How to Generate Facebook Lead Ads

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How to Generate Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are probably the most effective type of ad you can use on the social platform. They are most likely to convert Facebook users into customers. That’s because instead of sending viewers to a landing page where they would need to fill out a lead form on your website, Facebook lead ads allow them to view your offers without leaving the Facebook app.

This basically means you can capture lead information for your business from the Facebook platform without the usual click-through path for the user.

Facebook lead ads do include an advertisement for a product and appear in between posts in your newsfeed. They also include a clickable button that leads users to a pre-filled form through which they give Facebook permission to pass their info along to the business responsible for the ad.

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How to create Lead Ads step by step

Before setting up your first Facebook lead ad, you need to know that admin access to your Facebook Business Page is necessary. Also, it’s advisable to have at hand your privacy policy page URL and the creative assets that you want to use for the ad.

To create Facebook lead ads, follow the steps below:

I. Create your campaign

  1. Log into Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Open up the Power Editor or Ads Manager tool for your business page. This is where you usually set up and manage all your Facebook Ad campaigns.
  3. In Ads Manager, click “Create Ad.” When using the Power Editor, click “Create Campaign.”
  4. Choose a name for your campaign, the ad set, and your ad.


II. Set the objectives + budget

  1. The next screen will ask you to select an ad campaign objective. Choose “Lead generation.” This is where lead ads differentiate from regular Facebook ads. It allows users to sign up directly in the ad rather than being directed to another page.
  2. Review your campaign’s budgeting options. Here, you can set a limit on how much you want to spend or even activate budget optimization.
  3. Select the sender of your ads. In this case, it will be your Facebook Business Page. Then read through and “Accept the Facebook Lead Ads Terms and Conditions.”


III. Define the target audience

  1. Define the target audiences for your ad. You can choose to exclude existing audiences, customize the target audience by age, gender, location, language, and more, or create a new custom audience or lookalike audience.
  2. Decide on the placement of your ad. You can either choose placements yourself or choose “Automatic Placements.” We recommended letting Facebook place your ads automatically, as they will be shown in whichever place and channel they’re most likely to perform best.


IV. Customize your format

  1. Select a bid strategy and customize your budget for the ad. Also, schedule when you want to activate your ad.
  2. Choose the layout format for your ad from the available options and start uploading the creative assets: images, videos, text. It’s advisable to test different creative options and layouts to see what works best over time.
  3. Write down the headline and ad copy and customize the call-to-action to be displayed on your ad.
  4. The next step involves creating your Lead Form. Choose what information you want to collect from your leads. Keep it simple and remember that the more questions you ask the lower click-through rate you’re likely to get.
  5. Link to your privacy policy. This is particularly important because it guaranteed the security of the user’s information.
  6. Customize the “Thank You Screen” with your own text.
  7.  When everything is complete, check the ad once again to make sure it looks as you want it to. Click “Finish” to complete your form and “Place order/Publish.”


How to use Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead ads are a great way to generate high-quality low-cost leads from Facebook. The leads details you need are automatically collected with just a few clicks, without the need of filling out any form.

Considering these ads are the hottest way to grab lead information nowadays, let’s see how you can use Facebook lead ads effectively for your business.

Receive inquiries

Brands that advertise on Facebook can use lead ads to receive inquiries for their product or service. Facebook Lead Ads will help them gather contact details of people who are interested in their offers. They can also find out who asked for a quote or offer on a certain product they’ve seen advertised before.

Content giveaways

Content Giveaways are another effective way of using Lead Ads. These are probably the best way to generate leads, as giveaways promise users valuable content in exchange for their contact information.

Get more blog subscribers

Also, this type of ad can be used to get more blog subscribers, through newsletter or blog signups.  Similarly, they can help advertisers find participants or attendees for a particular event, like trade shows, webinars, conferences, etc. Also, they can be used to get more people to register for training or contests of different types.

Generate leads from different regions

Facebook Lead Ads are also very effective in generating leads from a specific region thanks to the social network’s targeting and segmentation settings. The customizations options in terms of targeting allow advertisers to specifically target users from a specific zip code, city or country. Thus, they can get leads from the specific region they are interested in.

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Find new business partners

Finally, Facebook Lead Ads have proven equally effective when it comes to finding new business partners and affiliates. They can help businesses get in touch with people, contractors or service providers that are most likely to recommend their product or service to their audiences.