How Do Facebook Lead Ads Work? Comprehensive Guide

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How Do Facebook Lead Ads Work? Comprehensive Guide

More than 1.2 billion people use Facebook every day. This makes the social network a prime location for businesses to promote their products and services and attract customers. And indeed, marketers often use Facebook as a means to turn followers into leads through ads. So how do Facebook lead ads work? We will try to thoroughly answer this question in this article.

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What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Before explaining how Facebook lead ads work, let us see what they are. Facebook lead ads are an ad format which allows a business’ potential customers to sign up for their offer (product or service) without leaving the social platform. Basically, this type of ad makes it possible for marketers to boost the number of leads without the need to drive traffic to their website first.

This type of ad consists of a lead form and ad copy. Just like any other ad format available on Facebook. Advertisers can take advantage of lead ads. They can collect email addresses and personal data of Facebook users, which can then be used for remarketing purposes.

Facebook page followers can be turned into leads easily with lead ads. They are directly pointed to the lead form for registration. Moreover, lead ads are also efficient for brands wanting to drive new traffic to their official site.

Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads

Though lead ads are effective on any device (desktop, tablet, phone), Facebook mobile users benefit the most from this ad format. This is because the ad format lets them submit their information via an autofill form (instant form) included in the ad and they don’t have to leave the app. This helps avoid disrupting the user experience, as mobile users would otherwise have to switch between apps.

On the other hand, Facebook lead ads work wonders for advertisers as well. They don’t have to create a new landing page or other conversion paths to collect potential customers’ information. Users can register their interest in a product or service just by requesting more information about what’s being offered in the ad. Advertisers can easily download the leads from Facebook or connect them to a CRM.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that Facebook lead ads solve two specific problems for marketers. These are related to the fact that the number of conversions from mobile devices is quite low. And potential customers don’t actually use Facebook to buy products or services. Facebook lead ads could change that.

Considering all these benefits, it’s essential for businesses to understand- how do Facebook lead ads work?

How do Facebook Lead Ads Work?

Truthfully, there is no secret to how lead ads work. They are no different to the other Facebook ad types in this regard.

Before setting up a lead ad, make sure you have admin access to your Facebook Business Page. You will also need the privacy policy page URL. And, of course, all the creative assets for the ad, such as image or video, ad copy, link, a clear call-to-action, etc.


The lead ad creation process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Go to Facebook’s ads manager or power editor.
  2. Select targeting features.
  3. Customize the creative elements.
  4. Establish a budget.
  5. Choose a format for your ad.
  6. Select the information you want to collect from leads on the “questions” tab, and you’re all done.

Afterwards, Facebook does the job for you. The social platform will use the information you input to ensure your lead ad reaches the target audience.

When everything is ready, the lead ad will appear on potential customers’ news feed in the form of a sponsored post. Basically, it looks just like a usual Facebook post, but it has the mention “sponsored post.”

If you’re still wondering how Facebook lead ads work, learn that your ad is promoted as a lead generation offer. After seeing the ad, the user has to click the ad and submit their details via the lead form in order to get access to the offer (a discount, a sign-up offer, etc.). The marketer receives the potential customer’s info. Thus, he can retarget them with ads using the conventional Facebook lead generation process.

Tips for a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook has arguably become the most effective means to reach new consumers. It’s important to refine your social advertising campaign to make sure you attract as many customers as possible. Here are some tips to create a great advertising campaign:

  • Build your ideal customer profile. Make sure to customize your target audience based on that. This will guarantee that you reach the right people on Facebook.
  • Narrow down the delivery of ads to your target audience. Filter potential customers by age, gender, geography, interests, occupation, and so on. Additionally, you could research what pages they’re connected to discover their engagement behaviour.
  • Use Facebook Pixel to create and run advertising campaigns. They can be conversion or product catalogue campaigns.
  • Make sure the call-to-action is succinct and clear enough. The CTA is the key element to drive traffic to your website.
  • Pay special attention to your ad’s creative assets: image/video, link, message, copy, CTA.
  • Test everything before running the ad. It’s not enough to have the best targeting if your ad is not catchy enough. You won’t boost sales. And the other way around: there is no use having the best ad if your targeting is way off. So make sure to create the perfect balance between these elements and pay attention to every detail.

Additionally, you can also spy on your competitor’s Facebook lead ads campaign and make best [performing Facebook lead ads for yourself. You can spy with the help of ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy.  It lets you research and discover your competitor’s ads like a pro across popular digital platforms & accomplish an avant-grade competitive edge.


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Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about how Facebook lead ads work, you have no excuse to procrastinate building your social advertising campaign. Setting up lead ads is easy and straightforward, so get to work right now.