook or finding some inspiration for your next ad campaign. This is a powerful Facebook ad finder tool that is already being used by thousands of marketers worldwide to gather intelligence on their competitors’ ads.

facebook ad finderThe key features that make this tool stand out include the fact that it’s easy to use. It allows you to filter data, has very good Spy features and an Advanced Searching option.

Considering that thousands of people around the world follow and post ads in PowerAdSpy’s database, the tool can now offer its users over 6 million ads from 15 different countries. And these are not just ordinary ads that appear on Facebook. They are the best and more successful ads that are trending on the website.

How to use it

As mentioned before, this Facebook ad finder tool is very easy to use. If you want to look for ads relevant to a certain keyword, all you need to do is bring up the Search Mode and activate the Keywords filter.  This will help you find the competitors in your niche. Once the list of competitors is displayed, you can analyze their ads individually. Just apply the Advertisers filter to see all their ads on the dashboard.

Besides the Keywords and Advertisers filters, PowerAdspy offers other useful filters as well allowing you to refine your ad search based on your interests. For instance, there is the Filter Mode which lets you find tabs such as age, gender, and location to base your search on the demographic and geographical data of the customers. The Ad Position and Ad Type filters will help you better understand what ad formats have been more successful for your competition.

A great tool for all marketers

Furthermore, by using PowerAdSpy, you will be able to see the number of likes, shares and comments an ad gets on Facebook. You can see the ads live on the Facebook page of your competitors and spy on their landing pages.

Other elements that make PowerAdSpy the perfect Facebook ad finder for your business are the analytical tools. They carry out a competitive analysis of different factors like daily social engagement, ad trends, and the reach of each ad across age groups, genders, and countries. This will give you valuable insights into the performance metrics of every ad. They will help you be in the know when creating your own ad campaign.

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